Friday, 17 August 2018

Downs and ups.

Today my personal carer was due at 10 a.m.  to wash the parts I cannot, moisturise ditto.

The DP was having an away day with his mate bird watching.  

When 11 a.m. came and no sign I did my own ablutions and got dressed.  At 12 I was thinking about what to do for lunch and the personal carer arrived.  Said she had spent 2 hours looking for our house.  Does she not have a phone?  I said there was no way I was going to undress as I was exhausted from having done so previously.  We parted fairly amicably.....

After lunch to the Prom.

The beach was deserted.

Apart from the, now, usual masses of Gulls.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls, Herring Gulls and many juveniles of each.

Black Headed Gulls, though the black head is now going as they have finished the breeding season.  Just a black spot at the side of the eye.  Note the red legs.  A favourite Gull of mine.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  The eye progresses.  It is hairy rather than feathery.....

Early evening and the young Pheasants come with Mum.

Through the window, Sith cat is watching - us.

Strange cat.

At last some good news!  I had a letter today from the Health Authority.  Appointment with Respiratory for me, towards the end of September but in Peterhead, so I do not have the horrendous trek to Aberdeen!  I may still have to go to Aberdeen if further tests are required.  But this is a good start.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Up and at em!

Washed hair, did pulmonary physio exercises. 


Can you see the rain falling on the horizon?!

One man and his dog.

Mainly Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed.

A (very fit) young man came down to the beach and emptied his waste lunch food into a pool left as the tide receded.  The Gulls loved it, and did a lot of shouting!

A couple of Mackerel fishing boats.

A very fast boat.

An old friend visited.

Who is happier in the desert of UAE or Oman leading tours through the sand.  The Desert Diva.  Lovely to catch up with her.

Later the DP and I watched this Woodpecker reacting to there being two young Sparrowhawks hunting through the garden.  He decided it was safer to play statues till they left.

A better day when you just get on with it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Wednesdays witterings.

The Black Dog was visiting today.  The sky was gloomy too.  

August and we still have baby birds being fed????  Been a good year for the birds.  Population has gone way up.

Bullocks on the horizon.

The Rowan in the cat cemetery.

Rowans were planted to keep away the witches.

And just in case we also have a Witches Ball, which allegedly traps the witches.  Came in handy when my Mother visited.

Tonight's Sunset.  Which bodes well for a better day tomorrow.  Also tomorrow I phone the hospital to ask to be put on the cancellation list, so if there is one, I get asked to come.  Plan A.  There isnt a Plan B.....

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Funny day.

Very humid, breathing a struggle.  I had a different carer today.  Not as good as the previous but very pleasant. She didnt wash between my toes..... Another different one due on Friday.  Exciting int it.

The DP was away on a bird watching jaunt to Aberdeen.

For my American friends, these are the wind turbines Trump objected to having in view from his golf course.  Photo by the DP.

They are very large.  But I think they are quite beautiful.

I got to the beach.  It rained.  I got wet.

Surfing lessons continue.

Lobster boat having dropped all his pots.

The rain continued, so I came home.  Then the sun came out and it became very humid.  

The DP planted these Sunflowers, which really are vertically challenged, some days ago.  Nice splash of colour along the fence.

Day Lilies I planted some years ago.  Blooming lovely.  Love the colour.


Great excitement.  A Willow Warbler on the Fennel.

And then ...

A Whitethroat!  Neither of which are seen much in gardens.

Almost 9.30 p.m. much cooler and at last I am breathing easily.

Funny day.

Monday, 13 August 2018


And most welcome.  Although my swollen leg and feet have not reduced.  I tried the 20 minutes with feet above heart, thanks for the advice from one of my comments.  Nothing happened.  At night the swelling goes.  As soon as I become upright the swelling reappears.  But then this is to do with the heart not pumping efficiently.  So until I get the appointment with the consultant I am stuck with it.  So I will just get on with my life.

My walk on the Prom is to the end of the concrete path on the higher level.  Beyond that is the Path of Doom which I used to be able to do, but no longer.  So I tootle up to where the Kessock Burn emerges on to the beach and the Gull Gang gather.  Then back again.

Very high tide so not so many Gulls.  Most out at sea bobbing about.  But as the tide recedes they begin to gather.

This week is Active Fraserburgh week.  There are many fitness activities within the Broch and all are showing off what they do and free to all to have a go.

Today was Surfing.

Lots of children were being kitted out in wet suits, while the earlier session's kit was drying.

These two obviously knew what they were doing.

This is Fraserburgh's very own Surfing Champion.

The tide was very high.  

As I had done my Pulmonary Physio exercises earlier I had no urge to run down the beach and dive in.  Though I was once a surfer, many years ago.....A story for another time!

Instead I chilled out in the shedudio.  Watched some birds.  

Admired the blooming Teasels.

Painted an eye.  Who could this belong to.  You will have to wait.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Cream Crackered.

The DP had a successful boat trip yesterday and apparently has over 200 photographs.

Here is one of them.

Gannet with fish.

Much cooler and fresher today.

I am so tired I have inadvertently pressed the delete button on the other photos I took today!

See you all tomorrow.  You didnt miss much.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Still here!

After lunch the DP was away up to Macduff to go on a boat trip.  I went to the Prom.  I cant do 3 steps down to a boat, and 5 steps back up, and with a chariot.  So no I didnt do the boat trip.

View on the left.

And to the right.  Note the island that has been created in the Kessock Burn.  Nature sculpting.

Mackerel fishing boat.

Sailing boat.

Blackheaded Gull.

Juvenile Herring Gulls.

Back home.  The Dining room bird feeders.

A young Woodpigeon having a bath.

Eldest daughter and third daughters kids creating.  Apparently there was complete silence!  Golden. Get together in Lincoln.

My one and only granddaughter.

They are all amazing.  But then they have an amazing grandma!