Monday, 20 August 2018

Call the Doctor.

So I did.

And ended up with this.  No not oxygen, levels still fine, its a Nebuliser.  So instead of an inhaler this is attached to a machine,

Which pumps up into the mask and one breathes normally, for about ten minutes.  What I didnt expect was the 'smoke' that comes out of both sides-  I am a Dragon!!!!  Once the 'smoke' finishes you switch the machine off.  Up to four times a day.  Also got steroids.... 

Managed to get washed and dressed after that, so that took up the rest of the morning..

Down to the Shedudio and Mum Pheasant and three babies came to visit.


All three babies went into the pile of branches - great camouflage.  I could see them with my eye but the camera couldnt.

Totally mystified why this pair of Greenfinches apparently have red beaks.  Any ideas?

lynney62 - I tried everything going to stop smoking.  Then I heard about vaping from a fellow COPD sufferer.  I tried it and have never looked back.  Stopped for 2 years now, no craving, you get 'smoke' and a hit of nicotine in a water vapour, choose the one equivalent to the cigarette you smoke and then reduce the nicotine amount, if you want.  Nicotine is the addictive bit, but with vaping you are not getting all the other life threatening rubbish.
I wouldnt wish COPD on my worst enemy.  It starts off as life limiting and then slowly gets worse til you die.  But vaping improved my life big time.  I would probably be dead now had I continued to smoke cigarettes.  You live on your own?  You can't do that with COPD  as you will progress to needing the help of an other or others.  TRY VAPING.

Night all.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Better day tomorrow

I hope so.  

I have done very little today.  The DP has been looking after me by preparing all my meals. 

After lunch I managed to stagger down to the Shedudio.

There must be worse places to feel sorry for oneself!

Juvenile Robin.

Adult Robin.  Once the breeding season is over most birds go through a moult so look pretty scruffy.

A smart Great Tit.

Shy Goldfinch.

Bee on the Teasel.

Bee and a Moth on Teasels.

Better day tomorrow.

BB I do have Vitamin D prescribed due to my having Osteopenia.  Brittle bones.  Steroids I still have to take when I get an infection.  As they say between the devil and the deep blue sea..... I have a monthly pill - Ibandronic Acid too.  I dont have a fractured spine any more and my height has now stabilised at 4 feet 10.  Hysterically funny really!  As one bit of me improves another drops off!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Laughter on the Prom.

A bit breezy today, but a warm one.

I do my pulmonary physio exercises every other day, well I try to..... today I did them.

The Prom.


We really are the Hidden Corner.  There were a few people taking packed lunches and sitting on the benches.  The odd dog walker.  

And of course - masses of Gulls.

Out at sea was this lovely sail boat.

Snoozing Blackheaded Gulls.

Skurries on the rocks. (Herring Gulls.)

But the best entertainment today was a pair of Great Black Backed Gulls performing their bonding ritual and showing their offspring how to do it.

There were some odd glances from the people nearby as to what was this silly old woman laughing at.  Had they asked I would have told them.  Didnt know what they were missing.

Not laughing now the silly old woman.  Back on the antibiotics......

Friday, 17 August 2018

Downs and ups.

Today my personal carer was due at 10 a.m.  to wash the parts I cannot, moisturise ditto.

The DP was having an away day with his mate bird watching.  

When 11 a.m. came and no sign I did my own ablutions and got dressed.  At 12 I was thinking about what to do for lunch and the personal carer arrived.  Said she had spent 2 hours looking for our house.  Does she not have a phone?  I said there was no way I was going to undress as I was exhausted from having done so previously.  We parted fairly amicably.....

After lunch to the Prom.

The beach was deserted.

Apart from the, now, usual masses of Gulls.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls, Herring Gulls and many juveniles of each.

Black Headed Gulls, though the black head is now going as they have finished the breeding season.  Just a black spot at the side of the eye.  Note the red legs.  A favourite Gull of mine.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  The eye progresses.  It is hairy rather than feathery.....

Early evening and the young Pheasants come with Mum.

Through the window, Sith cat is watching - us.

Strange cat.

At last some good news!  I had a letter today from the Health Authority.  Appointment with Respiratory for me, towards the end of September but in Peterhead, so I do not have the horrendous trek to Aberdeen!  I may still have to go to Aberdeen if further tests are required.  But this is a good start.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Up and at em!

Washed hair, did pulmonary physio exercises. 


Can you see the rain falling on the horizon?!

One man and his dog.

Mainly Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed.

A (very fit) young man came down to the beach and emptied his waste lunch food into a pool left as the tide receded.  The Gulls loved it, and did a lot of shouting!

A couple of Mackerel fishing boats.

A very fast boat.

An old friend visited.

Who is happier in the desert of UAE or Oman leading tours through the sand.  The Desert Diva.  Lovely to catch up with her.

Later the DP and I watched this Woodpecker reacting to there being two young Sparrowhawks hunting through the garden.  He decided it was safer to play statues till they left.

A better day when you just get on with it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Wednesdays witterings.

The Black Dog was visiting today.  The sky was gloomy too.  

August and we still have baby birds being fed????  Been a good year for the birds.  Population has gone way up.

Bullocks on the horizon.

The Rowan in the cat cemetery.

Rowans were planted to keep away the witches.

And just in case we also have a Witches Ball, which allegedly traps the witches.  Came in handy when my Mother visited.

Tonight's Sunset.  Which bodes well for a better day tomorrow.  Also tomorrow I phone the hospital to ask to be put on the cancellation list, so if there is one, I get asked to come.  Plan A.  There isnt a Plan B.....