Sunday, 22 September 2019


The DP drove me to the Prom this afternoon.  I walked.  Sunny.  Always a breeze!

The Golden Horn, beacon for the entrance to the harbour.

Kessock Burn entering the North Sea.

The Burn has become much narrower.  It changes often so always interesting.

Children enjoying playing in and round the Burn.

The DP walking along the lower Prom.

His photo of me.  Hmmm.

Although I am feeling much better I was cold in the wind!

Back home and in the Shedudio.  Walking back up to the house I took these photos of my patio outside the Shedudio.  I am very pleased with this area of the garden.

A short video of the patio.

Funny story about Sith cat.  He always makes a fuss of visitors.  This included the paramedics who came last Monday night to sort me out.  So much so he had to be evicted from the ambulance after they had loaded me into it!  

I always overdo things when feeling better.  So am now very tired.  This is part of the sunset this evening.  Most of it was then behind the cloud.  Just after 7 p.m.

Be an early night for me.  Night.

Saturday, 21 September 2019



Still unable to drive due the position of the seat belt being right onto the bruised chest/ribs.  So again the DP took me to the Prom.

Tiger Hill sand dune and not a person in sight.  It was very windy today so I did not walk.  No fun when you are battling the elements.

The advantage of not many people is that the Gull Gang can do their preferred and gather where the Kessock Burn meets the North Sea.

The DP and some others from the Fraserburgh Photographic Society went to the Fraserburgh Football Clubs game.  To watch and take photographs.  They were kitted up with high viz efforts and snapped away.  Sadly Fraserburgh lost 1 - nil.

I think I have worked out what happened last Monday night.  There was so much concern by the paramedics and the doctor and nurses at the Infirmary in Aberdeen about my oxygen levels they gave me oxygen.  The paramedics put a mask on me which I did not like.  The staff in Aberdeen fitted this thing which clipped on my nose so each nostril got its supply, far more preferable to a mask.  So if my oxygen levels were down I probably fainted.  Got bruised etc from the fall.  Hopefully all that happened will have been communicated to my G.P.  We shall see.  In the meantime I am concentrating on getting better.  Tuesday, when my carer next comes, I can have the steri strips moved and have my hair washed.

I nearly missed the last one.  Blaze of glory at the end!

Friday, 20 September 2019


My carer comes Tuesday and Friday mornings.  As Tuesday we were on our way back from Aberdeen we had to give belated apologies.  But this meant I had gone a week without the full body wash.  Plus I could not have my hair washed as I have not to get  the steri strips above my eye wet.  So today I had the full body wash.  She managed to some dry blood out of my hair, so roll on next week when the steri strips can be removed.  Where they are is the only painful bit on my face.

After lunch the DP got me in the car and we went to the Prom.  Such a beautiful day I did not need a coat.

I walked.  Up to the Kessock Burn.

Only 3 Gulls.  Too many people around where they were.

One small boat.

View of the sea and the Golden Horn and you can see the Haar on the horizon.  Thats what happens when we have sun!

There were two men doing a beach clean.

This van with no blue badge.....

Back home and in the Shedudio I could see this beautiful Spider web.

End of the day a very fiery Sunset.

Goodnight all.  Hoping for a peaceful, pain free one.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


As ever!  Reasonable night and I did go to the loo.  I have no idea why I fell or really what happened.  The DP told the doctor I was confused.  They checked my heart - no problems, chest x ray - nothing broken.  Blood pressure a bit up everything else fine.  They took blood to test, no idea what for.  So still popping paracetemol every four hours, doing the breathing exercises, still painful rib area.  Bruises still appearing.  Most on the left side.

I think the colours changing so must be improving.

I got some lovely flowers.

The DP's sister sent these.

My youngest sent these.

So after lunch the DP helped me to get dressed and took me to the Prom.

Drizzle but no wind.  Managed the railings.

One surfer had enough.  Body surfer going in.

Tiger Hill through the drizzle.

During the evening meal, which I did poor justice to, we were visited by the Juvenile Sparrowhawk.


Thank you so much to all who commented it means a lot to me.  Love you all!

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


During the night I was in bed, got up for the loo and fell.  The DP rushed in and there was blood everywhere.  So 999.  Ambulance came parademics assessed me and I was off to Aberdeen Royal Inifirmary around midnight.

Lots of checks, x ray, blood, no bones broke.  Administered with Oxygen during all these tests as my oxygen sats .had plummeted but they came back up again.

Painkillers and bandaged.  I slept not a jot.  Collected by the DP we returned home.

My face and various other bits of me very colourful.  I am so bloody tired and at the same time scared it will happen again.

So Goodnight I hope.

Monday, 16 September 2019


Not much different to any other day when you are retired!

It is a shopping day.  When the wine gets replenished!  So a good day.

To the Prom.

Still breezy.  But fine in the sunshine.  I walked.  I probably do almost a quarter of a mile at the moment there and back.  I would like to extend this but it depends a lot on the wind which can be tiring battling against it.

The Sanderlings were present.  This one was looking at me!  They may be getting me back to the drawing board.  I love black and white birds as many of you know.

To give you an idea of their size.  Pied Wagtail?  Familiar with that?  Same size.  Tiny.  But delightful.  I was chatting to a tourist today and pointed them out to her.  What do they eat she asked.  I was stumped.  Probably anything at the shore edge.

The DP was shopping this morning. Our Butchers and Tesco.

This afternoon it was getting Sith Cat's medication from the vet.  He has a daily Steroid, Blue Liver Pill and this time the drops on neck  for worms and fleas.  Now £80+ lighter.  Does he appreciate this? NO.  The Steroid is mashed into his breakfast - fine.  The Blue Pill I administer.  Most days I aim it for his throat and am successful but there are some days when I come away bleeding.  Or he spits it out.  He gets it either way.  My sole purpose on earth is to pill the cat.

One of us has to survive.

Successes of the day I have emailed the consultants secretary for a 'what is happening now?'  And I filled in online the tortuous form for booking Dalrymple Hall for next years Art Exhibition.  So now I have nothing to worry about.