Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tuesday trials.

A different carer.  Because of the written off sink I asked if she was ok to use the bath taps to wash me down.  There was some muttering about her having to bend....

Usually the carer uses at least four face cloths different ones for different bits.  Well she did the whole shebang with one cloth...  Not impressed.  

She also left the taps running for the whole time, good job we are not on a water meter.  You may ask why I do not protest.  Well you need a fair bit of breath to protest and explaining everything had left me without breath!  What did strike me as strange was this woman was a more mature one to the others but did not appear to have half their sense....

Hope I do not get her again.  

As she was finishing me off my friend M turned up.  The DP made her a drink and then went off to collect my car and buy the newspaper.  

Once we had sorted out the world and she had collected the labelling machine for exhibits to the Exhibition she departed.

After lunch I drove my car with the DP as I needed petrol and can't do that anymore.  Another limited part of my life.  And I so love the smell of petrol.

The Prom at last.

The tide was on its way in.  It was very still, humid and lots of little black flies heading for every orifice.  

Redshank.  Half the size of an Oystercatcher.  But a bird I love to paint.

As of course I do love to paint Oystercatchers.

Fishing boat coming home.


Coming home.  Busy today.

And there is me.  The DP always manages to take the most unflattering photos.  But I guess it sums up my state of mind at the moment!

Almost there with the hair of the dog.  

My car passed its MOT and had a full service and still came in at under £200.  Well pleased.

The gardeners came and shaved the grass.  I had hoped they would give the hedges short back and sides.  Next time.  Presumably that will then be it.  As winter approaches.

We have Storm Ali tomorrow.  That'll be fun.  My walk may well be round ASDA not the Prom.

Monday, 17 September 2018


One of my commentors from yesterday said, "Say no."  I have to practice this!

My car went over the field for its MOT and a service this morning.  The DP drove it down and walked back.  

So after the mornings paperwork, as Art Group secretary, and lunch the DP drove me to the Prom.  

To the railings and gaze and deep breathe.  My daily dose of sanity.  And vitamin sea.

The Oystercatchers are now in groups. Snoozing.  I once was asked to do a painting of Oystercatchers and did so.  When presented with the finished painting I had to go back and give them all two legs as the purchaser said they looked odd with one leg.  No pleasing some people, when asleep they do not have two legs on show......

The Gull gang wash, feather sorting, just being Gulls.

Back home and the rain had come on.  Stove lit.

The weather outside is frightful, but in the shedudio it was quite delightful!  

The things that matter to me most I am going to learn to say NO so that I can still do them.  Decision made after yesterdays happenings.  Or as in one case - not happening.  "I will be with you at 11 a.m."  For me to be up, washed and dressed for 11 is quite something. But I did it.   So for the other person not to appear till 1 p.m.......  

The next lot to land.  A catalogue of  every operation over the last few years ad infinitum for over an hour.  I try not to dwell on health problems.  What good does it do?  Just get on with living.

The Short Eared Owl is nearing completion.

Dont think the nose is big enough.  And the eyes need tweaking.  But overall I am pleased.  Work in progress.

Then I had the mundane - the plumber came to call.  My bathroom sink is a write off.  Which I knew really.  Hoping to get me a replacement by the end of the week.  So not sure how the personal carer will get on tomorrow but it was one of her mates who delivered the last rites by ramming the plug in causing the whole thing to leak.  

Equilibrium.  The Good and the bad.  All balanced.  

Sunday, 16 September 2018

A day to forget.

I am going to stop being nice.

I was unable to do what is important to me at all because of other people taking advantage.


Managed to do a little bit of painting.

Calmed down now.  Tomorrow I get more focussed!

Saturday, 15 September 2018


To the Prom after lunch.  A superb weather day.

From left to right.  A no coat day.  One day soon I am going to have to see if I can get my winter boots on on the fat left leg.....


Oystercatchers.  There were more but they were not together.

Great Black Backed Gulls.  

From the Prom I went to visit my friend and fellow artist.  She is doing NEOS this year again.  So I went to her home in St Combs.  A beautiful ancient fishing village just up the road.

Mary and her husband transform their garage into a gallery when NEOS is on.

Her actual work space is next door in the garden shed.  

She works mainly in Acrylics.

And does a lot of cats!

This one I have purchased.  Which brings my total up to three of her works.  Love them all.

I wish I could have justified the price of this one.

A Papier Mache dome.  Amazing.  So different.  The selling price is well justified but didnt quite fit my purse....

Visiting was so enjoyable but oh so tiring!  

Night night.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Friday. So what.

Discovered that the bathroom sink is now leaking from the plug hole.  I will try and get the plumber in after the weekend to replace the sink, which is also chipped. And the plug don't work.  For now as it is not a deluge there is an old towel on the floor and I try to remember to empty the toothbrush mug into the bath.

I had a different personal carer this morning who was very efficient.  I was done and polished in twenty minutes.

The DP and I were then at a meeting for the Fraserburgh Art Annual exhibition which will be in October so we are fine tuning now.  So no walk on the Prom and not much time in the Shedudio.

I did manage to count 67 Sparrows.

The Community Challenge this year has really taken off.  Fraserburgh Flyers.  We have entries from Primary Schools, Nurseries, Brownies, and individuals.  Amazing!  Hope we have enough room!

I am exhausted.  And still so much to do.  As I was doing the minutes there were so many notes "Jill to do".  I am glad I have a glass of wine this evening.

And ready for bed - which is what is happening here.

Night night.

Thursday, 13 September 2018


So proud of my wonderful daughter.  As I am of all my 4 kids.

One step forward and another back.

No steroids today.  Instead I had the 'delight' of the monthly pill, Ibandronic Acid, which is supposed to reverse bone loss.  The daft thing is that steroids do the opposite so I am, as the doctor said, in a cleft stick...

Weather changing now and much darker at night. 

Breezy, cool and spitty rain.

Small Mackerel Fishing boat coming home.

Larger boat going out.

Two lovely friends came to visit the Shedudio in the afternoon.  The DP had made White chocolate and raspberry Muffins.  

Lady S.H. having a siesta outside the shedudio window.

I am not getting much painting done this week!

There is always tomorrow.  This could be the photo to paint from.....