Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Woke up tired?  Bad dreams of being scanned and then being eaten by the scanner!

Hope that is just an odd day/night.  

Managed to get up, abluted, dressed and out for my Wednesday Art Group.  When I got in the car and started it up I sounded like a boy racer.  boom boom.

Off to Art Group.

The washing up liquid is to make bubbles you then drop it into your paint and - you get -bubbles.

Most of us were painting fleers. (Flowers.) (Fleers is Doric.) We had books written by Ann Blockley.  

Some of her ideas I found very exciting.  I have borrowed one of the books.  

One of our members is a professional artist and advised me to start with the background so I was flinging salt around and applying clingfilm and really enjoyed the session.  Totally forgot to photo my effort, but this was the beginning.

I am now desperate to get the shedudio finished and get down there and paint.....and experiment.  As a self taught artist I have developed my own style, but feel it has become stale.

But I had the exhaust to sort out first.  The DP followed me to the wonderful garage we go to which sorts out tyres and exhausts.  They are a local family firm.  As you pull in to their car park one off the lads (loons = Doric) is coming out to greet you.  Tells you how long a wait, how long it will take to fix.  You are welcome into their office and provided with coffee.  Now isnt that just wonderful?  As it was we decided the DP would take me down to the beach for me to walk while he shopped.  So I left the keys and off we went.

Weatherwise it was warm.  We are not used to warm up here and no wind we are not used to that either.

The Path of Doom.  I did it.  Hardly any rubbish.  I began to smile.

This Herring Gull made me smile even more, "Still cold in the North Sea." !

And this group including Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gull seemed to be working on a new dance routine.

This young Herring Gull was clearly saying, "This is my rock."  

My walk certainly helped my mental state.  I could forget the bad dreams.  I was smiling again.

The DP came and drove me back to the garage where the car was waiting, all done. £156 for 2 new bits of exhaust including labour.  Well.  

The day definitely got better.  

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Grumpy Old Woman, well, not always.

The appointment at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary was 11.a.m.  This meant we had to be on the road by 9.30. a.m.  Its over 30 miles from here to Aberdeen, which doesnt sound much, but even without the road works for the new peripheral road or whatever it is called it takes a while.  Mainly single carriageway.  As there are many road works the normal 60 mph limit is down to 50.  Then you hit the reason for all the road works.  The appalling road system in and around Aberdeen, including the infamous Haudagain roundabout.

Which one has to circumnavigate to the road which eventually leads to another roundabout, second left and turn right to the huge hospital complex.  I hated the whole journey.  As you get into the built up area you can taste the car fumes.  Not good for lungs.

The staff from car park attendant, receptionist, radiologist were fantastic.  

None of this Elf and safety as the radiologist said "We aren't supposed to touch you, but once that door is shut, who is to know."  She helped me on - and off the bed.

This pic is from the internet.  My machine came up from the bottom of the bed, was lower but did the same thing.  Having to lay flat on a hard surface was the start of the discomfort.  (Chris Elliot I have had many a time my breasts have been squashed for the breast screening, far prefer that to this with fractured spine and compressed vertebrae!)  Some of the positions I had to put my legs into made it worse.  So this next one - and it was the last - was bliss...

I have lost another inch in height.  As the DP said, "When do you expect to disappear?"

But he did make my day as when I asked "Do I look as old as the other women in the waiting room?"  He replied, "Not at all." 

Should say that when I returned to the waiting room, me being me, announced, " Well that was awful."  

Then swiftly realising not everyone appreciates my sense of humour I said, "Not really!!"

4 weeks for the results to my gp.  Should be 2 but the consultant is on holiday.  And well deserved I am sure.

I had thought we would have lunch at a Macdonalds.  I so love the gherkin.  But was relieved when the DP said "Lets go home."

Such terrible news, every half hour on the radio as opposed to hourly.

So after an hour on the bed trying to relax the discomfort in my back I went, with the aid of the chariot, for a tootle round the garden.

Two Clematis, think they are both Montana?

We have one Laburnam, I know it has bad press, but I love it.  I once saw an avenue of these and wished I could have such an avenue.  But I just have this between the Ornamental Cherries by the Shedudio.

We have two Lilac trees.  Now blooming.  Really in need of some drastic cutting back. 

And look!  The plug plants are thriving.  Not one got by slugs.  Yay.

Becky Carrier
13 hrs
I'll tell you what Muslim's did in Manchester last night, they got in their cabs turned off the meters and drove people home safely out of the goodness of their hearts because muslims are good people, terrorists on the other hand are something else and the 2 should not be confused.
And I leave you with this. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ariadne and I.

