Saturday 21 February 2015

Its the BBC again.

As Fraserburgh holds the record for the highest wind speed at low level in the UK (123.4 knots or 142 mph, on 13th February 1989)recorded at Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, we had a team from the BBC programme The One Show.  I will let you know when its to be on. Next 4 weeks apparently.  An item on severe weather.

This is the team on the roof of the castle through which was built the lighthouse.

Although I was there and introduced to the Director, her in blue, or was she a producer?  And the cameraman.  Sadly I was not required at the other side of the camera.  Unlike my main claim to fame last year.

When I was the token English woman on the Scottish Independence debate with Janet Street Porter.  Sheesh do I look scruffy.  I was mid way through a chest infection.....out of sick bed, on tele, back to sick bed. 

Back to the mundane.  

Lot of talk in blogland about this new decluttering person. Kimono?  Anyway I watched a video on how to fold your knickers today.  Thankyou Mums Simply Living blog.  Which did not inspire me to change my way of slinging said knickers into a drawer, much quicker.  I did, the other day, do as advised by Kimono? to empty my wardrobe onto the floor.  Enjoyed that.  But then I had to fold and roll everything into drawers.  Well I dont have drawers. Apart from the small ones that knickers get flung into. Then bras, then tights. So I am a lost cause. Although I did fill 2 bin bags for the charity shop.

But was all fired up and it felt like Spring so I went down the shedudio and swept, cleaned and moved stuff.


Including my work table to face out of the side window. The sunset has been curtailing my art as it shines directly into my eyes.  Seemple, face in another direction.  A bit distracting with birds and counting mole hills.

But managed to finish this.

Watercolour, pen and ink.  You can see it in stages on my facebook page.

But not as yet on the BBC.


Mum said...

Great picture as ever. Sorry to hear about your neglected knickers. I'm sure my drawers (storage kind) will not stay tidy for long!

Terra said...

Oh my, you are a tv celebrity, from the previous show, and now doing background work on the upcoming show. I hope I get on a decluttering streak soon.

rusty duck said...

The seagull in the middle has had enough of life sitting on the fence.

Annie Cholewa said...

Humble apologies for rarely commenting any more, but I just had to find a moment to thank you for the much needed guffaws at Kimono and knicking flinging ... you're a girl after my own heart Jill!

BadPenny said...

I watch the one show so look forward to that piece. Never got to see your claim to fame with Janet S P x

Anonymous said...

Sorry I will not hear your dulcet tones on the One Show - I liked your interview with J S-P! Hilarious about the knickers (remind me not ever to look at Kimono?). And your painting is just lovely. As always.