Monday, 26 June 2017


I used to say, "Walk!  I don't walk, I was born with wheels!"  

It is only as I grew older and bits started to drop off walking was the only exercise I could do.  Then I found I enjoyed it.

As I can cope well with the flat it has to be the Esplanade for my walk.  Once it is finished and I subside back into the car I cannot describe how happy I feel.  Unlike when I started.

Every day/walk is different.  Well it is the same walk, the same place, but the view changes.  Here you see the Kessock Burn entering the sea.  It sculpts the sand and changes the view.

What is happening on the sea changes too.  I missed taking a photo of one boat that either takes people for a look see or to go line fishing.  There are usually Lobster boats like this one.

And this one.  There are two smaller ones also.

The Gull gang also changes, often down to the seasons.  Mainly Skurries (Herring Gulls) at the moment.  With a Lesser Black Backed Gull today.

The larger Black Backed has gone off to different places.  So  you become aware of the seasons changing.

I draw and paint a lot of sea birds and never seem to tire of it.  I am always looking for the humour pose.

Today I did the full .59 of a mile and was rewarded by masses of 6 Spot Burnett moths between the sand dunes on the Path of Doom ( so called as I never thought I would make it to the end but do so now.)  

Coming home I had a big grin.

Due to the (lots of) work going on in the shedudio we had neglected our lovely sitting out area.  So my grin got even bigger when the DP returned with a new table and chairs for the patio outside said shedudio.  He had been to B&Q prices were ridiculous.  This lot purchased in Home Bargains cost just over £20, for the set.  Single items started at more than that in B&Q.  No brainer.

Yes, thats Sith's tail.

Happy Day.


Chris said...

Love the table and chairs, which look really comfortable.. well done on the walking! I should do more but I don't really like it, so it's a real effort for me!

Sharon Koole said...

Beautiful views! I love walking. I don't like exercise much (which is why I am decidedly fluffy) but I love to walk. So much to see and I find it a great way to not think about other things.

Chris Elliot said...

Hope you and the DP get a chance to sit outside at your newly furnished patio soon. Sounds like quite the deal! Enjoy a glass of whatever turns your fancy with my blessing and I will do the same.

Jules said...

Your photographs are just beautiful. I love to see the ever changing scenery on a familiar walk especially over the different seasons. I'm like a dog, I have to get out walking every day for the fresh air and exercise.
The table and chairs look fab. X

Born and Bred. said...

I also purchased the exact same outdoor setting of 2 chairs and a table at our local hardware store for $15 Australian. Great purchase but had the dickens of bother assembling the table, making sure it was level and did not wobble.