Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Better Day.

Warmer and ,eventually, sunshine too.

Still quite breezy, as you can see from the hair direction, but quite glad there was a breeze as it was very hot.

Only one member of the Gull Gang on the beach today.  The rest were going gently up and down in the sea.

The following pictures tell a story of perseverance.  The owner of the dog had been throwing a stick into the sea and the dog had swiftly located and returned with it.  This time the dog could not locate the stick and the tide was now going out.


A happy dog!

Once home and down the shedudio.

Outside the Oriental Poppies.

So I painted what I saw.

And enjoyed myself.

A far Better Day.


Jules said...

Your photographs are a treat for the eyes this evening. It's dark, wet and windy here. X

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Our weather has been a bit hit and miss. More miss really. Looking forward to seeing how your poppies blossom 😊