Thursday, 22 June 2017

Life is good..yes it is.

  1. a medical condition in which the protein and mineral content of bone tissue is reduced, but less severely than in osteoporosis.

This morning was my visit to my lovely GP who tells it how it is and the report from the bone density scan.  Thats what I have osteopenia.  

No I dont understand any of it either.

More pills.  One I have to take twice a day which apparently leaves one tasting chalk. Having never tasted chalk.... Well, I dont think I ever felt the urge to eat chalk even when the teacher threw it at me at primary school, so far I have no taste other than the red wine I am glugging.  

The other pill has to be taken once a week.  As this has side effects which include drowsiness when driving I am leaving it till Saturday as I have to drive tomorrow.  
Problem being if I have to be rushed in to casualty due to one of the other major possible side effects is whether Fraserburgh has the casualty service this weekend or Peterhead. But then I won't care will I?

The other thing that was discussed was that apparently the inhalers I have been using for over a year, the amounts in one is for asthmatics not COPD .  So I have had more steroids than I should. Which causes damage to bone density.  Apologies all round.  But then the Practise Nurse phoned me to say I could continue with that inhaler if I chose as it had obviously helped my breathing.  If I chose?  What????  

More health, god, dont you get fed up, I do.  My second cataract op.  I now have the assessment on the 31st July.  By then ,well after that, I should be able to lie flat and have the bloody thing done.

So I went for my walk.  Wide eyed (one eye) but still confused.

Two different powered boats leave the harbour.  Sail and diesel engine.

And yes, Chris Elliot it is the letters which denote where the boat is from. FR = Fraserburgh. LK =Lerwick.

The Gull gang.  Interestingly there was a Black Headed Gull there today.  Most of them are at the Loch of Strathbeg rearing their young.  This one must have had enough of that.

Bit blurred, but lovely.  Skurries having a love in.

Not a Kardashian pout (who are the Kardashians???)  this is breathing - life saving breathing.

Back home and at last a Butterfly.  A Red Admiral on the Escallonia.  Ace.  Life is good.  Yes it is.


crafty cat corner said...

The trials and tribulations of getting old. Not funny is it?
We both try to laugh at the day to day aches and pains if we can because there's a new one each day. lol
Who would have thought it, I really thought it only happened to other people. lol
Still I look around and see others worse and thanks my lucky stars for what I have.
Love the gulls, we have 2 that come regularly each day for a few cat biscuits and a drink out of the large bowl of water placed on the wall.

Chris Elliot said...

I was down at the lakeshore today and I saw a black headed gull. It was smaller than the others and looked like it was wearing a little black cap!