Monday, 20 January 2020

Wow Weather.

We had lovely weather.  Unbelievable.  Sunshine, not much wind, temperature not too bad.  So much so I took the decision to go solo to the Prom.

One small boat returning to the harbour.

Every person had a dog or more attached.

So not many birds.

I managed ok getting the chariot out of the car and back in again.  To the railings and breathing in the sea air.  But not good.  Two more sleeps.  Hoping I can then kick start my life.

Sunday, 19 January 2020


Taking it easy.

The DP on his Dawn Patrol.  Took the sunrise over our house.


After lunch to the Prom.  

Surfers having a chat.

Our beautiful beach.

Mainly Oystercatchers.

Surfers do surf!

A better day.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Saturday in Scotland.

Strong winds and rain.  On the way to the Prom it hailed heavily wipers on full throttle.

The DP was out of the car and off.  I sat a while and debated but then got out.  The rain had stopped and the wind lessened.

The only space for the blue badge driver was at the far end near the caravan park.  But that's where all the birds were so I was happy!


Grampian Don.

Fishing boat.

The Prom buildings.  

Nature's contribution.

I am hoping to hang on before Wednesday when I go to ARI for the consultation or whatever with the oxygen team.  I have been so near to giving in to my greatest fear which is to be taken in to hospital rather than walking in.  So far I - and a glass of wine - are winning.  And I will sleep in my own bed tonight.  Night night.

Friday, 17 January 2020


Sunny but cold.

No boats yesterday.  Loads today!

All heading into the harbour.

Paddle Surfer.


And others.

Not many on the beach.

I walked.  And breathed.

My carer this morning was telling me about a man she cares for who is on oxygen.  Like me as soon as he moves on rising he is breathless.  But then oxygen and he is fine.  I want to be like that.  Not long to go now.

Sunday is the commemoration of a disaster at sea.  Concerning the loss of life on our lifeboat some years ago.

A 50th Anniversary Commemorative Service for the 1970 Fraserburgh Lifeboat Disaster will be held at 2pm on Sunday the 19th of January 2020 in the Old Parish Church.

On the 21st of January 1970 the Fraserburgh Lifeboat, the Duchess of Kent capsized while on service 40 miles NE by E of Fraserburgh with the loss of five crew members Coxswain John Stephen, Mechanic Fred Kirkness and William Hadden, James Buchan and James RS Buchan.

Following the Church Service a shorter service will take place at Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station two days later on Tuesday the 21st of January 2020, the actual date of the disaster.

On Sunday we will also have Princess Anne with us.

The most hard working Royal apparently.

If I can get them I will show the photos. The DP insists on carrying on with his Photographic Society's jaunt to Rosehearty. But there will be three lifeboats zooming around the bay for the commemoration. Some sight!

Thursday, 16 January 2020


So the DP is at the Photographic Society.  Sithcat is on the bed.  I have Classic FM on the tele.  Better sound quality!

The wind is strong outside.  I havent lit the woodburner as I struggle to keep feeding it when I am this breathless.  But the central heating is on.

We went to the Prom after lunch.  Quite breezy.

Hardly any people so plenty birds.

I managed to walk today.  Plenty stops for breathing in the sea air.  Always makes me feel better.  Five days to go before I meet with the Oxygen team......  I noticed you can buy oxygen from Amazon!!  As a staunch supporter of our NHS I doubt I will be going down that road.

Oh joy.  Plenty of Oytercatchers.  All I need is for my artist mojo back.

The one with all the bling on its leg is a regular.  We have contact details for reporting ringed whatevers.

I have the dreaded monthly Ibandronic acid to take this weekend.  Have to take it an hour before food.  Which means I have to get out of bed around 7 so as to have breakfast at the normal time of 8 a.m.  That and the Accrete D3 help to prevent my bones from breaking as along with everything else I have Osteopenia.  Precursor of Osteoporosis.  All good fun.  Not.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Weary of struggling.

To breathe.  But battling on.

The DP was away in the morning to Rosehearty a village just up the coast. With the Photographic Society members. We once looked at houses there but ended up stopping here.  It is  a nice village.  A small harbour.  Post Office and Butchers.

After lunch we went to the Prom.  Cold and a bit breezy.

Big boats still on the horizon.  

A few people.  The tide high so no birds on the beach.

I got to the railings and stayed there.  No way could I have walked!  So the DP took some photos of the rock bird life.  Here is a Redshank.


A Robin.

In the sea a lone surfer.


A week today I am back to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and seeing the Oxygen team again.  I am hoping not to have to have the artery blood removal as it was painful.  But expect I will have to.  Having read up about oxygen therapy it seems I would benefit from it.  So fingers crossed.  If not I really do not know as I cannot continue like this.  Get myself a purple wheel chair!  Aye.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


I had a solo trip to the Prom.

I got out of the car.  It was cold.  Windy altho not as bad as yesterday.

Still quite a wild sea.

Gulls sheltering by the rocks.

A big boat still riding out the remains of the storm.

Back home and into the Shedudio.  Which is why I went out on my own so the DP could light the stove and feed the birds.

What an untidy mess.  I must find some energy to sort this  out.

Today I watched the birds.

The new fatball feeder is very popular.  Altho the plan was it would encourage a visit from Long Tailed Tits.  Not yet.

One of our five Robins.

Garden Bird Watch this year 25th - 27th.  Check out the RSPB website.  You do it for an hour.  I can guarantee during that hour no bird will appear!

I am having problems with my loo.  Flush - fills up.  Then cistern does not fill up.  Really annoying.  And strange noises when it does fill up.  As always the DP is not concerned as its a minor problem he says.  We also have a nightly disagreement about the woodburner being 'fed' or otherwise.  I have seen it go out.  He then has to relay it and relight which takes far more effort than sticking a log on every so often..Is it me?