Saturday, 10 June 2017


Farewell to 4th child, back to Edinburgh.  The DP has her throat infection beginning and I have everything crossed I am not going to have an infection of the chest.

As regards the DPs presence at Inverallochy or any other polling station there are, quite rightly, strict rules.  He had i.d. he can ask how many people voted so far.  Percentages and such like.  He cannot influence the voting in any way.  He then fed this back to our candidate.  It is a vast area geographically and mostly rural.   Banff and Buchan.

Our area lost the SNP MP.  Who was a very good constituency MP.  The Labour vote did increase but the North East is now a swathe of blue.  Tories.  Mainly because the SNP keep on about another Independence vote and not many want it to be honest.  

Managed the Prom today despite the wind.  

Strange goings on.

Lots of people going up Tiger Hill, the big sand dune, and back down again.  Then stripping off and going into the sea !

No idea.  Neither did anyone else.  And I wasnt going to plough across to ask.

Now this I do know about.

Tis a Blackening for a bride to be.


Blackening (Scottish wedding custom) - Wikipedia

Blackening is a traditional wedding custom performed in the days or weeks prior to marriages in rural areas of Scotland. The bride and/or groom are 'captured' by friends and family, covered in food, or a variety of other - preferably adhesive - substances, then paraded publicly for the community to see.

Now they all sit on the back of a lorry.  This was a loo stop.  They used both female and male loos!  Screaming all the time....

Back home it was it was wonderfully peaceful to sit in the shedudio and watch the garden birds.

Male and female Lesser Redpoll.  Today I think I also saw a pair of Mealy Redpolls.  But need photographic evidence....

I have been sorting - in between watching the birds - and readying for the whole contents to be removed for the vinyl to be laid.  Please, please let this happen on Thursday -  I want to get back in!  And paint.


Sue in Suffolk said...

How frustrating not to know what the crowd of people were doing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Interesting old custom.
Lovely bird life.
Super photographs.
What's not to like.