Monday, 18 June 2018

All done bar the painting.

I am over the mooooooon.

Our joiner returned today.  He never stops!  He has coffee on the go and his own music blaster.  He was here just after 8 and was packing up at 3.30.

I had been to the Prom and tried to make it last as long as I could as I so wanted to get back to the shedudio!

Fishing boat away on the hunt.

Well impressed with our council for installing these three bins on the Prom.  Hope they get used and the rubbish left is reduced.

Right - the big reveal.

First I should point out that the roof is double skinned.  The top bit blew off in severe gales not long after we moved in here and the replacement was paid for by the insurance.  We had it replaced by a boat building company so we know it is wind and water tight!  

Now we have the inside totally insulated, under the mdf cladding is an insulating fabric.  With that and the double glazing it is pleasantly warm, I could no longer tell if it was windy without looking out of the window.  No sound, no rattling, no draughts.  Heaven.

An unexpected bonus is there are more spaces I can now hang paintings on.

The cat door cladding is waterproof in case he leaves the flap open!  Which he does.  How amazing is that that the joiner did that!  Just awesome.

So - a bit of painting for the DP.....

Sunday, 17 June 2018

And breathe.

A pleasant weather day.

Photo taken by the DP yesterday evening.

DP again, tho early morning.  Dawn Patrolling.  This is Mormond Hill.  We can see this from our garden.  The radio stuff is owned by the Ministry of Defence.

The Hare was in our garden and saw the DP  and ran!

My day was not as exciting.

Quite overcast but the sun was around.

Sith cat soaking up the sun.

The DP weeding the herb bed.

The joiner is back tomorrow to finish the interior insulation in the shedudio.  So I will not be in there and this painting is almost finished.  Any ideas yet Jean?

Two days on the new inhaler and I detect a slight improvement in my breathing.  

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Bit of this and a bit of that.

Somewhat  cooler today.

I was struggling most of the morning with the final draft of a poster for our annual visual art exhibition's community challenge.  This year it is to be Fraserburgh Flyers.  Anything that flies or flew made into a mobile display.  So from ladybirds to pterodactyls.  It is done and ready to go out tomorrow.  The exhibition is in October, but as our schools in Scotland break up for Summer in July I need to get the information out now.  Also to the craft groups, and kids activities that take place in the Summer holidays.

I didn't see one of these today....

What I did see,

This is Scott.  That is the horse.  I still do not know the name of the rider, but we often have a chat as he leaves work at the Golf Club.  Without the horse.  He now wants me to do a painting of Scott.......

A more usual sight, a Lobster Boat.

Back home I did quite a lot.

A bit on each of these.  As one has to wait for watercolour to dry before continuing with another colour it is easier to do more than one at once.  Well that is my excuse for apparently never finishing anything!

This is my bird feeder on the window.  It gets visited by Blue Tits and Coal Tits, but today a young Sparrow sorting through as kids do for the best bits.

Welcome to Sandi my new follower.  Briony I am not on oxygen.  I get tested with this thing that clips on a finger every time I go to the surgery, it checks your oxygen levels, and, like Tom, mine is fine.  

I bit the inside of my lip today. It is very swollen.  Really.  So my glass of red keeps dribbling.....  There that is this and that.  Goodnight all.

Friday, 15 June 2018


Not much damage at all.  Just the one Allium.  The rest of the plants are slowly returning to vertical.

I was at the doctors this morning.  Chest listened to and oxygen levels checked.  I have been prescribed a new inhaler, actually one I used to take, which by pressing the top sends in the drug rather than having to breathe it in which my lungs are now too shot to do.  So start with the new one tomorrow and see how it goes.  I am on the waiting list to see a consultant to see if there is anything that can be done.  But we all know about waiting lists...

So I went early to the Prom.

Beautiful.  Slight breeze, sea very calm and soon I was too.

The Pilot boat was assisting the big boat to get into the harbour.  Not sure what sort of boat it is.  To get into our harbour you have to go right as this is doing.  Then head towards the beach, then turn left into the entrance and in.  Again my knowledge is limited as to why that route has to be travelled, presumably down to the depth of the sea and hidden rocks, but all the boats do this even the little ones.  So it could just be a shipping rule.

The pilot boat headed for the entrance to the harbour and waited for the big boat to get positioned.  The big boat was going very slowly, so I got fed up/tired/needed a wee and my lunch so I came home.  There are loos on the Prom and I have a special key for the disabled one.  But I get claustrophobic in there and am always scared I will not be able to get out, why do they make doors so heavy on loos for the disabled????  The key is called a Radar key and apparently will unlock disabled loos anywhere.

