Sunday, 26 May 2019

Rained off.

Never stopped in fact is still descending.

The Prom today.  I never left the car.  The rain was bouncing.  All the way home I was kicking myself at being a wimp and not getting out.  

Back home bird watching.

Having seen a rival off Pheasant was eyeball to eyeball with me!  On the patio table.

Soggy Tree Sparrow babies huddling together.

Baby Siskin finds the Nyga  Seeds.

Young Goldfinch begs.

Is fed.

Jackdaws have babies too.

I did some painting and drawing and inking.

Sanderlings getting a rock to stand on.

Mr Toad needs more fingers, well quite a lot more really, another elbow and a back.  Patience.  Toads always make me think of Beatrix Potter.

The forecast for tomorrow is the rain stops.  Wind is back....cant have everything.  But I will get out of the car.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

I Survived.

I managed to survive the day.  Just imagine doing everything you do but breathing through a straw.  Well that is what it is like for me.  I dont ask for sympathy just not the eyes raised to the ceiling when I state how it is.  So moving round the kitchen, preparing my breakfast, loading the dish washer, was akin to a marathon!

I went for the newspaper to Tesco.  Fully intending to get a variety of other things. Dressing gown, nail varnish, slippers, shoes, trousers.  But it was packed.  I got the paper and left.

After a boiled egg for lunch I was off to the Prom.

Dull, overcast and spitty rain.  But it wasnt cold.  Not many people around, so plenty Gulls.

A lone walker.

Fishing boat away on 'the hunt'.

Back home.  Sith cat sitting on a garden chair.  No problems today thank goodness.

Lit the wood burner. fed the birds.  Collapsed for a while!

Young Blackbird, looks bigger than the parent, being fed.

Baby House Sparrows being fed.

The garden is bursting with young birds.  Including Dyson and a partners baby Pheasants.  No photograph as we were both surprised to come face to face and the wee ones shot off into the undergrowth.

Other birds are frantically gathering food and shooting off to feed their off spring.

Here is Dyson who appears to be asking himself "Why are we here, what are we for?"

More likely the seed has run out as the DP was not here to fill all the feeders up and scatter the seed.  But he is back now.  We have had a lovely Chinese takeaway.  Stove is lit.  All good.

Friday, 24 May 2019

A Mixed Bag.

Last night I said I was worried about Sith cat.  This morning after his liver pill and breakfast he had a seizure.  Was over very quickly.  That awful cat wail and then down he went.  Within seconds he was back up and back to his,  now,  normal self.  Eating, wandering round the garden, sleeping.  I have been a cat owner of quite a few cats over many years so have gone through this before.  He is on his way out.  We will do our upmost to make it stress free but when the time comes when it is no longer stress free for him at least with a cat we can assist.  I wish that was as easy for us humans.

After lunch I went to the Prom.

Still breezy but not as strong.  Warmish.  Although no sun.

Plenty Gulls.

Enjoying the fresh water of the Kessock Burn.

Having a bath, preening.

Out in the bay were two Police boats.

They came out of the harbour and then turned left towards the Moray Firth.

Very fast.  No idea why.  First time I have ever seen one, let alone two.

Early evening and the sun came out.  Siskin.


Sith cat now happily ensconced on the DP's knee.

Tomorrow the DP has an away day.  The Photographic Society are off - early start and late finish.  This means I have to sort my breakfast, lunch and wait for the promised Chinese takeaway.  I am praying Sith cat is ok.  The good news is I have heard nothing from the surgery re my blood test for iron so can only assume it was ok.  I still do not know why they cannot tell me this and only contact me if there is something wrong.  Does leave one with tons of anxieties on top of everything else. Like has the blood test come back? etc. And of course they dont work weekends.  Neither does the vets....... Very mixed bag.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Some changes.

Very strong wind from the West.  Not cold though.  I went to vote.  Our polling station is in a small village, Rathen. Five minutes up the narrow lane.  

In the village hall which is on the right.  The school is on the left.  I was welcomed in and shown to a booth which was at my height, low!  One cross and that was it.  Then all doors held open for me to exit.  I wonder what, if any, changes this election will bring.

After lunch to the Prom.

A wind surfer was taking advantage of the very strong wind.  So strong I was a bit worried I would be joining him!

Not many people and no birds.  They left when the Wind Surfer arrived.

The Osprey returning to the harbour.

When I came home our Garden Designer joined us.  She wanted to tell us of her ideas before putting it all onto paper.  Well I was blown away.  She had a plan to show us.  Widening paths, more patios, a wildlife pond, a raised bed so I could do things.  How we could recycle plants to better places.  Just amazing.  So we told her to get on with the plan.  

After that we will be getting quotes.  

Her plans make the garden more manageable, better for me to move around it.  We can do it in bits to make it affordable.  

When we leave this mortal coil it will help our children to sell the house as all this work will  make it more saleable.  So good all round.  Though I am still stunned at her ideas.  But this is what we wanted - someone to come in totally fresh, look at the garden and rethink it.  That is what we now have.

Some changes which might not be so good.  Sith cat has been slowing down a lot.  Still eating like a proverbial, but sleeping a lot more.  His routine has changed.

However after a prod from me he has now gone to get on the DP's knee.  Better late than never.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Weather and my mood.

Is anyone else affected by the weather?

Today has been rain off and on, latterly heavy rain and the wind has speeded up and the skies have been gloomy.  So thats the way I have felt.  Gloomy.  Daft really.

This is how it really was.  Damp and dreary.

One of the very large fishing boats disappearing into the mizzle.

So, yet again, the photos have been enhanced.  Would that I could do this in real time!

Christina leaving the harbour.

Tiger Hill and the Kessock Burn.

Lots of Gulls until the dogs appear.

But they came back.

Off to vote tomorrow.  Will try very hard to be optimistic.....

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Being old.

First reason for not liking being old.  I have to have a carer.

Today was my day for the carer to come and wash me head to toe, moisturise the old skin and dress me.  So in  came the personal carer.  One I have had a couple of times when my usual person is away.  She announced she was now to be my permanent carer.  So what do you do if you are not really happy with this person?

My other carers chat along.  No empty spaces.  If I share with them my worries they respond in a caring and empathetic way.  This one does not respond, does not chat.  And had to be reminded there are spaces between my toes I cannot reach which need an application of the flannel.

Then it was to the surgery.  I had been asked to present myself for further blood taking.  When I asked why - shock, horror that a patient should be asking such a question.  "Why am I being asked to give more blood?"  The eventual reply was totally inexplicable.  The results will be back on Friday - iron - if they are ok they will not tell me.  Excuse me?  

Confused = old age.

After lunch I was off to the Prom.

No mist today.  Some fishing boats and a yacht way out.

Quite a few people, with dogs.  So no sea birds on the shore.

I walked.  Lots of hanging over railings and deep breathing.  But I did it.

The painters still painting - and chatting.  They never manage to do the roof of these shelters.....

I had a chat with the woman who cleans the loos on the Prom.  Her conversation is limited and is frequently " Cold the day!"  She is full of vim and vigour but looks older than I .  But does not need a chariot....which I do.

But then I have red hair and wear purple.  So being old has some positives.

As does

Seeing ones painting framed.  'One Upmanship,'  ready for the exhibition in July.

I just sent out 52 emails with entry forms and rules of entry.  Had one reply telling me I had a typo error in that taking away all the exhibits was some random date in October.  Old age, time to pack it in.