Friday, 15 December 2017


Here in the North East of Scotland we do have electricity.  It can be subject to frequent power cuts.  Due to the high winds.  We have a phone number to call which gives you an idea of when it is to be put back on.  (And also tells you that Ryan and Shaun are doing it. )
I dont care who is doing it so long as they are doing it.  We also get to be told as to why the fault has occurred.  Again I dont really care so long as it is fixed, but you do get the feeling they care...

We now have a kettle ready to sit on top of the wood burning stove and candles and torches also a telephone which does not rely on electricity to work.  The mobile phone does not work in the house.  Right.....Standing outside in a howling gale to find out why you have no electric is not really something I want to do.

Not far away in the North Sea are Gas thingys which bring in to the mainland - North East Gas.

There they are.  Every village round about was asked if they wanted gas.  There had to be a percentage of residents saying yes.  Well not many did.  So we do not have the option of gas.  Although you can have calor gas I believe.  But most of us have....oil tanks.  In our gardens.  

Again, the oil comes from the North Sea.

Currently my electricity provider is costing me £50 a month but even tho it is winter I am in credit.  This is down to me changing my electricity provider every year.  Fixed price and all that.  But, I send in a monthly meter reading and I am still in credit.

So that leaves me with the oil.  That heats the water and the central heating.  Last week our check on the levels in the oil tank showed it was just below half.  So I phoned and ordered a top up.  It was done within two hours.  I got the bill today.  735 litres cost us £344.59  that should last till Spring.  Nae bad.  

I did not walk today.  Wind, rain, freezing temperatures.  But we are warm.  So wish that everyone was.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

In the Deep Midwinter.

Frosty winds laid low.  Earth was hard as iron.  Snow on snow.

One of my favourite winter songs, and so true at the moment.

The Dunes, and the beach, still have iced snow on.  The air is so cold.  Bitterly cold.  One of my coats has a high zip up collar so I can put my nose inside and breathe in warmer air which does not make my airways close up.  In through the nose, out through pursed lips.  How to control ones breathing.  My problem is I then feel claustrophobic!  I have to surface from the collar, once I have grabbed onto the Esplanade railings, and take in the cold air.

A beautiful sunny day.

According to the DP the sea is warmer than the land.  I am no way going to test that, but assume that is why the sea birds survive their ablutions and paddling.

These are Scurries, Herring Gulls.  The much maligned Gulls of the seaside.  Swooping on people, usually when they are defending their young.  And scavengers, well who can blame them when we are the throw away society.  If I were fitter I would throw all the food rubbish back into the cars on the Esplanade car park who just throw it out of the car window.   If some can get out of their cars and dispose of rubbish into the many bins provided......why cannot all?

Back home.  Into the shedudio.  

I have been inspired by a pen and ink drawing I saw recently.  It was the head of an owl, black and white, the white being the paper.  But the eye had been done in colour and it zinged.  So, with some adaptations and still practising I have been given lots of photographs from the DP.

I have not quite got the scary threatening stare of the Sparrowhawk.  But this is still on the drawing board.  I am enjoying - so it is good.

Two parcels today.  One from the DP's brother.  It says it is a box of wine.  We wont open until Christmas Day.  I well remember the box we opened one year which had ale in it.  So the DP had a good Christmas....  The other parcel was from the pharmacy with my mixture of drugs to get me through till January.  Not even wrapped in Christmas paper.  Huh .

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


We still have snow lying.  The roads are mostly clear although there are still wheel furrows on our lanes.  Joy of joy the Esplanade was clear.  Whether by nature or the cooncil I know not, but it was clear.

Tide on it's way in.

Not a human or dog in sight.

Plenty members of the Gull Gang.

Drinking and bathing.

Feather sorting and reflecting.

The DP came with me today.  And took this photo.  Lost my energy !  Picture tells it all!

I have done my pulmonary physio exercises today. Tick.  

Sith cat has had his gallop round the house.  When the weather is bad he manages to get out for his comfort visits, but takes his exercise indoors which is him thundering round the house attacking non existent spiders half way up the walls and generally being hilarious to watch.

The DP and I have begun to watch taped Grantchester.  So far so good.  I also have the Two Cellos taped and indulge every so often...

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Nae a good day.

Quite an effort for me to get up and going today.  Eventually managed to wash and dress.  Should have done the Pulmonary exercises.  Tomorrow.

Very cold.  Cannot believe I sat and got colder without remembering at 9.30 a.m the heating goes off.  In between realising I did all my ablutions and washed hair without realising.  I then switched the heating back on.  No hope is there.

