Thursday, 1 June 2017

An exciting day.

I do not normally bring in to my blog politics.  I will refrain in detailing my great anger at the state this country is in from a Tory government.

Today the DP and I had the great pleasure in welcoming our Labour candidate to Fraserburgh.  Caitlin Stott.  And her team.

Apart from being the candidate for the party I support Caitlin turned out to be a lovely person.  And she was blown away by the beach.  Not literally.  This morning the weather welcomed her too.

No-one expects her to win, least of all her, this is a strong SNP/Tory area.  But who knows.

So today I did my .59 in the morning.

It was low tide and there were masses of sea birds.

This young man made me smile.  He actually had four dogs with him, all low bellied, and s-l-o-w.  To hear him calling their names, encouraging them to cross the burn, keep up, keep together, was hilarious.  


Back home it was Starling weaning time.

A lot of them and very noisy.

A welcome quiet visitor. Except when he is having a go at the Electric pole!

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

I finished the Gannet.  I love Gannets, just a bit of fun painting wise.

I intend to return to flower painting.  I have sent off for 3 books from Amazon.  A bargain package I hasten to add, by Ann Blockley.  So watch this space.

More exciting days to come!


BadPenny said...

we live in a staunch Tory stronghold. we vote otherwise but it never matters here x

Família em Casa - Housewife said...

Good morning, my friend!
I knew your blog and was fascinated with its history of overcoming and example.
I'm Brazilian, I do not speak and I do not write English. But I'm getting help from the Google translator. This is how I am reading your posts and writing for you.
These days of reading through your blog, made me travel. I moved from here, until then.
I felt like I was by your side, watching you paint your canvases and eat that delicious cake with you. I even told you about some people.
You are an example of life, strength ...

I could not understand what your name is. Mine is Silmara. I've been a blogger for many years!

Have a great day.
Mine's just getting started.

Feel yourself hugged.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I think if one lives in a stronghold it is even more important to register your vote if you wish to vote for one of the other candidates - then at least they know what sort of support they have. They do such a lot of hard work.