More of the same today as yesterday.

The DP went to get his hearing aids this morning.  I am hoping he now hears what I say, though I expect his hearing will be more selective.  We met for lunch which was a nice change.  I had a Brie and Bacon toastie with salad instead of my usual 2 Ryvitas.  We went as always, to the Dunes Coffee Shop.

Which was busier than this picture.  A good test for the hearing aids and they passed.

He went off to do the shopping, which he normally does Monday morning.  I went off to do my walk.  Which again was a short one.

Not a bad day (though it is hissing down now - which is good as I dont have to worry about not watering the 60 plug plants.)

This Linnet was having a bath in the burn feeding into the sea.  Lovely.

Home again, home again jiggety jig and more dust busting.  All surfaces now done.  

Ariadne at the Waters Edge has been placed to welcome guests to the shedudio....

She was a purchase we made many years ago from Gardeners World exhibition at Birmingham NEC.  She was an indoor water feature when we had a larger house.  But no longer does she have water coming out of her ears and cascading down her boobies. Which might be better all round really....

Tomorrow we go to Aberdeen.  To the main hospital.  Nightmare.  I am to have a bone density scan so have been frantically looking through my clothes to find a pair of trousers that are not jeans which are disallowed, metal studs and so forth, zips are allowed phew.  Hopefully I will be allowed to keep my clothes on as promised.  I havent worn a bra since my ribs got damaged last year so thats ok.  Ariadne and I have something in common.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Spirit is willing

But oh dear the flesh is weak.

Started off ok the day did.  The DP was off all day with the the Herpetologists somewhere North West of us.

I managed a bath rather than washing parts of the body stood up at the sink.  Or is that too much information?  I have to sit on a  shelf over the bath for the full works and that is all the information.  I hate it.  Also washed my hair.  I then had to sit for a while regain breath and hope the back pain would go away.

After lunch I went for the walk.  A beautiful day although a bit too much wind for my liking.

Jet skiers, happy families and Skurries.  

I have come to the conclusion I do not like walking on a Sunday.  Grumpy old woman I guess.  

Its too busy, no solitude for ones transcendental thoughts.  Not that I have that many.  But there is no chance on a Sunday.

I park in the disabled spaces, I have a blue badge, this enables me to get the chariot out of the car which is behind the passenger seat as I need the space so to do.  I also have to put it back.  Which usually causes the pink horn to squeak in protest.  So when I then stagger back round to the drivers seat and the woman in the passenger seat of the car parked alongside winds her window down and says, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"  I expect the question to be "What is wrong with you?"  Or "How did you get the blue badge?" or  "Why do you have a pink horn and streamers on your walker?" 

Not "Did you used to be a teacher?"

Well, no.  Do I look like a teacher?  I have had many years working with children, but never a teacher.  Still stumped on that one.

Anyway back home and time to attack the dust.  The joiner did say he had vacuumed.  Still havent worked out where.  There was about a three inch square that didnt have dust on.

This and a fine green coating from the mdf is on every surface.

Second coat of undercoat now ready for top coat.  And an electric socket working but I cant put furniture back to hold stuff that needs an electric supply and would reach this socket, as everything has to come out for the new floor to be laid.

The plug sockets were left hanging as the joiner had 'forgotten' to get longer screws to put them back.  The DP has managed to re-affix some.  Having scoured the countryside for longer screws....

So I have the kettle, the radio and the phone into an extension lead effort.  I need the kettle to heat the water to wet the cloth to wipe off the dust.  I have cold water in the shedudio not hot.

My work station now dust free.

As is my storage unit.

And one of the two tea trolleys I use for my art materials.

Still lots to do.  

But on the upside the birds were singing.  Feeding young.  And with no sight of Mr Samuel Whiskers for a few days now I hope to have the bird feeders put up again outside the shedudio.  When I go down there I am followed by the birds, and feel awful that I am not feeding them down there.

Tomorrow is another day.  And as the flesh appears to have survived the physical activities of the day, including a rewarding glass or two of the red stuff, I may be able to provide.  And completely eradicate the green dust.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bits and Babies.

It has rained all day and still is.

I looked out the photo of the painting of the pony I did, for Terra.  The pony lived across the park (field).  The DP caught it having a mad half hour.  The painting sold and went to Edinburgh.

The DP has given the new walls their second coat of undercoat.  

He is off tomorrow with his mate on a Herpetology Tour.  In wellies. Hoping to see Adders but not too closely.  

While he is off I am going to mop up all the dust on surfaces.  The joiner did vac the floor.

