Sunday, 4 June 2017

Cream Crackered.

Think I have overdone it.  So weary tonight, not helped by the humidity outside.  Windows open and not a breath of fresh air.  If I wasn't already in my pjs I would be off down the beach.

Earlier in the day I did go down and it was raining.  But it was warm and little wind even then.

We then drove to Strichen.  

Strichen is a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It sits on the A981, connecting it to New Deer 7.2 miles (12 km) to the southwest and Fraserburgh 8 miles (13 km) to the north-northeast, and the B9093, connecting it to New Pitsligo about four miles due west. The village got its name from Lord Strichen. It is situated on the River Ugie at the foothills of Mormond Hill. The Strichen White Horse is constructed of quartz on Mormond Hill, some 1500 m Northeast of Strichen.[1] Wikepedia.

Notable residents

Scotland's former First Minister, Rt Hon Alex Salmond MP, lives in a converted mill in the village with his wife Moira.[7][8]
Author and screenwriter Lorna Moon was born in Strichen in 1886. Her 1925 collection of short stories Doorways in Drumorty was written when she lived in Hollywood and is based upon her memories of Strichen. Her 1929 novel Dark Star also features scenes of Strichen and Aberdeenshire.[9]
Serial killer Dennis Nilsen was born and brought up in Strichen.[10]

The bacteriologist Robert Cruickshank FRSE was born here.[11]  Wikepedia.
Alex Salmond is now a Westminster MP.  But still lives in the village.
We were visiting the church where the art exhibition was drawing to a close. 

Red dots indicate the painting has been sold.  There were none on any of my entries. Huh.

From there we went to the Old Auction House.  Newly transformed from being an 
Auction House into a cafe, florist, antiques, and a barber!

When we arrived home the heavy downpour we had experienced in Strichen reached us.  

No need to water the plants.  Further up the coast they had hail!

Now it is to be an early night.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Hope you're feeling a little more like you should, we've lots of rain here, heavy stuff. Hope it fills the water barrels. The problem with wet weather - I do things ... like dye my hair with henna - not QuItE the colour I was aiming for. erhem.
Any hoo - hope your have as many red dots on you pictures as I have red locks of hair on my head (not red - UBER ORANGE- who am I trying to kid....)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very wet day here today.

Gail, northern California said...

I would have been tempted with "Mute Swan".

Living The Dream In NE Scotland said...

Only just seen this. This was four weeks after we opened at The Old Auction Room Strichen.
Thank you for the mention and hope to see you again. So much has changed. Graham