Sunday, 21 October 2018

It is over.

Bar the shouting.  Everything taken down.  All my 3 browsers went to the exhibition so I look forward to my Shedudio being put back, and my paintings re-hung.  Not one sale.  Huh.

The DP bought a painting.

An oil painting done by my friend Adele Mackie.  Adele also got the visitor vote for best artist.

Best photographer went to the guest photographer Michele Emslie.

Raffle prize winners drawn.  Wonder who won my painting!

I have not been to the exhibition.  Too breathless to talk really and not wanting to catch any bugs.  

Made it to the Prom.

Fishing boat.

Lobster boat.

No idea!

As far as I can make out this chap was on his own picking up rubbish on the beach.  Then I noticed the words on his top, 'Sea Shepherd'.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization…

Established in 1977, our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. We use innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.
So there you go.  I noticed a car in the car park later that had the name on driver and passenger door.
More rubbish removed.

The delightful Oystercatchers.
Chinese takeaway tonight which was lovely.  Before that I watched the Rooks and Crows getting ready for bed.

Looking forward to tomorrow when things get back to normal!

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Saturday - day 1 of the exhibition.

Still shattered after yesterday's trials!  The DP and his sister were away to the exhibition.  Now open to the public.

The DP came back and got me my lunch and then loaded the chariot into the car so I could go to the Prom.  And breathe.

It was warm and no wind I didnt need a coat.  I got to the railings and did deep breathing of the lovely sea air.

Hardly any people around at all.

Each time a wave rolled in these 3 winged upwards!  Really funny to watch.  "Don't wet my body!"

39 Oystercatchers!  Bliss.

Another of my favourite birds, the Redshank.  Icing on the cake.

So I am getting back to normal!

The exhibition is going well.  Some sales, lots of raffle tickets sold and donations.

Apart from the Hare, no idea who painted that. the rest are mine.  I have some in a browser too.

My sister in law's  table with her exploding cards and Oban sea glass jewellery, has done well.  Waverley Crafts.

The Guest Artist Elinor Grieve, Elis Art, has done well.

As has our Guest Photographer Michele Emslie.

Which isnt a surprise!

More tomorrow.


Friday, 19 October 2018

After today I am having a wine down.

First of all apologies, I had some lovely comments on yesterdays post and managed to delete them all.  Senior moment.

A very exhausting day.  With the attendant - and why do I never get used to it - stress!  

This is where the DP and I spent most of the day, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  See the car on the left, well that was where we parked, that's a blue badge space and it was empty!  Last time we went to ARI the DP had to drop me off and find somewhere else to park and then forgot where!  But today we parked and the main entrance is just there.  When you go in it is like a shopping mall.  Are all hospitals like that nowadays?  M&S, W.H.Smith, a very nice clothes shop and quite a few Aroma Coffee shops and a cafe wherein we had our lunch.

I was at ARI for 

Doppler ultrasound exam measures blood flow through your arteries and veins. ... usually those that supply blood to your arms and legs.  

In this instance for my legs for the fat one and the slim one.  

You have to put your leg that is being scanned in an uncomfortable position and they start off at the groin and really put pressure on and follow the artery down and then the vein.  I think.

Then the other leg.

So, the good news is there were no clots.  So that is not why I have a fat leg.  Next up is the scan on the lungs.  For that it is an injection of dye I was told today.  Great.  If there is no clot there I don't think they can do much else.  So far I am not on warfarin.....I just want to know there is nothing that can be done so I can just get on with it.

Me being me we were at the hospital at 1 p.m. for an appointment at 2.15.  I find that less stressful.  It takes over an hour to get to Aberdeen.  The new by pass makes it shorter than what it was before and I was amazed and pleased by the planting of poppies and a yellow flower in great swathes all along.  Plus lots of tree planting.

Corn Marigold.

I have to say I enjoyed them far more on the way back!

Meanwhile the art exhibition has been put up, the DP and his sister are at the evening preview, and I am wineding down.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Cream Crackered.

Frantic getting paintings framed and mounted, labelled and wrapped to go to the exhibition.  The DP has taken everything in this evening.  Including his photographs and that of others who for some reason or another cannot get down to the hall this evening.  

Earlier I went to the Prom.

The tide was well out.

I prefer the tide out.  More to see.



My sister in law is visiting.  She is having a craft stall at our exhibition.  Currently bonding with Sith Cat.

Her amazing exploding cards.

The DP is away out to the processing of entries to the exhibition so the SIL and I are sinking the wine.

I am looking forward for it all to be over.  The exhibition that is not the wine.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Three Roe Deer this morning, two this evening.

Now trying to get to grips with stuff of mine to be entered into the exhibition.  Plus those of the DP.  He seems to have been landed with taking other peoples stuff in.  Ever the laid back helper.  It would drive me nuts.  I just had a message from someone who cannot be there at take down on Sunday evening.  So he will be bringing even more back.

Today I managed my pulmonary physio exercises and washed my hair.  Despite struggling to breathe when walking from chair to loo and back again, I sail through the pulmonary exercises.  Marching on the spot, weights on ankles raise legs, hold, weight on walking stick raise stick, step ups, arm weights up, in, front and to the side.  

Pushed myself to go to the Prom.

A beautiful day!  There was an Autumnal nip in the air.  But it was sunny, no wind.  Great.

Did my usual deep breathing.

Thanks to this pair not a bird to be seen on the beach.  They just charged from one side to the other.  And barked.

Small fishing boat coming in to the harbour.

Yesterday we had The Flying Dutchman in the harbour. She was there overnight.

This beautiful photograph was taken by my friend Mark Grant.

Later in the day I had my friend L visit.  She usually comes on Wednesday afternoons and paints.  She has now got her own studio but still visits.  She paints when she visits normally, but today she had been dealing with someone wanting to buy one of her sheep.  A Gotland Ram.

So they come look and the woman says, "  He isnt selling himself to me, he has small balls."
My friend points out that most of the sheep in the field next door, are his lambs so big or little he has proved himself.  At this point the woman said she was wanting him to cross with her Shetland Sheep, now they are little and the Gotland is big.  Would the Shetland be able to give birth to such a cross?  This had obviously not been considered.  So L did not sell her ram.  But no sheep was harmed.....

The Rooks are ready for bed - and so am I.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Almost there.

Emails gone out to all the helpers for the exhibition.  Tick.

Some of the committee are also already on with things.  The Fraserburgh Flyers Community Challenge has been very successful.

My name is mud as it was my idea.  Fraserburgh Flyers had to be alive, been alive, and flew.  100s of them have come in so some of the committee have been going into Dalrymple Hall and starting and continuing to display them.  

My mate.  Hanging from the stairs.

A bit of a blip, our guest photographer is ill and cannot make the exhibition.  We still have, at the moment, our guest artist.  Fingers crossed there.

Managed my daily escape to the seaside.  Bit blustery.  I managed to walk from the car to the railings.  Deep breaths and back again.  Took some photos in between.

This is the tide coming in.

Oystercatchers making my day.

I have been struggling today.  Had my full body wash this morning and together with my carer came the admin person.  I now have a book.  Which the carers have to sign.  Detailing the care plan.  Official then.  Added hair washing to it as I am finding that difficult now.

This evening.  Night night.