Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April? What happened to March?

Well March was spent mostly in bed groaning and coughing, but enough of that...

More family visitations over the Easter weekend.  Eldest daughter and two grandsons.

The weather has been incredible.  Warm, no wind, sunshine from dawn to dusk. 

St Combs beach is good for rock pools, golden sand , and seals.   But none this day. ( Not good for Zimmer frames, even with wheels.) (The new header to the blog shows Killer Whales off the beach here, last year.)

Takes 3 to build a sandcastle.

An excellent rock pool find - Long Spined Scorpion Fish.  Good job they didnt pick it up or touch it.  Grandmas are good for some things, I have been asked to do a painting of it.

So what was Grandma doing while they were all off with the Dawn Patroller visiting Museums, Aquariums and many, many play parks?

Painting of course.

The above is Fluffy.  Been dead for 20 years.  Owner (ex?) well pleased.

Mountain Hare from a photograph by Adam Caird, who liked my painting so much of his photograph he posted it on his facebook site!

And I watch the birds while waiting for the paint to dry.  There were 2 Redwings in the garden outside the shedudio.  Now that is a first.  The DP was quite miffed he had missed them.  (There are some kudos for an old infirm Grandma. Ha!)

Working title for the above is rather rude, "P*** Off." But thats me.

I am painting, painting, as we are coming into the exhibition season.  You are seriously going to get bored my friends.

Hope the weather was kind to you this holiday weekend and you have all had a good time.  I really do not want you to P*** Off.


Mum said...

No pi**ing about now, bring on the paintings! Love the Hare one.

Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are so lucky to come visit you where you live. And wow Jill your paintings continue to be ever more fabulous! Long live Fluffy. Immortality.

BadPenny said...

Paint away Jill ! Lovely so see your grandchildren having fun on the beach & what a find in the rockpool !