Sunday, 25 June 2017

The weekend is now over.

Wind again.  Although tomorrow the wind drops. I will be walking tomorrow...

My exercise today was down the shedudio.

Supervising the hanging of more paintings.

The three paintings are from a series I did of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.  Kinnaird from a different view.  So here you have 'Through the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage Garden Gate.'  
'Through the Buoys.'  And finally ' From the Best Seat in the Cafe'.  I also did one 'Through the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage Window.'  Which was sold.  Also one of the Lighthouse lit and with a beacon on the roof for the Queens Jubilee, not framed as yet.  But I have a set of mugs which I had the paintings put onto, must get them displayed too !!

While we are on Fraserburgh, as thats where Kinnaird Head is.  I had a question re the Kessock Burn.  It does rise quite a way away and there are other waters which go into it so it probably is the 'mighty River Kethock' referred to by John Cranna.  All I know for certain is that the water quality is tested regularly as I had a long chat to the chap who does it!  And it is fine.

Despite struggling with gnarled fingers I managed to sew up the covers on the cushions, all of which had been washed, threading the needle took some time.....

There are two of the chairs above, also scrubbed.  Floor swept too.  

Then I collapsed in a heap and did some bird watching.

The young Great Spotted Woodpecker was back.

The young Goldfinches have now cracked it as they are feeding themselves.

This weekend has been the Glastonbury Music Festival.  My 3rd daughter and a friend have been there.  Yesterday they saw Jeremy Corbyn.

Fantastic.  She will be heading home back to being a Working Mum of two.  Well done her.  


crafty cat corner said...

If I had a craft room like that I think I might spend a lot of time in it, I notice you have your tea / coffee making stuff in there.
Love the woodpecker and young goldfinch.

Sue in Suffolk said...

It's looking better every day.

Why was JC at Glasto...........can't imagine him singing!! Was The PM there too they could have done a duo!

Mum said...

Go you, go Jeremy!
All spick and span now in the shedudio. Looks good.