Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Weather forecast - fail big time.

A light shower hour or two the Met Office said.   So I aim for the no shower period.  The heavens opened and there were about forty cloud bursts in as many minutes.  My friend a few miles inland had warned they were having thunder and lightning.

So I sat in the car a while until it eased off.  The few people in the car park must have thought me mad.

Coat on, chariot out of car, and off I went.  It was still raining, but yes a light shower.

There was no wind at all, it was warm.  Which, as I made many stops to lean over wet railings to get back control of my breathing, was not a good thing for a COPD sufferer.  
Humid.  Bad.

But I got as far as the Kessock Burn which enters the sea at the end of the railings you can see.  And back again.

The Gull Gang, in various poses.

I was the only human.

Ha !

Hope the Met Office has it right for tomorrow as the DP has to remove everything from the shedudio.  Cover it with a tarpaulin, in case the Met Office do get it wrong, as Thursday the vinyl IS being fitted.  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gail, northern California said...

Coming along nicely...both you and your shedudio. Pretty soon it will qualify as strictly an artists' studio--no longer a mere shed. My thanks to your husband.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Today, Wednesday, is supposed to be good weather, hopefully it will be for the rest of the week, fingers crossed 😊 time you started exercising your artistic muscles in your shiny new shedudio xx

BadPenny said...

Husband is currently crewing on 125 foot yacht around the Western Isles. When he rang home yesterday evening, jess and I were sitting in the sunshine drinking Pimms. he groaned and told us the weather was awful in Scotland !