Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Disc Cover Art.

We put up our exhibition today.  Mainly on the back wall of the Museum Cafe.

Stained glass, glass and glass collected from the beach, together with Childrens' representation of Stained Glass, went up in the windows.

Nae bad, I hope you agree.

On the home front I have started my Christmas Cards!

Just a bit of fun, a prototype!  Spelt Fa wrong, I think it should be Far (Where) is the lum (chimney).

I have my art group in the morning and the task is to make Christmas Cards.  My next project will be Santa going round another lighthouse shouting, "Turn that Light Out."

At the moment my lights are out as I have another chest infection, but I am getting good at recognising the onset so am already on antibiotics so may well be able to carry on.  Here's hoping I continue to discover art.


Lynn said...

Take care :)
PS love the kids art and your Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

It all looks fantastic, well done to you all! I hope your chest infection isn't because you've been overdoing it. Love your Christmas card, it's so funny! :) Clever you. Get well soon, I'm looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks time! xx

BadPenny said...

Fantastic art work. Love your Christmas card ! Get well soon x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the exhibition - I wish I could get there to see it in person, it looks fab. And your Christmas cards! So clever.

Really hope you are starting to feel much better soon. xox