Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Happy Anniversary.

37 years.  WHAT?!

The photo everyone remembers. 

For some reason most of my wedding photos are not in glorious technicolour.  I blame the photographer who was still into sepia and black and white.  This was 1980 when I think photographic technology had moved on a bit.

Though the hair styles were awful.

Now lets all go Aaaaah and then move on.  Me and my four kids.


On our 37th wedding anniversary the DP went off early with his fellow bird watcher Alex to get some more ticks.  He didnt get any more ticks.

I went to my art group.  And did almost nothing.  Then on to physiotherapy for my back.

Doing okay.  So carry on with the exercises.  I also got roped in to more pulmonary physio. Which commences on the 3rd July for an Assessment.....  

Eventually came home and found a letter inviting me to phone for the appointment to commence the operation on my right eye to join the left in being bionic i.e. cataract op.

Dont you just love the NHS.  Please Theresa May leave it alone.

Back down the shedudio.

This young Great Spotted Woodpecker has not yet been told that when I get the camera out it should fly off.  

Anything that doesnt move will be covered in off cuts from the vinyl.

Equipment trolley.

Small table.

Both the DP and I are now well wined.  So a good 37th Wedding Anniversary.  Hope you all have  had a good day too.  It ended with thunder and a heavy downpour.  Hmmm.

Fresher, and breathe. Happy Summer Solstice, and Midsummers Day.


Chris Elliot said...

Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment in this day and age. I only made it to the 16th! However, I am happy with my life the way it is - not beholding to anyone but myself.

Gail, northern California said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy each other every single day.

Lilly's Mom said...

Congrats! I had a good day, too. Celebrated 42nd Anniversary on this summer solstice day. Love your photos. Pat

Tina said...

Congratulations! Great photos!😊 xxx

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Congratulations (bit late to the party - oops) well done - 37 years is not to be sneezed at :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.