Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Success !

What a day.  Wind speed gusting to 40 mph.  Torrential rain.  Flooded roads. I nearly took off in Lidl's car park.  Buying in more booze for 4th child.  Well they are on holiday.  

4th child and the DP had gone to Fyvie Castle for the day.  No walk for me having been nearly wiped out in said car park.  Even with the weight of the bottles in the chariot.

I was left to try and sort out the major leak from the garage roof into the garage where we store stuff which someone might want, could be up cycled, or can't bear to part with, there might be some use for this ton of screws, light bulbs that don't fit anything we have and so forth..  There is no room for a car that's for sure.

The roof we believe is asbestos....  The DP has patched it on a number of occasions, but no more.  Any roads, I have a man coming next week to have a look and didn't seem to be put off by the word asbestos.  

Previously there has been a great in suck of breath and "That'll cost you."  Well that remains to be seen, or heard - when I get the quote.

Then it was the flooring for the shedudio.  

"Are you sitting down?"  I was asked and was then given the quote for supplying and fitting.  At this stage in me wanting to get back into the shedudio I was past caring, and it is quite a large space so the quote was fine by me.  The DP had the temerity to say that's steep, when its only a third of his last purchase of a telescope and tripod, probably even less.  Hopefully by the end of next week I will be back in, not clambering over stuff and sorted.

And finally.  I have been trying to get our wood burners flue cleaned.  The chimney sweep we had used for the 15 years we have lived up in the North East of Scotland, Allan Tailforth, has a Rottweiller at the end of his phone and I have spent two years leaving messages for him.  I have at last found someone else who is going to sweep my flue. 

The DP and youngest child have gone out to view a local badgers sett..  So I will leave you with my pic of the sunset, unfortunately while finding the camera it had set.  But better weather promised tomorrow.  So make sure you get out and vote.  If the vote is for that woman I suspect I will be down to Lidl again and topping up the wine again.  For all the wrong reasons.  Drowning your sorrows .  Hmm far better if one is celebrating.  I wish.


Weekend-Windup said...

Stay safe...

Anonymous said...

I have not long found your blog and am enjoying reading through all your posts.
You're at one end of the world, I'm at the other, Australia.
Could you explain the numbers .59 which appear when you mention having done your walk?
Oh, I have lots of questions but I think that will do for now.
Cheers from Margaret (mid north coast of NSW Australia)
ps I do not have a blog nor am I on Facebook.

Tina said...

It was bonkers weather yesterday, wasn't it? Hoping we'll be celebrating on Friday and not drowning our sorrows but even if the blue map has big patches of red, I'll feel a bit happier. Your housey jobs will all be worth it in the end. xx

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Voted. I plan to celebrate and paint the town red....