Friday, 23 June 2017

Talking is tiring..

A hard lesson.  Talking, which I do a lot of if encouraged, i.e. listened to and get laughed at in the right places, is bloody tiring.

This afternoon was a meeting for the Fraserburgh Arts Group, for which I am secretary. A very good meeting with everyone there reporting back on success after success.  We have a fine list of raffle prizes donated by local businesses.  

Our idea of involving the local community which is  all groups, scouts, guides, schools, mental health groups etc etc decorating Bunting with the theme 'Our Town' is progressing really well.

We will have a guest artist and a guest photographer.  

All the nitty gritty of entry forms etc is in hand ( me).

After which the DP and I went onto the Prom.  I could barely put one foot in front of the other!  But I managed the short walk.  To the Kessock Burn and back.

A beautiful day.  Strong winds earlier which were beginning to ease after 3 p.m. when we got there.

Not many people, or dogs, so the Gull Gang were having fun.

I have now had three of the Accrete D3 tablets and no taste of chalk.  And no sign of any other side effects.  Although I do not read in depth side effects in case I imagine them.......

The once a week bomb I am taking tomorrow.  Half an hour before breakfast.  Stay upright.  I have not even glanced at potential side effects for that one.  Once a week??? What the hell?

Later in the day today my lovely friend and framer came and fixed up the hanging rails in the shedudio.  Recycled.  

Next is the hooks that fit onto the rail, then the Perlin (?) which is a plastic cord with hooks on.  No I dont understand it either.  Once its done I will show you, but from this rail I can hang my framed paintings.

As the DP and I were eating our evening meal the gardener turned up 3 days late and proceeded to do the much needed weeding. I am having serious thoughts about my garden non service and if it does not improve......

Hey ho .  I am tired.

4 comments: said...

What beautiful photographs of the gulls. Quite stunning.

Born and Bred. said...

Am wondering if your Kessock Burn is the same as the "mighty River Kethock" mentioned in John Cranna's 1914 book (502 pages) "Fraserburgh, Past and Present" with reference to its existence in about the same location some 300 or so years ago. PastPresentIll.pdf

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Sounds like you are taking Alendronic acid, sitting upright and with a big glass of water? Your gardener does sound a little unreliable. I find chatting with folk tiring, but that might be coz I can sometimes feel a little antisocial!

justjill said...

Yes this morning I sat feeling very scared and drank a lot of water with the Alendronic Acid. You know about this too then?!