Friday, 30 June 2017

Still raining.

So now two days without a walk.  I will surely seize up.  Joints will become rusted up......

Down to the shedudio.  The DP brought down some of the paintings I want to hang.  

He then disappeared to Kinnaird Head to look, in vain for Manx Shearwaters.

Not that exciting are they.

By the time he returned I had worked out what I wanted and where.

From the left, "We do Not like to be beside the seaside."   "No room, no room."  and "All together now."

The three images of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.  With a Mountain Hare beneath.  

Perhaps a bit of info about Kinnaird Head.

Built for the Fraser family, this fine 16th-century castle was altered in 1787 to incorporate the first lighthouse built by the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses.  

Now part of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  I have been very involved with the Lighthouse over the years.  Vice chair of the Board of Trustees no less.  No longer. I may well do a post about it some time.

These three are still a bit wonky.  But you have "Siesta -Oyster Catchers", "Redshanks Sheltering, "  and "Posing."

And of course, me being me, still a bit of a mess.  But progress.....

The Lighthouse on a lean is Rattray Head.

I have more to hang.  I have the labels to do.  I have cards to make.  Visitors feel they should buy something, so a card at £2.  Easy peasy.  Their conscience sorted.

Tomorrow the DP and I are off to an Art exhibition and having lunch out.  I hope to then walk......

The rain has stopped.


Chris Elliot said...

Sorry to hear about the miserable weather. On the bright side, your shedudio is looking well organized. You accomplished a lot today.

Gail, northern California said...

"More to hang...." but what a good feeling it must be to have a place to hang them! Everything looks wonderful. Wish I could join the tour.

How kind of you to print some cards of your work. Later they might be propped up on a windowsill as a reminder of that special day in your studio. Kinnaird Head Lighthouse (far right). Sigh.

Hope you were able to enjoy your lunch with DP, the Art exhibit, and walk afterwards.

Mum said...

I think you sent the rain down here. Hope it's fine tomorrow for a CB.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It all begins to look very workmanlike.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

The shedudio is looking really professional with all your work going up.