Monday, 5 June 2017

Very Wet Monday.

And boring.

I sat around all morning.  Waiting for this

to be removed.  And replaced by this

The brown door was totally wrong as the rest of the house is white upvc.  It also had water within the sealed unit and water pooled on the inside.  The reasons for this were all explained in lengthy detail by the joiner.  So much so my eyes glazed (no pun intended) over, so I don't remember exactly why.  And don't care.  Its gone.

They are  back tomorrow to finish it off.  When they started to throw silicone around I had to leave the building.  The joiner had thoughtfully screened the porch off with polythene so there was no dust to affect my lungs but the polythene could not screen off the chemicals in the silicone.

So I shot off to to do my walk but the rain was so heavy I gave up on that one and went to the emporium which sells and fits vinyl floors, among other things.  For the shedudio.

A bit like this.  It was the most neutral I could find.  It is a pale grey....

Back home I did a bit of painting.

Having fun with backgrounds.

Tomorrow promises to be the same wet background.


crafty cat corner said...

I know this sounds silly but glossy magazines take my breath away, must be something to do with the coating on the cover. I find there are so many things now that do this to me, coffee smell and the smell of bread in the supermarket, also popcorn.
I like the door, it should make a big difference.
What happened to the painting of the tortie cat, I must have missed it.

justjill said...

As I have been unable to get into the shedudio properly I dont think its finished, I will have a look tomorrow.x For crafty cat corner.

Terra Hangen said...

Your painting looks promising and I like your new door. Eventually I will get new flooring for our kitchen, in a wood pattern veneer or vinyl somewhat like the grey sample you are showing but in oak.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Jill, two very wet days here too.