Saturday, 1 July 2017


Off to Strichen at lunchtime.  Takes about 10 minutes to drive there from here.

Strichen is a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It sits on the A981, connecting it to New Deer7.2 miles (12 km) to the southwest and Fraserburgh 8 miles (13 km) to the north-northeast, and the B9093, connecting it to New Pitsligo about four miles due west. The village got its name from Lord Strichen. It is situated on the River Ugie at the foothills of Mormond Hill. The Strichen White Horse is constructed of quartz on Mormond Hill, some 1500 m Northeast of Strichen.[1]  Wikepedia.

Also Wikepedia.  

Mormond Hill, mentioned in the blurb, I can see from my shedudio, on the horizon.

The Old Auction Rooms were just that but now an amazing space with Antiques 
upstairs, so no idea, as I do not do stairs.  The loos are down a few stairs, which I am pleased
to say I managed.

The actual exhibition was a bit crammed up one end.  The hall as you see here is actually the cafe.  

There was lots on the stage, but this again involved steps, and I would still need the chariot to move around , so I did not go up there.

Paintings, Photography, Wood turning, Jewellery.  

We sat by this enormous wood burner, which thankfully was not lit.  I would imagine 
it would be far too hot to sit by.

The DP went and ordered our lunch.  He had just sat down when a waiter appeared with 
two bowls of soup and 2 Lattes.  The DP pointed out we had ordered one soup, 2 sandwiches 
and 2 Cappucinos but as it was busy we would be happy with one soup, and the 2 Lattes.

The couple sitting opposite us asked when had we ordered and we said just now.  Of
course it eventually dawned on us all that we had been given their order.....We ended 
up friends.

It got sorted.  But why did the idiot who had taken the order say to the waiter the table 
by the stove?????  When there were two tables by the stove?

Right, why did I become exhausted?  Meeting up with fellow artists and friends from years
back and talking and listening, laughing - and being sad at all us wrinklies with bits
dropping off!!!  So lovely after a long gap to find you still like them and they still like

The outside of this building is just as delightful as the inside.  Neither I nor the expert
photographer, the DP, know why my camera decided that some images should be
black and white.

All under cover.  Delightful.

Then we revert to colour, well the camera does ?

On the way in, there is a Florists.

All in all a very enjoyable day.  But once back home I slumped in my chair in the shedudio.  
Bit of painting on the commission I have.  Watched the birds.

Pleased to see the Siskins back, on the right, and the ever present Goldfinches.

Now enjoying 


Gail, northern California said...

So glad you got out and about with your husband. You each have your own interests but togetherness is wonderful too.

The bonus of course was meeting up with fellow artists and old friends. As you said, the artist's life can be a solitary one (by design and necessity). You need that interaction occasionally.

Great day. Bet you sleep well.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sometimes tiring days are worth it for the fun you have - at least that is what I have found.