Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Catching up and gratitude.

Right let us begin with the horse.  Gail, Northern California, asked what the blue crown was on the horse.

So I played about with the photo.  As you can now see it is some form of ear protector, not a crown.  Possibly for sun protection in these days of global warming?  I know that outdoor pigs have suncream liberally applied, and cats suffer too from sunburn.  No image as they are too horrific.  The DP reckoned it was to stop sand blowing into the ear.   Anyone got a better idea?  Then again it could be a crown.

Now, my thanks to Anon and Tina for suggesting web sites for me to look at for small chariots.  The small ones do appear to have four wheels rather than the three I am used to.  Plus they are in the £200 plus bracket whereas mine is under a £100.  I have physio tomorrow and will ask what I should do.  But very grateful to all who try to help me.

Today was another hot day.

The chariot and I zoomed up and down and did the .59 of a mile.  And collected a fair bit of rubbish to put into a bin....  I had hoped for good weather tomorrow so I could extend the walk, but with mixed feelings I note it will be cooler, hiss it down and the winds will be 20 + mph.  Hey ho.

A boat from Lerwick enters the harbour with a Skurry escort.  Well they will be unloading fish !!

The Gulls gather.

For the wash and feather sort.

Back home.  

Male Lesser Redpoll watches me through the window of the shedudio.  More sorting.

More displaying.

And tomorrow I am ready to paint again. Yay.


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Beautiful view of the coast, blue sky and blue sea, gorgeous xx

Chris Elliot said...

Jill, please remind me how you knew the fishing boat was from Lerwick. I know it has something to do with the letters on the side (LK for Lerwick?) I used to watch the boats in Arbroath harbour when we went there on holiday but that was eons ago. I remember the smokies and we also ate whelks with a pin. The good old days!

Gail, northern California said...

Thank for sharing other thoughts on what the devil the horse is wearing. It does look as though it's a fabric covering the ears---protection or ornamental, haven't a clue.

Love the shelving in your studio.

BadPenny said...

The blue tones in your first few photos are delightful. Horses with crowns, that's sweet x

Sue in Suffolk said...

Wonder if it was to keep flies off the ears?

The sea looking lovely as always

some pretty things said...

The blue ears are a fly veil. It is often use to help horses that are noise sensitive as it blocks out some noise, which is great if a horse is easily frigthened. There is also something called "matchy matchy". Some people wear ears, that match the horses boots and the pad under the saddle, being colour coordinated is a big thing.