Friday, 4 December 2020


 Carer visit this morning.  So now I am clean head to toe.  We managed the lean over the bath and wash hair.  

No snow in this part of Scotland but lots everywhere else.  Cold, wet and windy.

I do hope the roll out of the immunisation jab proceeds swiftly and smoothly.  I know that I am now at the end of life with COPD.  So I really would like to enjoy and live the life that is left.  It needs a good take up of the jab to eliminate this virus.  We have worn masks, washed hands and self distanced for others.  Now let us have the jab.  For Others.  

No - I did not get out of the car!  The DP did.

We drove round to the harbour.  Sheltered by the breakwaters.

Wild sea over the other side!

The big boat we saw yesterday having its cargo unloaded by the green crane.  Still cannot work out what the cargo is.

The boats were all going up and down.  Even though inside the harbour.

So plenty fresh air through the open window.  All good.

Christmas tree purchased today.  First Saturday in December -  its a tradition.  So tomorrow we decorate the house.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Thursday .

 A hard frost.  Bitterly cold.

Our oil tank was topped up at the end of November and today I paid the bill by bank transfer.  A very reasonable £260 plus a bit.  Half a tank. The log pile was replenished recently too £95.  So we will be warm all winter.  Unless we do have problems with the boiler as it has not been serviced as I continue my hunt for a plumber...

You can see the frost still lying along the dunes.  It was still freezing this afternoon.  My walk was almost a full one but not quite as I was so cold.  When that cold it does affect my breathing.  Also the oxygen tank is a bit hit and miss in delivering the oxygen which can be quite scary.

Couldn't work out what was on this huge boat.  But it needed the Pilot to sail

it in to the harbour.  The Pilot is taken out to the big boat on the Pilot boat.  Which then tootles off.  The Pilot then takes over the controls of the big boat and gets it into the harbour.

Two small boats.


Ploughing on with the Christmas Cards.  I am about halfway through the alphabet now!

Wednesday, 2 December 2020


My daughter had a text message this morning to say her son, my Grandson had tested negative.  Whew.  How good the results were so speedy.  The actual test was quite horrendous.  But a baby soon forgets.

I or rather the DP had the discuss re all the blood tests I have had /am having.  Thyroid was okay.  The one for the blood count is because of the amount of red blood cells.  This can be high for people such as I with COPD.  But if it continues to rise the blood can clot and cause a stroke.  So it will be repeated.  Good to be told.  But.......!  I have now also to start to record how much in time I am having oxygen.  Also to get in touch with the oxygen team although I had thought it was them to contact me.... 

So we went to the Prom.  

I love to see the boats. 

I also love to see the Oystercatchers.  Must start back painting.

Can you see the one on the right is looking at you!  Pity I almost chopped his head off.

Siesta time.

Cold.  Not many people.  One chap took great delight in speaking to me.  

"You are here every day ploughing up and down. I have COPD but you are worse than I am."

Well yes.  Make my day.  I smiled.

On the way home the sun plummeted to bed.  

Me going too -  soon.  9 hours of constant oxygen at night.  During the day I have to make that up to a total of 15 hours,  must try harder.  Problem is you cannot use oxygen when sitting down or so I was told.  So its toilet trips, getting dressed etc., just moving within the house so not sure I  can make it up to 15.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

First day of December 2020.

We remain in level two here in Aberdeenshire.  Though still being watched carefully as numbers are on the rise. 

Improvement in the weather.  Two positives.

Carer in the morning.  Hair not washed as I am particularly breathless of late. Bending over the bath a no no.

Cleaner arrived after lunch.  Instead of having two for an hour we now have one for two hours.  This one is amazing.  My dressing table/desk has been cleaned.  One of those places I do so much at tis completely cluttered and I never expected her to manage to clean it.  Yes I am ashamed.....  But stuff lifted off.  Cleaned.  Stuff put back.  And the whole ground floor of the house is clean too.

While she was here we went to the Prom. No wind, no rain, bitter cold.

Boats outing and inning.

Always a surfer, today there were three.

I managed the full walk today.  

Not many people so the Gull Gang gathering.


I was asked about the wreck of the Sovereign at Cairnbulg.  Our nearest village with a post office.

18th December 2005

Just after midnight, the UK flagged fishing vessel Sovereign grounded close to Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon, east of Fraserburgh. Sovereign was holed in several compartments and was unable to be salvaged: she was later declared a constructive total loss. There were no injuries and only minor pollution.

It proved to be too expensive to remove the wreck so there the Sovereign remains.  Usually has Cormorants and Shags sitting on it.

And used to advertise the Life of Pi film.

My youngest Grandson 1 year old has been tested for COVID.  He has a cough.  Otherwise fit and healthy,  The family are now having to self isolate til the results which should be in three days time.  They are in Edinburgh.  Will I ever get to see my family again?

The wood burner in the sitting room is sending its warmth through the downstairs.  I am enjoying my wine.  More positives.

Oh and the cat outside has had its tea.

Monday, 30 November 2020

Weather foul.

High winds and heavy rain.

 Too windy to get out of the car.

A couple of Surfers being brave.  Kite Surfers across the bay being mad.

Rainbow through the car window.

We drove to the other side of the bay.  No better there.

Cairnbulg Beacon and the wreck of the Sovereign.

I was robbed.  I got the sea air through the open window.  Tomorrow is a better forecast.

Wednesday I have a telephone discuss re my blood tests.  Oil delivered today for the heating and hot water.

Onward and upward.

Sunday, 29 November 2020


 Sunshine all morning.  Don't it make ya feel good!  We got to the Prom and it disappeared....The DP set off on his 'I am going to lose weight walk.'   While I expended the same amount of energy getting my coat on.  Its the winter red coat now.  The one that has to be re waterproofed every few months.  Seems to work.

I had a very distressing session with a man I know, as his horse was let out of its field in the night and hit and killed by an unsuspecting motorist.  The man is not a grown up and never will be.  I talked to him about the future and carrying on for the other horses in his care.  I promised to look out for photographs we have of the horse and hope that keeps him from not doing owt daft.  So shook me.

Sorry. Helps me just to write it down.  

Kids were surfing.  Getting better all the time.

I see some strange things.  This man had a drum.  He gave the drum to the child and the drum sticks.  He left the child and drum on the beach and came up onto the Prom.  Launched a drone and kept shouting 'Drum, keep drumming.'  I dont think he will get an Oscar for it.  Had I not got back in the car I would have gone and asked him to explain please.

Boats.  There was a time back in the past when boats did not move on a Sunday.  Religious reasons.  Money reasons changed all that.

Wintry views over the bay.  There is frost today.

Ah Oystercatchers..... 

Skurries - Herring Gulls doing their worm hunting dance.

The pale moon rises.

The sun sets as we drive home.

So I walked the walk.  Shook up a bit but not stirred.  Red wine fixes a lot.  Sadly not lungs.