At lunch time the DP shot off to see the Firecrest.  Wee bird, disappeared by the time he got there.  But I realised that I would not be going down the Prom as I was feart to go on my own.  By the time the DP got back I was down the shedudio.  He fed my birds.  Then went back up to the house for his very late lunch.

It continues to be very cold.

I am trying to paint, pen and ink or whatever and being aware of the negative spaces.

 Not there yet by any means.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A new week and a new pill. What Joy.

So this morning I took the new pill, apparently this does things to my bones.

Ibandronic acid 150 mg may reverse bone loss by stopping more loss of bone and increasing bone mass in most women who take it, even though they won’t be able to see or feel a difference. Ibandronic acid 150 mg may help lower the chances of breaking bones (fractures). This reduction in fractures was shown for the spine but not for the hip.

So there you go.  The word I worry most about is 'may'.  Do they not KNOW?  If not why have I been given it.  Anyway - so far I have had none of the side effects listed.  I am no more depressed than at odd occasions I am and not nauseous.  Nor have I noticed any crumbling of bones.  So an improvement on the weekly pill.  I have to take this one monthly.  So 11th January marked on the calendar for the next one.

We did not have any more snow overnight.  But what we have had got more crisp.

I drove down to the beach this afternoon.  Fortunately the DP said he was coming too.  Because the whole car park and the Prom was a total sheet of ice.

The DP got the chariot out and brought it round to the driver side of the car.  I got out grabbed the chariot and headed for the railings.  One hand on the railings and one on the chariot I managed to move along a bit.

I managed to get a wee bit further.

Ah the Gull gang.

Here I come!  Made me smile.

Spirits uplifted.  

However, I then noticed a man and his dog.  The dog has twice as many legs as I have and it was struggling to stay upright.  At that point I returned to the car.  Had I not had the DP to put the chariot back into the car I would be down at the Esplanade still.

Here are some pics from the DP. A Rook on the Esplanade.

In our garden, a Chaffinch.

A Blue Tit.

A Coal Tit.

All looking forward to a better day tomorrow. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Winter's Tale.

As with most people our snow continued during the night.  As we were eating our lunch we espied a snow plough/gritter.  Hooray!  I was allowed out.

When I arrive at the Prom and park.  Display the Blue Badge.  I then put into the pockets of my coat, mobile phone, in case, inhaler.  In the other pocket goes the camera.  I then get out of the car, stagger round to lift out the chariot from behind the passenger seat.  Use the inhaler.  Put on woolly hat and gloves.  Lock car.  Walk to the railings.  Get control of breathing.  This entails in through the nose, out through pursed lips.  It didnt work today.

Still below freezing the lungs did not want to know.

Managed a big smile to the surfer.

Who joined his mates.  

The Oystercatchers were enjoying the sun light.

As was I.

And a lone Black Headed Gull.

I decided to get back into the car. 

Back home and down to the shedudio.  The small birds were zooming in to the feeders and quickly zooming off and away.  Aware of predators looming.

This Robin has been very clever in getting onto the feeder!

This one is in the more usual place on the ground.  We have at least 3 Robins in the garden.

There is the shedudio, arrowed, in todays evening sunset.

More snow forecast overnight and into tomorrow.  

Despite the lung suffering today I aim to have another crack at visiting the beach tomorrow.  Stay safe everyone.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Super Saturday - possibly for some.

This morning.  Hmm. It continued to snow, or hail, all day.  The wind had dropped here, 3 miles from the coast.  But when the DP went to get the paper to our nearest local shop/post office, on the coast, it was still very windy on the coast.  

Our roads haven't been treated so I was forbidden to go out in the car.  

The man with the Labour Party leaflets was snowed in at Macduff, although that is on the coast but the roads out of Macduff to Fraserburgh were impassable.  So the leafleting was cancelled.  I think Super Saturday in the Broch has been a success, I do hope so.  Father Christmas was delivered by the Lifeboat anyway.

Tomorrow, according to the forecast, the wind will drop and it will be sunny, although still temperatures below freezing.  I just hope we get a gritter lorry then drivers struggling to get up the slight slope at the t junction by us will get a grip.  And so will I.

Sparrowhawk having breakfast in our garden.  One less Blackbird.  All the other birds fled, this Blackbird just froze on the ground.  It didnt work.....

So my walk today was down to the shedudio.

Watched the birds feeding.

Pen, ink and watercolour in 40 minutes, a Turnstone.  Enjoyed doing it but not one of the best!

My new pill, Ibandronic Acid 150mg tablet, has to be taken monthly.  I have made an executive decision not to take it tomorrow as I really want to go out and therefore not be felled by any odd side effects.  Gives me something to look forward to next week. .....  Bring it on.