Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Blooming June.

"The rain is ever falling — dripdripdrip — by day and night upon the broad flagged terrace- pavement, the Ghost's Walk. The weather is so very bad down in ..."

Such an evocative piece of literature, but then there is no one to beat Charles Dickens. Bleak House.

That is what the weather is like here in the North East of Scotland.

I sat around again while the door installation carried on with 2 very wet joiners.

With the weather no way was I about to stand in the middle of the road at the front of the house.  So you get an image pointing left and one pointing right.  

And one from inside.  So much lighter.  And I can now see who is ringing the bell.....

Well pleased.

Once they had done I put on the waterproof trousers, coat  and was off for my walk.

Not many people on the beach, apart from the Gull Gang, who were wet already.

Walking so does really help the mental state which then helps to cope with the physical restraints.

Back home to greet number 4 child visiting for a few days.

We have had a lovely meal together, some wine, some chat.

But its still soggy tomorrow.  Blooming June.


BadPenny said...

I rushed out to bring washing in yesterday & got caught in a squall. I was laughing as was getting so battered by huge raindrops it was ridiculous !

Jules said...

The rain was lashing down here yesterday. Sunny but windy today. You can't beat a good walk. I hope you kept dry underneath your waterproofs.
Have a lovely time with number 4. X

The Weaver of Grass said...

We have had a fine though chilly and windy day today but rain forecast again for tomorrow.

Sue in Suffolk said...

For some reason I always want to count the gulls in your gull gang photos - very odd.

justjill said...

Counting Gulls is not odd. Well I do it. If its a close up I go for an odd number 3/5/7 for some reason this is imperative. to Sue in Suffolk.
Jules I would like to follow you but cant find out how.