Wednesday, 28 June 2017


A far better day weather wise today.  Although tomorrow will be wall to wall rain and high winds.

So - today.  The DP finally got round to sorting stuff in our garage, which has never housed a car.  Then off to the tip, two trips.  I purposely kept myself away as I knew I would be saying, "Not that !"  but if it has been in the garage for some years.........  We have a lot of paint.  The tip person advised the DP to put soil or sand into the paint to solidify it and we could then take it to the tip, otherwise NO.  Fortunately we also have a large bag of sand , why I know not, so can follow the instructions.

After lunch he went off to Troup Head.

The high cliffs of Troup Head provide a spectacular setting for Scotland’s only mainland gannet colony. There are also thousands of kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills, along with several other species, including puffins. You may even be lucky enough to see porpoises, minke whales or dolphins offshore. Please take care on the cliffs. RSPB.

One of his photos.  Which will probably be a painting.  I love Gannets.  I have just donated one to a charity, Cornerstone, for them to auction.

This is titled, "Shall we dance? Yes if you get off me foot."

Always be aware it is often the title that clinches the deal......

This is another,

Title - Chocks away.

I went for my walk in the afternoon.  I did the .59 of a mile, albeit with some struggling.

And a lot of controlling the breathing leaning over the railings, which are at a perfect height for so doing.

The Gulls were having great fun waiting for the waves to come in and then riding them out again.  I so love Skurries (Herring Gulls) for their so obvious enjoyment and having fun.

Only one 6 Spot Burnett Moth today.  Slight difference in colour too,  to the ones I saw before.

Tomorrow weather foul.  No walk.  Visiting a fellow artist and more fine tuning the shedudio.  Bring it on.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I agree with the naming of paintings - it seems to increase the appeal. Sometimes my art has a full 'provenance' to go with it, especially if it is a commissioned picture of an animal - worth the effort.

Yes - the rain ... does 'get in the way' despite being rather essential at the moment, our ground water levels are very low.

BadPenny said...

I didn't know about the sand in old paint cans of which we have many. How lovely to give one of your paintings to charity.

Gail, northern California said...

This is going to sound really what else is new?

But I wondered where and how the title of the painting is done? Is it a label, typed, and placed on the backside? I don't even see your signature on the front?