Saturday, 18 April 2015

Quackers in the North East of Scotland.

Whoever described the Scots as dour really got it wrong.

For a couple of weeks now the DP and I have noticed these yellow plastic ducks appearing on fence posts on our way into Fraserburgh.  Obviously well fixed as it does get a tad windy up here.  Was it a treasure hunt?  Or what?????

Apart from being a wee bit distracting driving along as one had ones eyes on the side of the road checking for ducks it really brought a smile to ones face.

My travelling has been to the various clinics I attend for the different bits of me leading to blood tests etc.  Each clinic focusses on one aspect.  They never look at you as a whole person.  
Lower your cholesterol.
You need to put weight on.
Being depressed is part of COPD.
Do not take any of your drugs next whenever we are testing you for diabetes.

So for me the sighting of the ducks was just wonderful.

Then the ducks went viral on facebook.

They were not just up and down our country lane but all over around Fraserburgh.

Can you find all the yellow ducks?

 Save Fraserburghs Yellow Ducks  facebook page was set up as rumours went round someone was removing the ducks!

It would appear that some person, anonymous so far, bought 200 of the ducks and decided to adorn the countryside to make people smile.

Well it worked. Big time.  Now we are hoping to somehow use the ducks to fund raise in some way for a local charity.  Watch this space!  And keep looking for ducks.

And finally I came across a medical person who looked at me as a whole person.  Who told me to eat what I wanted, drink what I wanted and LIVE.  Changed my medication told me to forget about all the testing until I was rid of chest infections and got to a weight where I could fight them on my own.  With her and the ducks my depression went.

I just might buy her a yellow plastic duck.


BadPenny said...

Sweet xx

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem to be a miracle when you get a compassionate and holistic-thinking medical person?! This should not be the case but we have experienced just what you describe. Hooray for that person, and hooray for your ducks.

(At first I mis-read your post title and thought you were going to be discussing Quakers in Scotland!)

Take care, Jill -