Saturday, 23 July 2016

Face the Music and Dance. Ha.

Would that I could!  

So what have I been doing since I last posted?

Faced the Music. The annual Jazz lunch.  Great fun.  Although you may have gathered our wonderful musicians are not in the first flush of youth they can still make music.  Tell jokes, sing, though not much dancing.  Last year certain ladies got up and boogied. 

Possibly they have been banned.

I then had a chest infection.  

Midway through the month along came my fifth grandchild. First born for my second daughter.  

Took his time and poor daughter went through every chapter in giving birth book.  But a good result. 8lb 15oz.  I have four daughters, all totally different.  This wee boy is the spitting image of his Mum.  I was never that lucky.  One consultant asked me if they had the same Father......

We have applied for Attendance Allowance.  One of the worst experiences of my life being assisted in filling out the form and having to face up to what I can no longer do.  

The parting shot from the lovely CAB lady was "When you get turned down I will do your appeal."


I am to be assessed by Occupational Health.  Boards across the bath were mentioned. 

Still painting.

Sold one.

Still walking.  Although its not just me and the sea birds anymore.  Schools off in Scotland. The beach is full.

Though if I do the full .59 of a mile its more peaceful.

Masses of Harebells.

And a Snail Park!

No much of these guys as there are too many dogs and people.

And to add to my woes....

Keep dancing.



rusty duck said...

No dancing for me but I'll take the wine, thank you.
Many congrats on new grandchild :)

BadPenny said...

Congrats on the newest grandchild. Keep up the good work Jill xx

Mum said...

Perhaps a shuffle rather than a boogie! Congrats on beautiful grandson.

Anonymous said...

Good for you to keep painting, keep laughing, and keep walking on the beach. I am very familiar with the despair-inducing procedures involving such forms that ask you to "sum up" what a person can and cannot do, how much help they need, etc. When actually most of us need help of some kind or another! Imagine if we had to fill out a lot of paperwork for all the kinds of ways we help one another. I should charge my husband an administration fee for organising the family schedules and holidays. He would likewise bill me for the cooking and ironing. Grrr.
That grandbaby looks very sweet. How funny you being asked if your children had the same father! I hope you get some vicarious enjoyment from this latest grandchild.
Thanks for identifying the robin! Keep painting, Jill. That's what's real.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jill, sorry to hear you're battling with ill health at the moment, great to see you haven't lost your sense of humour though.......and you've sold a painting, that's amazing. Many congratulations on the birth of your newest grandchild and many good wishes for an improvement in your health soon.