Thursday, 17 January 2019


Overnight it snowed but soon disappeared apart from some odd bits where the sun dont shine.  Very cold and very windy.

No-one else around.  Apart from the lady who cleans the loos every day.  We nod and smile at each other.  Occasional chat.  Though today it was more a grimace as it was so cold.

Rough sea.  There was a stiff breeze.

The Gull Gang in their usual places along the Kessock Burn.

The other lot, Oystercatchers, Black Headed Gulls and Redshanks were all sheltering from the wind by the rocks below the caravan park.

A very short walk then back in the car.  Freezing.

I had a visitor today to the Shedudio.  She bought 5 of the Lion cards.  She found me via my facebook page, Buchan Birds and Beasts.  I was subjected to what felt like the 3rd degree.  

Did I come down to the Shedudio every day and paint?
Because I can't do anything else.

She then proceeded to tell me where I should be exhibiting my work.  As apparently no -one would find me.  I pointed out that she had found me!

Hey ho.  Once she had gone I got stuck into painting, because thats what I do.

Last bit of cling film.

And off.  Just a bit of tweaking now. Then its done.  Needs varnishing, this is watercolour varnish.  Protects from fading and fingerprints.  Then fixings on the back for hanging and off to granddaughter.  At the visitors request,  and as I would do anyway,  I shall make cards with the image.

The DP is at his Photographic Society this evening and has prepared a quiz.  Hope it all goes well.

A wee bit more snow tonight possibly.  Much better day tomorrow but its time to get my waterproof, windproof over trousers out and on.  Night night.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A day of Gloom.

The morning and most of the day was gloomy, dark and raining incessantly.  But there was no wind (though there is now!)  So I went to the Prom.  


The sun, the sun?

I did think I must be hallucinating.

But no.

Hardly anyone on the beach.  All tucked up at home looking out at the gloom.

Not much surf but there had been a surfer.  As he went past I commiserated with him.  He offered me a go!  I told him that many years ago I did surf.  Although it was in a warmer place when I lived in Cornwall.

Another painting!

Back home to the gloom.  No sun inland.  In the Shedudio I removed the clingfilm.  (Yes, Briony, you take it off.)  

Then the same,  paint, then add clingfilm, this time on the right side.  Leave it to dry.

You pinch, push the clingfilm and the paint moves underneath.  You can do vertical pushes as in this case, or horizontal or whatever you want.  Great fun.  You can then do different colour onto bits to emphasise a shape.  Paint on top with a darker colour.  Remember I use watercolour.  It may work with Acrylic paint but not a medium I am comfortable with altho I have used it.  

There are lots of other ways of adding different effects.  Salt sprinkled on to wet paint does amazing things.  I use salt when painting rocks.  There are videos on YouTube but I find them boring.  Much more fun is to just try it!

More gloom tonight.  The to be expected vote of no confidence in the government lost to a narrow majority. So its back to more of the same....

The weather is worsening now, strong winds, snow and ice forecast for tomorrow.  But I shall still go to the Prom.  You never know when the sun may come out!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dont Rain on my Parade.

But it did!  Bit of fun.  Always loved Barbra.

My day did not start well.  My lovely carer had an emergency and did not appear.  I was contacted by the office to say this had happened and that someone would appear.  Well I am not one for sitting around in my dressing gown, not brought up that way!  So I got washed and dressed.  Not the full body wash of course, thats why I have a carer.

We had a chat when she did appear, so she could write in the blue book I was fine.

To the Prom.  It was raining.

Seen through the rain.  


Bit clearer,  but the sand is wet as was I by this time.

Yes there is a Surfer.  He is wet already.

We are all wet.

Oystercatchers and Redshanks on the left, also wet.

As the wet became wetter I returned home.

Cling film on the green paint will hopefully provide some background herbiage.

It finally stopped raining.

So Mrs May's parade got rained on too.  Good.  

Monday, 14 January 2019

The lengthening day.

