Monday, 23 December 2013

Almost ready.

As the Dawn Patroller seems to enjoy shopping......  I was not going to argue.  
After all, I use a trolley as one does a zimmer frame.  I have to ask Santa's little helpers to lift down things that 5 foot nothing cannot reach, indeed, I forgot I lost another inch this year, 4 feet 11 inches now.  Then I have to put on the extra stagger and stare helplessly at the trolley and the boot of the car, never fails, someone comes and helps me load up.  So really I am better off keeping away from shopping.

The morning he spent visiting the local shops, butchers and veg suppliers; and being in one of the largest fish ports, a fish shop.  Now you do not zoom into the shop and out again, oh no.  Apparently our butcher gets very stressed with queues.  By the time he had explained all this to the DP the queue was a mile long.

Then this afternoon the DP braved the supermarket.  

Cat Collars.  With bells on. Now affixed to our two cats.  Who shot off after the total indignity of being squashed on the kitchen table while the old collars disintegrated as we removed them and had new ones affixed.  Til I realised I had forgotten to put the magnets on from the old collars.  So after a hectic repeat catching session they decided enough was enough and have gone down the shed.  But at least they can get back in now.

Hmmm.  Mmmmmm.  Just tasting you understand.

The visit to the supermarket , well he was gone for hours.  You know you have settled in a place when you can block the aisles in Tesco chatting away to more than one person you know.  Especially as you only had three items to get.

And thats about it.

One more day.

That I shall spend volunteering at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  In the shop.

And the flipping cafe is shut!  Unfair.  But I am able to nip up the back stairs and get my own Cappucino.

After that its shutdown.

So while the DP was being a retail stocker upper.  For Goodness sake they are all back open again in three days time.  Its Hogmanay when things close down completely.  For a lot longer.

Anyroads I was down the shedudio listening to Pavarotti singing Christmas stuff and making the most of that extra bit of daylight, already!  Thankyou God and Mother Nature.

Having been asked if I had an Avocet, which I hadnt, but they are an annual visitor, so do come under Buchan Birds and Beasts. I found a photograph by Ron McCombe , and had a go.

Really tickled by this photo, its a reindeer from Tyneside!

When finished, next years Christmas Card!

Finally.  I have to say how pleased I was to have a comment from Annie (Lady M).  Her blog, is one of the most hilarious blogs I have ever read.  Well worth a look.  Not sure I should welcome Beth who commented on my wording and didnt recognise that 2 sprouts was 2 too many for the North East of Scotland.  

But as its so near Christmas.  I am sure she will get many, many sprouts.

Happy nearly Christmas.


Mum said...

A very Happy Christmas to you and yours.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Busy as ever Jill! Have a really lovely Christmas! love, Tina xx

busybusybeejay said...

Happy xmas to you.Have a greattime.Barbarax

rusty duck said...

Have a good one Jill. Jx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, Michael and the Dafter join me in wishing you and the DP a Very Merry Christmas! xox

BadPenny said...

Merry Christmas dear Blog friend. I shall raise a glass of the red stuff & think of you x