Started a painting of a Magpie from a photo I took.
Continuing this.

I forgot to mention.  I self referred to Social Services as I am struggling with personal care.  Have to say I am well impressed with SS. There was a meeting of the multi disciplinary team.  I then had a phone call at the beginning of the week from Occupational Therapy.  At the end of which they said I, and they,  had sorted all the aids they would have provided and therefore being passed on to Care People.  I had a phone call today that one of them would be visiting to discuss my needs.  Showering me twice a week has been mentioned.  Watch this space.  

The way my breathing has not been of late - its been a struggle to keep clean(ish).  And to keep a smile going!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

During Storm Hector.

The strangest thing about Hector was that the wind/gale/70 mph gusts was actually warm.  I am not used to warm wind although I am used to wind....

The DP was away for most of the day on a bird watching jaunt with the RSPB members group to Newburgh and the Ythan Estuary.

One of the DP's photos from today is this group of Eider Ducks, whence from were obtained feathers to make one's eiderdown.  This group, each year, are visited by Elvis, top left, who is a King Eider and quite famous round here.  As in, "Has Elvis arrived yet."

So I decided, after looking at the weather forecast, it would be sensible for me to go to the Prom before lunch instead of after.  But once down there it was blowing a hooley and raining, so I came home again.

To the shedudio and watched the trees and plants being horizontal instead of vertical.

Cherry Tree and bird feeders in wind and rain.

Loosestrife and White Campion, normally vertical.  Not today.

Ornamental Poppies blowing in the wind.

And the Allium that did not survive.  Hope it dries ok.

I discovered I could feed Mr and Mrs Dyson Pheasant by opening the new window and wanging the seed out for them.  Without getting wet.  But later I did manage to fill up - and replace - the hanging feeders.

Later in the day as the wind eased we had visits from Mr Woodpecker and then Mrs, so presumably they have hatched a young one or two.

Hector has almost gone and the forecast for tomorrow indicates I will be able to Promenade.  Next week the joiner is to return and complete the inside insulation to the shedudio.  The DP will then do the painting inside and out.  Then I can plan my open studio weekend!  All good.

Hope I have finished some of the work in progress by then.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Before Storm Hector.

Bit breezier today.  But nothing like what is forecast.  55 mph gusts when I normally go for a walk tomorrow.  

Tide coming in.

One abandoned Council Dust Cart.

Ah there he is....

Hopefully he is collecting rubbish from the Dunes and does not have his hands in his pockets!

Down to the shedudio and I am still gob smacked at the light coming in.  I want to keep it looking light, tidy (ha ha) and workable.  Two of my three browsers containing mounted paintings.  Bird feeder seeds, fat balls etc. beneath the seat/shelf.

My work table, with chair for my weekly visiting fellow artist.  Piles of work in progress.  Plus three prepared canvases luring me to start more, rather than finishing what I have started.... Two trolleys with materials surround my chair.

Bags full of stuff, another browser, a mess to be sorted.


So - just waiting for my wind to return and then it will be Storm Jill.  Well - actually I do the thinking , then ask the DP to do the transforming and sorting !

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Withdrawal symptoms.

Not being able to follow my normal routine for two days now.  Walk on Prom done, but no return home to the shedudio.  But it has been worth it.  Multiple times!

Walk first.

Four layers on but quite pleasant.  Got the sea air into my lungs.

Beach and Prom deserted of humans.  Apart from me.  The car park was full with work people mainly, having lunch.  I do wish some would not sit with their engines running.  Chap next to me in car park had his engine running, window wide open, music loudly blasting.  I told him his exhaust was bothering my shut lungs and he apologised and turned it off.  Sometimes I wonder where I get the nasty streak from.....  Coughing my guts up from exhaust fumes,  thats where.

I never tire of watching the Gull Gang.

So - at 4 p.m - I was in.  All finished.

The DP has to paint the new 'trims' with the same paint as the rest of the shedudio.  We have a new security light fitted, lights up with movement.  We do need a new cat door as it got a bit battered.

How it was.

Inside - the joiner is to return and do some more insulation, once that is done the DP will yet again have to wield the paintbrush.

The two opening windows both tilt inwards or open fully inwards.

And the birds are returning to feed.

Male Siskin.

Now I have to sort the interior replacement of stuff out!  Happy though!