Friday, 2 June 2017

Its Friday.

Roll on next Friday when all this electioneering will be over.

This morning I was making sure I had everything for the afternoon meeting on Fraserburgh Art Society's Exhibition.  No one ever tells me they cannot download the stuff I send out.  So I go well stocked with the hard copy.  And then of course everyone wants the hard copy even those who are well able to download but 'have left it at home'.......

The exhibition will be in October.  The DP has stepped forth and is now chair of the Fraserburgh Art Society following many pleas from the previous chair who has done a sterling job for years and years.  And during todays meeting had to be shut up on a number of occasions.

Our very small committee have already done amazing work and we have Tesco providing the nibbles etc for the Invited Guests preview evening!  Part of their Community involvement (and it coincides with their launch of their Christmas Grub. So it will no doubt include mince pies....)

We also have the council on our side talking of providing exhibition boards (ours are ancient and falling apart.)   

A great idea of Community Bunting featuring 'Our Town' on triangular pieces of fabric. 

The down side is me as secretary has to get all this moving, mentioned, circulated and the members who sit on their proverbials to do something also.

Prior to the meeting I went to the beach for my walk.  I seem to have sprung up a relationship with the occupants of a car which parks next to 'my' disabled parking spot.  They were very worried about some chap on the waters edge who appeared to have lost his surf board.

It turned out he was a swimmer and was waiting for his partner.  They had swum across the bay and back again. Wowee.  So I was able to put my new friends out of their worry zone.

There was the usual Gull gang.

As our meeting for FASE was late afternoon I havent managed to paint today.  But the postie brought me these

I have had a quick flick through and am so excited.  

Tomorrow I have my picture framer coming to measure up for hanging equipment in the shedudio.  But then I am going to paint.

It would be great if I could do homage to nature, but I doubt it.  Tonight's sunset with mist.

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Gail, northern California said...

Learning about your October Exhibit through these regular posts provides long-distance excitement. Even watching the transformation of your shedudio is wonderful. Can't wait to see the poster created for this amazing event. I hope you'll include photos here. Oh, and the community bunting! Can't wait to see that!