Friday, 16 June 2017

Hot and humid.

I didnt move up to the North East of Scotland for this sort of weather!  This is the weather we left in the pits of the Midlands of England.  But here it is.  I cannot breathe.  Well I do, but the stop and lean forward and do the breathing exercise to regain control is after every physical activity.  Including walking to the loo.  Enough.

The DP's jaunt was very successful yesterday.  He had a great time and brought some amazing photos back.  Here is one.  

It took me most of the morning to perform my ablutions thanks to the 'heavy' air.  

Just sat down for lunch and our gardeners arrived.  I had a serious talk to the boss man some days ago.  About how often the grass is (not) cut, and not that well either.  So today we had a close shave as we used to have from them and some weeding which was also part of the original contract.  Plus they are back on Tuesday to do some more weed clearing. 

We even got stripes!

The herb bed.  The DP's pride and joy.

I should point out that we are not rich but I do get Attendance Allowance, the DP does everything, shopping, housework, cooking, bed changing, sometimes has to assist me in the bath,  so really has no time for cutting grass or weeding.  He is my carer.  So the attendance allowance pays for the Gardeners so the DP can go off and bird watch, have some space from me!

While the gardeners were here the DP was moving the furniture back into the shedudio and the gardeners kindly helped him in with the big chest of drawers.

I then drove the DP into town and the opticians.  As opticians nowadays put drops in your eyes I had to be there to drive him back.  In fact the drops effect on his eyes meant he had to close his eyes (not my driving) as we returned home.  I had hoped for my daily walk along the prom but no.  He had his eyes shut and it was spitting with rain, tho we never got the thunder and lightning and  downpour that would have cleared the air.

I then sat down the shedudio and watched the birds.  

A pair of healthy Greenfinches!  And, not photographed , a juvenile.  So pleased.  Our Greenfinch population has plummeted due to an avian disease.  So fingers crossed.

I also noticed that my Rambling Rector was flowering, and look at all the buds.

This year the plant has gone berserk and I will get some energy from somewhere to tie the arches of it to the fence.

This is not a bird outside the window, it is a sticker on the window.  This year we have had three fatalities  from young birds flying into the patio doors and breaking their necks.  So I bought one for the dining room and one for the kitchen patio doors.  

The evening.  Is cooler.  The heavy clouds have gone.  I can breathe.  Yay.


Chris Elliot said...

Your garden looks very green and verdant(we are going through a hot spell so not so lush). I love your hostas - I have several as they do well in the shade here.

BadPenny said...

I was hoping for a thunder storm last night to clear the air as I don't do heat !
Glad you got to talk to the gardener and get what you've paid for. No need to explain why you need the help; I pay a cleaner and it makes my life a lot easier ! x

Gail, northern California said...

Could just picture your "serious talk with the boss man"---all 4'11" of you.
I say "Doggone it, good for you!"