Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Crackers.

I hate to say this out loud but I think I have cracked it.

My grand son asked for a picture of a Tiger.  (thank goodness it wasnt Iggle Piggle or Superman)

It was still windy this morning and we had had a fair bit of the white stuff.  The car didnt seem to mind the switch back of drifting snow, from our house to the main road, over and down into the village of Inverallochy.  Where I wanted to post some parcels. 

The Postie said, " Now, for security reasons I have to ask what is in these parcels."

I looked at him, and he looked at me.  We both had very serious expressions.

" I dont know how to make a bomb, and I think it would be considerably heavier than these."

I did tell him what was in them but I cant tell you.  For security reasons.

Then it was in to the Broch (Fraserburgh) to give in the menu choices for the Wednesday Morning Art Group at the Leisure Centre.  I really should do a post wholly on the Leisure Centre.  So I will soon.

But for now here is a picture.

and another.

I handed in the menu choices and the woman said, "Oh that's great."  And shoved them in what really did look like a waste paper bin.

Fortunately I have lots of copies.  I have been there before.  " No I would never order Salmon, cant stand it."  

I should say that not only is there a 10 pin bowling alley, and a bowling green (?) also a very nice restaurant.  And it is within sight of the sea.  Sadly its main drawback is that there are no windows, not one.  Probably designed by some one who thought it was to be underground.

Next week is our Art Group's Christmas lunch.  The preceding day is the Wreath Making Session and Orange Pomanders, no less, at the Lighthouse Museum.  To my amazement I appear to have it pretty well organised.  Oasis wreaths, ribbons, bits and pieces, greenery yet to be cut, oranges to buy, but Orris Root powder and thousands of cloves - got!  Not helped by people dropping out at the last minute.  Oh well.  And I cant find all the Christmas cds......

 So half crackered.


Unknown said...

I like the sound of the orange pomanders ... now you've got me thinking.... where is a good place to buy big bags of cloves... umm

Enjoy your meal .. we have our 'works do' on Tuesday ... we have windows .. but no view of the sea!

Vicky x

Mum said...

The bowling green looks bigger than a football pitch. I bet it their electricity bill is huge.
Love from Mum

justjill said...

Amazon my favourite for everything. Including cloves.

BadPenny said...

The scent from the oranges will be amazing. Hope they are fun to make& you get some helpers. You do so much Jill, I admire you.
Wonderful Tiger for grandson x