Monday, 12 June 2017

Fight the good fight.

I am in the throes of another chest infection. Par for the course with COPD.  I do not get colds, nor sore throats, any germ around heads straight for the chest.  But I am still up beat.  Since stopping smoking last year this is the third chest infection.  Before stopping smoking chest infections were more or less continual.  What does p***s me off is the flattening effect of the antibiotics.  The other plus from stopping smoking is I have so far not had pleurisy which necessitated steroids.  The amount of those over the last few years has probably caused my spine to crumble.  And until I get the results of the Bone density scan probably more falling apart.  So - keep going until somebody tells you to stop!!

Funny weather today.  It rained, it blew, the sun shone.  All in rapid succession.

Using the Met Office forecast I time my trip to the prom.  It is not always right.  But I didnt get wet and I didn't blow over.

But it was rather bleak.

The Gull gang were all out at sea.

Back home I did some more to my Poppies.

I really need to think now.  But then again perhaps I should just get in there!  

So much paint went on.  I have restricted myself to just three colours.  Which has been interesting.  So had to leave it as it was taking an age to dry.

So bird watching in the garden.

A young Goldfinch.  He looks sad but he/she was getting plenty food that had been cast down from the feeders above.

Male Greenfinch.  Greenfinches for some reason are much reduced in our garden, so glad to see this chap.

Great Tit.  At least two pairs have nested around us.

All out war on the bird feeder.  Tree Sparrow on the left, chestnut spot on cheek.  House Sparrow on the right, brown neck cravat.  Two Goldfinches.

Female Lesser Redpoll.

Male Lesser Redpoll.

Tomorrow I chase up the vinyl flooring.  The DP has the mammoth task of shifting the furniture out of the shedudio - if they are coming on Thursday to fit it.  He is away that day on a bird watching jaunt.

Still fighting.


rusty duck said...

I am waiting for our woodpecker pair to bring their chicks to the feeder. They must have a nest, they're filling up almost all day long. The chicks will have grown up peanut dependent. God, it's going to cost us a fortune.
Keep fighting x

Sue in Suffolk said...

When I take a photo of the sea my horizon is always on the Huh ( as we say in Suffolk) yours is lovely and level.
Hope infection gets killed off by anti-biotics ASAP

justjill said...

Sue my horizons are also wonky but when I download them there is nifty edit which you can use which on mine is crop and ? cant remember and you can straighten it quite easily.