Saturday, 18 May 2019

To brighten my day and yours.

'My beach."  2019.

A Dreich Day.

I went to the Prom.  Parked the car and got to the railings.

Rain.  You could hardly feel it but boy was it wet.

Back in the car.  I sat for a while with the window open.

Depressing weather.

Not much better at home.  Although I was in the warm with the stove lit.  The mist rolling in and out outside. 

Outside were baby Robins looking as fed up as I was.

Hoping for better tomorrow.  I just feel totally flat!

Friday, 17 May 2019


I have a new carer.  V is lovely.  She seems to do things quicker than my last carer but just as thorough.

Another beautiful day, although it is now raining - 9.16 p.m. but that means not having to water stuff in the garden. (Notice the but on the negative thought!)

I went to the Prom after lunch.  Beautiful then, though the ever present breeze was cool.  The painting continues.

The tide was on its way out.

Lots of Gulls Gathering.

Lots of poses for painting.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  One of the newly fledged baby Blackbirds has its first proper bath.

I finish the Razorbill.

The DP asks me if I noticed the new hanging baskets.  I hadnt!  Photographs taken.

If they are as lovely as last years were I will be even more pleased.

Last years.

Some bits have re-emerged and doing fine so are to be replanted in the fence troughs.  Home Bargains purchased from.  Very reasonably priced.

I was not expecting a sunset tonight with the rain, but there was one.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Back to normal.

Much better today.  

Although , there is always an although, I had a phone call from the doctors surgery.  

I have to go back for more blood tests next week as my iron level needs checking.  For Goodness sake whatever will drop off next?!  I googled it.  First thing I read was it is normal in pregnancy.  Well whoopy do I am well past that.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  No.  I have no symptoms.  I do not as yet fall down.  So I will not worry.  

Despite all that I did my pulmonary physio exercises.  22 marching on the spot.  Pole raises 22.  Quads (raise leg with weight on) 22 each leg.  Sit to stand 6, Arm weights 6, Step ups 6 on each leg. 

At lunch time the built in oven was replaced.  Effortlessly.  The DP is now working through the instructions.  But all is so far working.  The old one was taken away.  With the parcel tape still on which is how he was keeping the door shut....

What fun we have.

The Prom.

The colour of the sea was awesome.

All the different blues!

Tiger Hill sand dune.  Kessock Burn with Gull Gang.

So many of these photographs I can see a painting.

Such varied poses!

The two painters.  Now doing the lower Prom railings.

And finally some painting from me.  Ink onto the Razorbill.  

It has been cooler today.  Still wall to wall sunshine.

Getting ready for the second brood.

Henry and Henrietta.

21.15 Sunset.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

That day of the month.

Dont panic I am way past that time of the month!  No this is the monthly pill to prevent my bones from crumbling.  Ibandronic Acid.  Take an hour before food sitting up or standing for the hour.  Then away you go.  Just forget about doing anything the rest of the day as I feel like s**t.

My trip to the Prom was short and sweet.  I got out the car and took some photos and then got back in the car and came home.

There was a stiffish breeze coming straight off the sea.  So did some deep breathing.

The beach was almost deserted.  Delightful to see this child enjoying.

Plenty members of the Gull Gang.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  I bird watched.  

Mr and Mrs Yellowhammer.

The first Blackbird fledglings.  Blackbirds have multiple broods.

Pair of Pheasants.  Not Dyson.  So this is Henry and Henrietta.

The lower Promenade railings are now being painted.  The smell of the paint is still vile.  

Thanks for all the lovely comments.

My hairdresser visits me.  I cannot sit outside as she uses various implements which need to be plugged in.  I also have to sit on my 'throne' as it supports my crumbling spine and no way I could have it on the level, well not yet, though there may be a patio outside the dining room, we are still awaiting the garden designers design.  I have my hair done in the dining room.  We have hard floors everywhere so its easy to clean up.  My clothes worn yesterday have all gone in the wash.  I am fine.  I will be finer tomorrow.  For another month.

Sunset tonight and everywhere is becoming misty.


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

We are the new Mediterranean.

Today was hot.

Lots of small boats toing and froing.

The Gull gang.

A beautiful beach.

The only painting this afternoon was done by my hairdresser who visits me and has replenished my hair colour.  She is too young to have seen the film Psycho.  Which is what the bathroom looked like after she had rinsed it off!  The other downside to having ones hair cut at home is the cut hair is on our floor.  So the vacuuum has to come out.  And I have to change all my clothes as the hair is everywhere.  Hmm.

A new visitor for the bird count in our garden.  Pied Wagtail.

The clematis are blooming on the fence.  And the Rheum Palmatum is doing really well.

Tonights Sunset.

I am so lucky to live in this beautiful place.  Sod the Mediterranean!