Thursday, 8 June 2017

Decision day.

I have been involved in politics for most of my adult life.  Many years ago in my mid 20s the Tories took my job away.  I was Senior Consumer Advisor for West Y0rkshire Trading Standards Department.  The Tories closed down the Consumer Advisory Department. They said we were down on traders, when actually the traders thought we were ok as we only 'went' for the baddies. 

I became involved with the trade union for local government, then NALGO, now UNISON. To save my job.  That didn't happen but I got protected salary, thanks to the trade union. and was relocated to the Finance Department.  The highest paid clerical officer in West Yorkshire and sent down to the cellars to check out the files of the dead people still claiming pensions . Down there was asbestos.  I do wonder now whether that was the cause of my COPD.  You couldnt make it up.  

But I also met the DP who was the trade union official trying to save our jobs.  The rest is history!  37 years wed this month.

I have got very stressed during this electoral campaign.  

I dread tomorrow.  And the results of this election.  For my children and their children. For all the lovely people who live in my world who are of different faiths, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

So I went for my walk.

Lovely to see the boats going out and in to the harbour.  

Just being there by the sea, smelling, the sea weed does pong!  All helps to ground one.

Then I came home and it started to rain again....

The DP is away to our local polling stations.  Which as where we live is 900 registered voters at Inverallochy.  62% voted.  Lonmay Public Hall, registered voters 210, votes 62.8%.  Hmmm.

Decision day.  Not many making it then.

To one of my new followers .59 is the distance I measured on my tablet from where I park the car and if I do the walk up the path of Doom and back measures .59 of a mile.  this was a great achievement for me, altho I have done more than a mile until I had the back pain which eventually revealed I had a fractured spine and compressed vertebrae.  So anything is an achievement now!  I have COPD also but am bloody determined. Daft too.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I am sure you are much more cheerful (and perhaps more astonished) after this morning's results!

BadPenny said...

I like hearing and respect my 24 year old daughter's opinions on politics. I hope my nieces used their vote. We all voted but nothing changes in the area we live in.