Monday, 11 November 2019

Monday and rats.

Monday is a shopping day.  So off the DP went.  Also to take photographs for an exhibition at Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh by the Photographic Society.

Here is part of it.  More to go up.

Lot of humidity so my breathing was not good.  But I made it to the Prom.

Heavy rain was forecast so we kept looking at the sky.

Ah the Oystercatchers!

Black Headed Gulls in winter plumage.

Then the rain came hence this fuzzy boat taken from the car.

Back home and in the Shedudio.  The DP went off to finish the shopping which included some more of the previously used rat poison.  The new stuff does not seem to be doing the job and hardly touched.  As there does seem to be an increase which totally stops me from having any creativity in the painting from watching out for them, then banging on the window the only usage of a paintbrush......which works but not for long.

Sunday, 10 November 2019


Snookered again.  I was not reminded that this afternoon the DP was off on another Photographic jaunt...

So once again the chariot was loaded into my car and I drove off for the Prom.  Bitterly cold and no sun.  It was so overcast that my car that has automatic everything decided it was dark enough for headlights and sidelights.  It then pinged and showed a snowflake.  4 degrees.  I try to ignore all the information but it is difficult.

I got out and I walked.  

People on top of Tiger Hill.  Presumably taking a 'selfie'.

By the Kessock Burn are the Gull Gang.

Blackheaded Gulls in winter plumage.



As the tide comes in....

Meanwhile the DP was photographing Harvest Mice.  These are captive bred so not caught from the wild.  A group of people throughout the U.K. share their offspring to reduce inbreeding.

The mice get to play.  And nibble.

So the FPS had a good session.  I hope to have some photos to paint from too.

All good.  See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Mixed feelings.

Today was a day away for the DP.  He was away to the Loch of Strathbeg which is our nearest and local RSPB Nature Reserve.

As Britain's largest dune loch, Strathbeg is a vital wintering and staging post for up to a fifth of the world's pink-footed geese. It's also home to a wide variety of wetland wildlife, such as breeding terns and gulls, migrating waders and wintering wildfowl.

Also Whooper Swans.

Strathbeg is about ten minutes away in a car.  So the DP was able to be there for 7 a.m. when the Pink footed Geese departed to feed.  Unfortunately this year there are not as many.  Although there are a lot more Whooper Swans.  He was able to be back here to do my breakfast.

Whenever he is away I get very anxious which makes breathing even more of a struggle.  Stupid but there you go.  He was also back to do my lunch and load me into my car so I could go to the Prom.  

A few small boats.

Lots of seaweed and a few Oystercatchers.

A well camouflaged Turnstone and two Oystercatchers.

I walked although it was bloody cold with a breeze but some sun to warm my back.

So we both had a good day in the end.  The RSPB were pleased to have more visitors to Strathbeg who were taken on walks and to hides and had photographic advice on snapping the wildlife, including Otters today.  Also the Photographic Society has signed up some new members.

And I survived.

Friday, 8 November 2019


Where does the week go?!

See the rain over the sea.  I blithely said 'Not forecast today.'

A Turnstone on a rock.


Kite Surfer getting ready.

Not long after taking this photograph the rain swept in from the left.  Just got back to the car before it became heavy rain.

This morning we woke to this.


Tonight is below zero outside.  Tomorrow looks fine .  Fingers crossed.  See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Two Posts today.

Struggling with new technology I was so pleased to get the You Tube Video saved and then could not add on to the post.  So you get two posts.  Ok?

It has been cold today and the wind made it worse on the Prom.  I was bad with my breathing today so the DP came with me after altering Sith Cats appointment at the vets so he could.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls mainly.

On the left of the beach the Oystercatchers gathered.  I did a short walk.

Back home and into the Shedudio.  Visit from a wee flock of Long Tailed Tits.

We have new neighbours at the front of the house.

Two different breeds?

The DP took Sith cat to be weighed by the nurse and he has put on some weight.  What was gob smacking was there was no charge for weighing the cat.


Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Wednesday not windy!

The DP and I to the Prom.  I walked.  No wind, no rain, no sun either.  But ok.

The beautiful Fraserburgh beach and its inhabitants.

I bumped into an old friend who I haven't seen in ages.  We used to meet up at my framers and the three of us would sort out the world.  As you do.  One of the richest fisherman and owner of many boats.  He goes down in local history as losing his arm in a fishing accident threw the arm overboard and insisted on carrying on fishing.  Not sure about that one.  But he does only have one arm.  I like him.

A beautiful dog.  Saluki crossed with a lurcher I was informed.

The rubbish I picked up today.  False teeth - plastic.  In the bin.

Sith Cat where he should not be.  My bit of the bed.  He is to the vets tomorrow to be weighed in.  If he has not put on weight I am not sure what we can do as he continually asks for and is provided with food.  Then goes out and catches a mouse for dessert presumably.  Goodnight.  If I can shift the cat.