I am looking for a new light fitting.  Hmmm.  These spotlights are fixed and I would have preferred to angle them....

As you can see from the above where the light fitting is the way the roof is its difficult to have a run of spotlights.......

As it persistently rained I went walking anyway.

Lots of seaweed.

There had been a beach clean this morning.  Volunteers.  They usually arrange for the rubbish to be cleared.  Most of it had gone .

Apart from the big stuff.

Back home and the garden is bursting forth with feathered babies.

House Sparrow.


A better day tomorrow is promised.  But no doubt there will be more babies.  Thank goodness no sign of Samuel Whiskers.

Friday, 19 May 2017

One of the 'hats' I wear.

Secretary to the Fraserburgh Art Society.  Each year the Society puts on an exhibition to promote the visual arts in Fraserburgh.  This has been going for decades.  And then fizzled out as the original members died, grew older, and so forth.  Four years ago it was decided to regroup and Fraserburgh Art Summer Exhibition (FASE) was born.

Last year's poster.

This year we are older, but hey ho.  Although this year it should be called FALSE. Fraserburgh Art (Late )Summer Exhibition, as it will be in October, during Tattie fortnight.  Schools break up for two weeks in October here as that is when years ago the pupils were all herded out into the fields picking tatties (potatoes)  now a machine does it but the schools still close for two weeks.

The lovely caretaker of Dalrymple Hall.  (Two of my paintings.)

Moi at the preview evening.  The horse is my painting. (Well it is my blog!)

The reception committee last year.  The painting to my right of hens was a raffle prize.  We had a heck of a job to get the winner to come and collect it.  At which point I nearly gave up painting, if you can't even give them away..................

So here we go again.  Our first meeting for this year's FASE was today.  Rather than try and work out what happened today, for the minutes , and not being able to understand a word I wrote, I am blogging instead.

When we came out of the meeting it was hissing it down with rain, so no walk.  So I went and chose some vinyl for the shedudio floor.

The fitting of which entails EVERYTHING in the shedudio coming OUT.  Why oh why did I ever start this......  Dunces hat could be the next I wear.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dont know what came over me.

Our cheery postie delivered me a package today.  I had completely forgotten that in a moment of madness I had ordered, from our local newspaper, 60 plug perennial plants, for £19.99.

Which have to be potted...immediately on receipt..

6 each of the above.  Although I do not claim to be a plants woman I doubt the plant labelling list as the plant did not match the description, but we will see..

I haven't done any gardening for a long time.  But  I set myself up with a work station and set to.   The DP provided the compost, the pots and the trays.

I sat in the empty chair and filled the pots, planted the plugs and wrote the labels.

Done.  So if I can do that...I am back to gardening!  Never, ever thought I would be.  Lack of breath then the spine fracture etc. etc.  Well chuffed.

The DP was applying the undercoat to the new walls in the shedudio.

He has since painted the other wall.

We have had no rat sightings for two days.  The rat bait has been untouched.

Whilst sad to have to cause another living being's demise.  I am so unstressed now.

I went for my .59 earlier in the day.

Wash and feather sorting .

I will not order any more stuff to plant in the garden as sitting there looking around I think there is plenty there that I have bought that needs potting on.  Geraniums, Cornflowers in a bucket, who's daft idea was that Mr Marketing Manager. And daft for me buying said bucket..

Dont know what came over me.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

All done - well not quite.

The joiner has finished.

He left quite a lot of stuff.  If I knew what to do with it I would have been a joiner.  

We saved the insulation in case someone else can utilise it.  But the mdf left over has gone to the tip courtesy of the DP.

Now it has to be painted.  The joiner said he would just leave it as it was.  As it does make the space darker and is not a good colour to hang paintings on it will be painted.

The DP also bought some undercoat on his way back from the tip.

Despite all the cutting being done outdoors there is a heck of a lot of dust covering everything we left in the shedudio.  I need to find my mask so I can get a damp cloth and clean everything.....  So still unable to get back in there.  I shall have forgotten how to wield a paintbrush.  

The top of the walls will have a state of the art hanging system fitted.  I am struggling to curb my impatience.

Once the joiner had gone I went off to do the .59 on the Prom.

I shouldn't say this, but it was almost too hot for me!

Rat update.  Have not seen any rats today.  Bait untouched.  

There is no point in reintroducing the other bird feeder stations, in particular the one outside the shedudio, just yet. Plus the DP will be continuing to check the bait traps.  But I have my fingers crossed.

Someone complimented me on my glasses.  I go for the teenage range.  They are a heck of a lot cheaper than the ones they try and get me to choose.  The opticians assistants think I am mad.  Well not quite yet.