Sunday, 18 June 2017


Still hot and sunny but not as humid.

The sea was flat calm.  I don't think I have ever seen a lobster boat so close to the shore.  But they usually know what they are doing.  Must have a word and see if we can get a Lobster.  Love Lobster.  Strangely the Lobster fishers are happy to give them away?  To a chosen few of course.

Not as many people on the beach today.  

So the Gull gang came onshore.

Back home it was more on getting the shedudio put to rights.  Boiling hot in there until both doors and windows were open.  With scissors (!) I managed to cut off the roll of remainders that had been left enough for one shelf/window sill.  

Then sorted stuff to go on to it.

The three here are canvas prints taken from my original watercolours.

The three here are original watercolours on canvas.  Although as much work went into them as a full size painting they give people a chance to own an original art work at a very reasonable price.

There is enough of the 'offcuts' to do the other shelf, but that's for tomorrow.

More progress !


crafty cat corner said...

You'll need a fan in summer and heat in winter and you'll be fine in your little shedudio. I see the cat is finished, did you post a full pic of it, I must have missed it.
We have just heard that this hot weather is going on into next week, phew, I can't take it...

The Weaver of Grass said...

You must be satisfied to be getting it all sorted out.

Chris Elliot said...

Everything is coming together for you, Jill. Hope the weather is more to your liking next week. Hot here too!

Tina said...