Monday, 19 June 2017


Cooler at first.  The DP went off to do the shopping.  

I had a very unproductive discussion with Occupational Health, who have always been very helpful.  Till now.

Trying to explain to the woman on the phone that I needed a smaller, shorter from floor to handled 'chariot'/rollator as I had lost 4 inches of my height and therefore needed something smaller was like talking to someone from a foreign country.  I know they no longer provide such aids free but I needed to know where I could get one from having spent the whole weekend trawling through trillions of web sites where they were all 800 mms and I need one 730 mms.  At one point she asked "Does your walking aid have to have wheels?"  Well no my plan has always been to kill myself staggering along the prom with something I have to lift and haul in small steps.  

She phoned me back with two web sites.  One had only the one rollator/chariot which I already have and the other web site had things that you strapped limbs up with.  And no mobility aids whatsoever.

At which point I took myself and chariot off to the Prom.  We did fine.  What damage it is actually doing to my body I will ask the physiotherapist who said the chariot needed to be replaced.....

And breathe.

Not something you see every day.  This horse was having its first view of the sea.  And it was seriously not impressed.  It would go no further and getting it this far took some doing.

So I went off up the path of Doom.  Lots of wildlife.

Hogweed with bee.

Hogweed with insects and one I dont recognise.

Back home.

I managed to cut out more of the vinyl with scissors,which is hard work,to put on the other window shelf.

And arrange the browsers, though have still to go through the stuff in them.

Still sorting to do.  But I am getting there..


Nanny Anny said...

Hello! First, let me say I do so much enjoy reading your blog posts. It lovely to see your wonderful photographs and to see the pictures of your beautiful paintings. I was sorry to read of your frustrations with the need for a shorter rollator. Just a thought but perhaps your physiotherapist might have an idea where to source one? This is my first time commenting here and thought it was high time I did so. Best Wishes from Nanny Anny in Canada

kjsutcliffe artist said...

You seem to be so organised for your open studio, you are waaay ahead of me, I keep being thwarted each time I try to create stock! Can your physiotherapist not contact the appropriate department?

justjill said...

To Nanny Anny welcome! The Occupational health person did say the physio should know more of where to source what I need. x

Anonymous said...

Try MobilitySmart, they do a smaller rollator.

Gail, northern California said...

I wonder if it dawned on her later how clueless that comment of hers was to ask if you really needed wheels.

Your studio is becoming more and more beautiful with each passing day.

Call me crazy but what's with the blue crown on the horse's head?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Disability of any kind is just so tiring isn't it? You live among such beauty and I am sure it is vital for your wellbeing that you can continue to get out there amongst it and enjoy it (and give us pleasure with your pictures of it.)

Tina said...

Check this out.... xxx

crafty cat corner said...

I love the 'It may only be a shed ' sign.