Saturday, 23 March 2019


Sunny day but a cool wind blowing strongly.

Walked today.  

High tide.  

The Gulls were out on the sea.

Very sad sight.  A dead grey seal.  I reported it later to  Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme .  

Back home.  My Daily Sketch today was a Pine Cone.

Then I began a Tawny Owl.

The DP was out early this morning and captured a Bull Finch.

Munching on Pussy Willow.  We have a Pussy Willow, but sadly this was not ours.  Perhaps one day we can add them to our bird count.  I have never seen one.

Watching yet another Waking the Dead this evening.  Regular checks on the Aurora which sadly has not appeared despite all the forecasts.

Back tomorrow.

Friday, 22 March 2019

I can now say I am 70 +

Although whether people will fall back in amazement I doubt.

The Prom was quite boring today.

Tide was high.

Doing a lot of sand shifting...

Quite windy and started to rain so no walk and a short stay.  Just long enough to do some sea breathing.

Then back home and the Shedudio.  Outside the window

Male Chaffinches sunbathing.

Inside I did my Daily Sketch challenge.  I chose to do a Daffodil. Watercolour pencils.  Enjoying the exercise having to look closely.

One of my birthday gifts was from our youngest child .  A bouquet of fresh flowers in a box that was the right size to fit through the letter box.  Full instructions, plant food, even advice on the sort of vase in which to display.  And an assurance the blooms would open.  And they did!

I love Freesia.

Aurora Borealis is forecast for the weekend.  So patio door will be open, I freeze to death, while the photographer tries to capture it.  He usually does. But some times it takes longer than I would like.

Thanks for all your lovely comments.  My next big life event is next month when all our kids, partners, and the Grand kids visit.  Whose idea was that then?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Three score years and ten.

Whew, never thought I would make it this far!

I slapped the Oil of Ulay on the wrinkles, painted me nails, and drove to the Prom.

The Kessock Burn has done a big carving job.  Deep cut out of the  sand.

Gulls still find it.

Mainly Herring Gulls but more and more Lesser Black Back Gulls appearing.

Back home and birdwatching from the Shedudio.  Here is our alpha male Pheasant Dyson.

I was continuing the Daily Sketch challenge today and did a Teasel.

Really enjoying the drawing, from life.  My paintings are all from photographs.

My gift from the DP was a pack of canvases.  Huge canvases.....

A gift from one of my daughters.  Personalised!

I had a good day.  My carer asked how old I was and I replied, "7 - you add the two figures up."  Her reply was "I am no good at Maths...."  "7 add a zero."  "Ahhh 70."  " No - 7."

Three score years and ten.  I doubt she would know what a score is!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Land of the Big Sky.

A pleasant no wind day.

Quite a few tyres fell off fishing boats littering the beach.

The Gull Gang were all out at sea.  As the tide turned to go back out, in they came.

Just a few Oystercatchers.  After the mating rituals seen this week they could be out choosing a nesting site.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  Joined by my friend and fellow artist we had 3 weeks to catch up on!

I am taking part in a draw something every day challenge.  I have really enjoyed this just drawing.  I did a Garden Snail shell, not very well.  A Pheasant feather ok.  Training my eye to really look, a good exercise.

This evening the sky was amazing.

Later in the evening there was this.

So lucky to be able to see nature painting the picture far better than I.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Doings of today.

Our Joiner and side kick continued with the fencing.  And finished it.  I am so pleased.

Superb job.  The old fencing has been stacked for us to use as wood for the fire, so we may have to invest in a power saw to chop it all.  The 100 Escallonia plants have been ordered and paid for which will be planted inside the fence.  Bees etc love Escallonia.  Great.

My car.  Well I would be quite happy to pay our garage man to replace the bit that may go again, but the DP said no, you need to replace the car. It is old and has high mileage, other things will go wrong.   So he is to going to look into it as I can't even think about  the stress if I did it.  I love my car....

Under my own steam me and the car made it to the Prom.

Beautiful  - the Gull Gang.

Oystercatchers, heads down, really into courtship now.

Sadly there is always a dog that clears the beach of the Gulls.

And then this jogger stopped, took off her outer garments and headed for the sea.

Kept going.

And swam!  In the North sea in March.

She did come back out.

The DP hung the refreshed Shed sign.  Looks good!

Later I watched the sky changing colour, the birds getting ready for bed.

Then settling and roosting.

So lucky to be able to watch nature.  Doing its thing.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Exciting Day.

For a start off the sun shone, no wind and it was warm-ish.

The DP delivered my car to the garage across the field.  Then the joiner appeared with lots of wood, and bags of cement.

He started to erect the up right bits.

The DP took me to the Prom.  Today I wore my new pink jeans, a red and white stripy top and shoes.  No hat, no gloves.  But I did have a coat on.

The Phoenix heading out on the hunt.  So although the weather was beautiful it was a rough ride on the sea.

Here we have two Oystercatchers in courtship mode, bowing with open beaks.

The Gull Gang, Skurries - Herring Gulls.

Warm enough not to have to light the stove in the Shedudio.  I started a Swan on a slate tile.

Then spent some time on refreshing my Shed sign.  It was sadly faded.

Meanwhile outside, lots of activity.

The new fence.  Just hoping it is all in place tomorrow and nothing has hit it....

Our lovely joiner is back tomorrow to do the horizontals.  The DP is to order the Escallonia hedge plants.  Should soon be looking pretty.  After we have done our bit I shall commence having a go at the Council to put up better signage as promised and our signs to indicate the turn/bend/verge as also promised.  Fingers crossed  that the fence remains undamaged.

My car.  Our lovely garage man has cleared the throttle body - no idea what that means - but its done and ready for me to collect.  Amazing.  Should be back out tomorrow in control of where I go!

One bit more of exciting news is Mr Bercow, speaker of the House of Commons, has said Mrs May cannot bring her deal back for the third time as it breaks parliamentary rules.  Some sense in all this.  Well done John Bercow.  Poor state this country is in.  Just a joke now we are.

So there I am - had an exciting and happy day.  Hope you all have too.