Friday, 20 July 2018

Open Shedudio Day One.

The finishing touch.

The DP bought me three hanging baskets (from Home Bargains - these beauties were £5.99 each - which is bloody amazing when you look at what's in them and the baskets and chains)

If you are particularly observant you may have noticed the paving is wet.  It rained, not heavily but constant .  So it was humid.  So the breathing was not as brilliant as yesterday but nae bad.

My 3 browsers.  

And my bargain bag 50% off.

My first visitor was Photogifts.  Bearing gifts!

He had made me a mug.  Aw.
A personalised mug.

A coaster too.

And - a bottle of wine.  

Well I just have to put an order in now do I not.

Following him there was the Isla Art and Crafts Group from Keith.  

A fellow local artist bearing Rock Cakes.  

The DP provided refreshments including a Banana cake he had made.

A most enjoyable afternoon.  

Shattered now!  But worth it.  Lots of cards sold.  Which the DP advised me had paid for the hanging baskets!


On a final note I asked my Joiner to give me business cards and I have already, hopefully, got him a new customer.  Everyone was so impressed with the shedudio.  Photogifts chap had seen the before and was well impressed.

Happy me.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A strange day.

Started off quite normally, in that I got up and had my breakfast.  But then it slowly began to dawn on me that I was not breathless.  I cannot remember when I did not feel breathless.  Very strange.

I got washed, dressed, just waiting for the lungs to close up - and they didn't.

I did my Pulmonary physio exercises and yes, one or two exercises were a bit higher on the Borg scale (google it.)  But really I was fine.

After lunch I went - yes of course - to the Prom.

Lots more people and dogs.  Why do people throw their dogs ball at the birds......

Then I see this.  Just on the point of phoning 999 and getting the coastguard out.  He stood up.

My friend the paddle surfer.  Who I have seen doing yoga on his board.  This time presumably he was meditating.

The remaining Gulls.

Including this family group of Blackheaded Gulls.  And a Herring Gull (Skurry).

Then it was back home to do the final tweaking for tomorrow's Open Shedudio.

The DP made a Banana cake, cleaned the patio furniture, vacced the floor, moved some furniture around. He also trimmed the vegetation so people could pass without being snagged on brambles..... I did some cleaning, and tweaking, and sorting.  (And I am still breathing!)

Wherever there is wall space there is a painting!

All done.

Bring it on.  Please let my breathing be this good tomorrow.  When I have to talk a lot!  

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Today the DP was away on a bird watching jaunt.  To the Cairngorms.  With his mate Alex.

So I managed to make my own breakfast. Set the dishwasher off.  Washed and dressed and out the door.  Mainly to get the local paper before they sold out and to collect 3 pairs of pyjama bottoms ordered online from George at Asda.

I now do not enjoy shopping in shops.  I cannot reach things and end up asking some random taller person to check if there is one of those in a size 12.  Or someone sneezes over me.  Or are just in the way, and its hot and noisy.  

So all I had to do was go in show the magic number and text on my phone.  

No - all the computers and mobile phones, communication with colleagues was DOWN.  I did eventually get the parcel.  I had to do my signature on one of those machines handed to you at your front door by DPD et al.  Without a pen, use my finger, and nothing appeared on the screen.  But they seemed quite happy with that.  

Then to the Prom - and breathe.

WOW.  Just look at that.  No enhancements at all - this is how it was.  So clean, so clear. Stunning.

As I stood, leaning on the railings there were more and more families arriving with huge bags full of buckets and spades and picnics.  

See the sunlight sparkle on the water.

My afternoon was spent in the Shedudio preparing a bargain bag.  Lots of mounted original paintings reduced by 50%.  I have to make some room for the next lot!

The DP was late back.  But the views out of the rear patio door made up for the lateness.  Well a bit. I saw this Buzzard on the pole surveying.  Not too distinct, he was quite a way away.

And then the sky.

I so love where I live.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

More rain!

How spooky is that sky?

This was before the deluge.  

Masses of sea birds.

The two Oystercatchers kept well away from the melee.

Flat calm sea.

Tide coming in.

Came home and then the heavens opened.  For two hours it was a total deluge. 

The air became fresher.  Thank goodness.

This is a Grey Heron just taking off from the top of our neighbours huge pine tree!  I can see this through the shedudio doors.

At last the sign goes up.  My  second daughter bought me this for Christmas some years  ago.

I had my first visit from the mobile hairdresser today and it was good.  So beginning of August I get my red hair back.  A good day.

Monday, 16 July 2018


So much cooler!  Fresh!

Masses of Sea birds as there was no-one to disturb them.  I got soaked and loved it.  It wasn't cold but not the oppressive heat we have had. 

A first for me.  A young Blackheaded Gull pestering its parent.  

Here he/she is.  So different to when they become adult.

The Herring Gull chicks again are totally different to their parents.

Lots of Herring Gulls here.  Top left, grey back, black tail, pink legs, orange beak = Herring Gull.

Back home and with a wee bit more energy due to the lack of heavy heat I tidied my work table.  Work in progress is on the left.  Newly prepared canvases in front of where I sit.  Then space for cakes. Ha.

My card/nature table!  Collection of feathers and snail shells is the nature bit.

My thermometer.  Showing a far more comfortable level.

And not only do I have Sithcat watching.  I now have Dyson.  Keeping a beady eye on my activities.

May the cooler weather continue.  The garden has really perked up even though we did no get the deluge we hoped for.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Rain forecast TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

I so hope they got the forecast right.  We went to over 23 degrees, which is nearly 80 in old money.  So I did not drive to the Prom today.

The birds are all at it again, collecting nesting material, in many cases this will be the fourth brood.  

That's like me having all my four kids in a year.  

Are they mad?  The bird population round here is already off the scale.  It will cost us a fortune this winter, not that it does not already.  But not complaining really.

Sith cat.  Sprawled.  On the Shedudio verandah.

I was sprawled less elegantly inside the shedudio.  This weather turns my small brain into mush.  No painting.  Dreadful.  I normally start to twitch if I haven't painted.

In the evening I open the patio doors in the dining room.

The bird up there is one of those you stick on the window to stop birds flying into the glass.  I am going to have to make some for the Shedudio.  Now it has the large areas of glass.  We have had one fatality, a young Chaffinch.  I have some black paper and will cut out some silhouettes.

The dining room is a gallery of the DP'S photos.  There are a couple of my paintings and a couple we have bought from a fellow artist.  But the DP has the run of the house.  Mine, as you know, are mainly in the Shedudio.  Open this Friday!  Still lots to do.

Outside the patio doors I am really pleased to see the Teasels have returned.  Quite small, but plenty time to grow and flower and then the Goldfinches get the seeds and I have the dried heads to display.

If it does rain tomorrow I shall stand out in it. And get wet - and cool. ish.

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Not a breath of wind.  So 22 degrees stayed at 22 degrees.  Doesnt sound much to some but for us it is HOT.

The DP came with me to the Prom as I think he was worried I would go off in a puff of smoke.

Boat hurtling into the harbour.

Blackheaded Gull with its black head now fading.  By the winter time they have just the odd splodge of black.

We were not out long.  Even the DP said the heat was not pleasant.

Both doors and both windows open.

Thank goodness it is not a conservatory with a glass roof.

To add to Mr Trumps trumps he has upset a few million more by disrespecting the Queen.

I am no monarchist but to be so rude to an old woman is awful.  And it begs the question why was he not briefed on protocol but then again perhaps he was.......

It is still hot.  More of the same forecast for tomorrow.

But good news I have a home hairdresser booked for next week.  Less hair - could mean my head is cooler.