Monday 9 November 2015

Aurora Alert!

What a dull and dismal weather type day yesterday was.  It never really got light. It rained and it was cold.  I never even ventured down to the shedudio.

In the evening with curtains closed tight and blanket round knees in front of wood stove.  Then in came the alert.

Now most Auroras take place in the early hours of the morning.  But this was 9.30p.m. Great excitement.  The Dawn Patroller set off to Cairnbulg where it is darker.  We have no street lights where we live, but our neighbours insist on security lighting such as you normally see round a prison.

On the left the orange glow is the bonfire still burning from the night before.  The white light is the Beacon warning shipping of rocks.  And above the clouds the Aurora has commenced.  Above that are the stars.  After such a dank, depressing day, who would have expected this clear beautiful evening.

Taken from a different angle showing the stars.

The house you see is called 'The Lookout' and as its name implies looks out over the sea.  The slight orange glow to its right are the street lights of Fraserburgh.

The Aurora continued for some hours.

The one above by our Aurora watcher and alerter, Lesley Jennings. Top two by the Dawn Patroller.   Lesley somehow manages to remain outside and awake until all is over.  

And let us all know when the show is on!  

By the time I had spread the word ( from the warmth inside) a lot of people managed to see the Aurora for the first time.   Which pleased me as I am sure some of my friends thought I was making it up......


busybusybeejay said...

wow!!!What an amazing sight.I would love to see it.

Meggie said...

Oh how I would love to experience this beauty in person....thanks for the post and photos.