Up early.  Once a month I have to take a pill - Ibandronic Acid.  Its to help stop my bones crumbling.  I have to take it one hour before food.  So I was up at 7 a.m. so as to have breakfast at 8 a.m.  Then I have a twice daily pill again to stop bones crumbling to take within  1 1/2 hours of eating.  The other 2 blood pressure tablets and 2 inhalers come after that.  Then I can crack on with life!  Possibly rattling as I move.

No wind today but so much colder.  Around here they say"Baltic."  Googled it, it says Scottish for cold or freezing.

Does that look cold to you?  Aye. Baltic.

The Gull Gang were well spread out.

Waves were big and plenty surf.  But no surfers today.

To the left of the beach were the Oystercatchers.

Along with Black Headed Gulls.  Look as if they had been playing draughts!

Back home and to the Shedudio it was card making.

Folding the card, sticking on the photo of my Lion painting, placing envelopes inside and then into a clear envelope.

Ready for sale.

The Roe Deer now has her four legs, still quite a way to go - but much better.

The days are getting longer.  So good to see.  Apart from needing the loo I would have been longer too!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Struggle Sunday.

Some achievements.  Washed my hair, did the Pulmonary Physio exercises, all but one.  Had enough.  Breathing been a struggle today.  Whether its the high winds or what....

The DP came with me to the Prom.  He got out of the car and went for a walk after anchoring me at the railings.  He agreed too windy for the chariot.  It is quite light weight, good for me lifting it in and out of the car.  But the first one which was heavy would have not moved once it had its brake on.

Huge waves.  But still two surfers.

Blackheaded Gulls sheltering below me near the rocks.

Kite Surfer in much the same place as yesterday.

The DP can get down steps so here you see more of the Blackheaded Gulls.

Stonechat.  By the DP as was the Kite Surfer.

One other achievement of today was I finally did the minutes and agendas for our Art Group meeting on Friday.  It is the A.G.M. as well and I am going to resign as secretary.  I will still do some clerical bits that I choose to do, not have to do, and that's the difference.  No stress.  I always think people cannot manage without me but the DP has put his foot down and said , "They will just have to."

The Deer asking me where are my legs, they are coming, they are coming.

The wind has died down at last and the forecast tomorrow is for it to stay down.  So no more struggling.  I look forward to walking!  A bit.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Aroond and aboot.

Bit of excitement yesterday.

Our neighbour across the field had a visitor.  The China Gander was chasing her ponies and later her children!  So she put a plea out on facebook as to who's it was.  So the jungle drums facebook locally commenced.  We are so far apart geographically, as it is so rural here, it is good we are all in contact on facebook.  It did not take long to get the local farmer, who breeds rare breed sheep, wins many prizes etc., to claim ownership.  Also of another 2 gone missing and found, one at the SPCA!  (Scottish RSPCA).  He had only had them a couple of weeks.  Goodness knows why they decided to disperse in different directions.  Quite funny the one that went to the SPCA was thought to be injured as it couldnt fly - it had, as they all had, its wings clipped!

Although my wings are metaphorically clipped I went to the Prom.  20 mph + winds and spitty rain.  

Spring Tide.

Oystercatchers sheltering in the rocks below the Prom.

A Windsurfer way out.  The wreck of the Sovereign on the right and Cairnbulg Beacon on the left.

There were Surfers out too.  One here had just fell off!  He was doing so well....

Both these boats were struggling in the wind to line up to enter the harbour.

As the rain became heavier I returned to the car and came home.

Almost finished.

The deer may well look startled.  I just removed its legs again.  Its at such a funny angle I am struggling with the legs.  One at each corner!

During a break in painting looked out and there was a Treecreeper!  Wowee.  Dart about so fast.  Out of 6 snaps this was the clearest.

Just received an invite to my 2 lovely mates engagement party.  Really thrilled to be invited.  Two lovely, handsome young men who have been together for some time now and preparing to formalise their relationship.  The DP and I will be there.

A great day.  Aroond and aboot.