Tuesday 29 September 2015

Land of the Big Sky.

Dawn and dusk are wondrous sights at this time of the year.

l do not see much of the Dawn but of course the Dawn Patroller does.

I do see the sunsets. One above tonight.  One below last night. Taken by me....

The DP was also up in the early hours of the morning, pre dawn, taking photographs of the eclipse of the moon .

And the subsequent red super moon.  No wonder in Pagan times they made a quick sacrifice to appease the gods. And it worked as the moon returned to its normal colour.  But we know we dont have to do that anymore,( unless someone has particularly annoyed you)  Any excuse.  In your dreams so long as you keep it there!

It is still fun down the shedudio.  I have my view of the sky from there.

Although from this angle it does look as if I have no view!  

This one hopefully shows I do have a view of the sky.

Inside - my latest painting.

 Bearded tit from a photograph by Norman Watson.  A rarity this far up North. Too cold for them, so another sign of global warming?

Oh and with a bit of the big sky in it.  The Dawn Patroller won best photograph in a local exhibition.

Just keep looking up.  There is a big sky up there.


Lilly's Mom said...

Great photo of the moon. We saw it here but not that close. Your latest painting is lovely. Wishing you the best :)

Mum said...

And it's always beautiful.

BadPenny said...

I loved seeing the red moon. Great winning photo x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic sunsets, moon photos, art - and great winning shot of the laundry. It must have been a rare, still day up in the Broch for the washing not to be horizontal!