Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Hot and humid.

Struggling to breathe from the minute I got up!

But still here to tell the tale.

My carer washed me, my hair, got me dressed.  Bliss.

After lunch to the Prom.  The DP drove.

Smile he said.

So I did.

Out in the bay were the Navy.

No idea why.  There were three boats in total.  I saw 2.  164 here.

165.  The DP who was in the Merchant Navy said the crew were crap.  Apparently Royal Navy have to be stood at attention whilst on deck and this lot were not.  What is the world coming to.

The workers carried on regardless.

Not as many people on the beach or in the sea as yesterday.

The parade of the prams!

And a Blackheaded Gull who's black head is fading now.

A pile of my mounted, original water colour paintings to go back into browsers.  I just looked at them and decided a 50% off sale was due.  Some of these are in the shop on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.  Shop probably needs updating.....  Have a look, anything you like just ask.  I can then give you measurements and price.  Mounted stuff is no problem to send but I dont send anything that is framed.  Once it is framed it is more expensive and packing glass is not easy.  And dangerous.

The sun has now set.  No sign of the moon or the partial eclipse.....


Monday, 15 July 2019

Coming down to earth!

Still some tidying to do.  The DP was out today early removing roadside signs he had made and placed.  Then later on the banner he had put up on a roundabout miles away.  Called in at Bullers of Buchan on his way back.  Saw this

So he was happy.  But tea was late so I was not happy.

This was his winning photo voted on by visitors to the exhibition.

And still for sale!

I sold nothing, not even a card.  But I don't paint to sell, I paint because I enjoy it.  Although I am seriously considering a half price sale.  The three browsers were brought back from the exhibition and I am faced with refilling them with my mounted originals.  And there are rather a lot.....

The DP came with me to the Prom today.

We had a chat to this lovely lady.  She and her husband whizz past our house regularly.  They will now wave when they go past!  They go miles in these (not cheap) lie back bikes.  Am a bit tempted!  But they cost almost as much as a car.  So I will get that first.

Female Surfer.

Quite a few people in the sea.

Tourists now with us.  I heard some German accents today and lots of English.  All good.

A few native fishing boats, little and large.

One of many, many Starlings we have.  The Bully boys and girls.  He/she is launching down to the food on offer and will remove most of it given the chance.

Coming down to earth is actually exhaustion.  So I am away.  Goodnight.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Exhibition over and put to bed.

Although there is still the 'wash up' wherein we go over what went wrong, what went right, refrain from slagging each other off no matter how much we would like to so do!

Another successful day.  The DP got the most visitor votes for best photograph and best artist went to a friend of mine.

Alice our treasurer on the left and Eileen Maitland the artist on the right.

The DP with his plaque I am assuming he gave it to himself!

Its been a long day.  Although the exhibition opens later on the Sunday to allow people to go to church.  It closes at 5 to people coming in to look but then the next hour is for work to be taken away and everything else and the hall has to be cleared by 6.30.  So we had a late dinner.

The DP came home at lunch time and after lunch loaded the chariot up into the car and I went to the Prom.

Overcast but fairly warm, not much wind and dry.

The Gull Gang.  All is well.

Fishing boats toing and froing.

Blackheaded Gull.

Back home the garden birds.

As the DP wasn't around to do his usual tea time feed delivery.  I went down the shed and put a jug of seed into the chariot and then filled up the seed feeder put some into the Christmas tree and some on the ground and some on the cut tree trunk.

Two minutes later.......

So once all the stuff brought back from the exhibition is sorted and our new purchase

is hung.

All I have to do this week is buy a new car.

Tomorrow is another day.  

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Its a New Day.

Much better weather!  First day open to the public our exhibition.

The DP was off to the exhibition this morning.  He came back for lunch and set up the old printer which continued to be crap.  So the new printer was installed and worked perfectly.  So the required printing was done and we now have sufficient visitor voters for best in show - art and photograph.

He was then able to load up the chariot and I was off to the Prom.  So once there I began to take photographs for your delectation only to find the screen was blank on the camera.  So I phoned him and he came and fixed it.  Wish someone could fix me from all these failures.

Me from the rear.  The DP testing the camera!

Beautiful.  No rain.  Sunshine.  No showers.  Beautiful.

Tomorrow is our second and last day of the exhibition.  So far a great success.

I came home to the Shedudio.  The DP returned to do a bit more printing off.  He then saw the Sparrowhawk, male, outside the Shedudio and filmed it.  If you are squeamish do not watch.

So we are both shattered.  Soon be over - for another year.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Exhibition set up.

Today was setting up and displaying all the entered work.  I was at home glowering at the weather outside.  Mist, rain, cool.  Yeuk.  My carer came at 10 and hosed me down.

Three Canvases.

And the big boys.

6 Crafters setting up their tables.

All these are upstairs.  You can see the refreshment area to the right here.

Downstairs are the Crafters and the Guest Artist and Photographer.  Throughout the hall the Community Challenge efforts are displayed.  

My printer kept telling me it was out of ink even though I had replaced all the inks.  So a panic order to Argos and I now have a new printer to set up.  The printer is a Canon and cost £29.99.  The inks cost £39.99.  This does not make sense.  

I have not been out today.  So I have withdrawal symptoms.

This photograph was taken by my friend James Alexander. Which perfectly illustrates why I have not been out today.  Misty, wet and cold.  I had the stove lit in the shedudio.  And the woodburner in the sitting room is now lit.

The wet garden and birds this evening.  We had a Chinese takeaway as the DP had been at Dalrymple Hall all day.

Tomorrow is open to public day. Also Sunday.  And then its all over.  And breathe.  And then start looking for a new car.  There is always something.