Friday, 9 June 2017

The Day after Yesterday

The DP and 4thchild had plans for today.  But after last night and copious amounts of booze they decided to stay home.  4th child crashed out for a while upstairs.  The DP had some therapeutic painting in my shedudio.

More bits painted.

I have to admit that my creative juices have all but dried up.  It seems to have taken forever and much longer than I had envisioned.  

My work table is so piled up with stuff which normally is on a tea trolley, but I can't get to the two tea trolleys without a struggle as they are round the back of the chest of drawers which crams me into the side of the shedudio.  The wall paint is with the bird feed.

My chair is crammed up the side and I have to squeeze past to get to the sink, for water, and the two trolleys.

So in the end I gave up and watched the birds.

Redpoll and Goldfinch.

Punk Lesser Redpoll.

Our Oriental Poppies, which I hope to paint when the creative juices begin to flow.

Aquilegia, fast becoming another favourite for me.

Our regular evening visitor seen from the dining room.  Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Also seen within the dining room is the overspill from the shedudio.

Hopefully the vinyl floor is fitted on Thursday then we can all move back in.  So that will be the day after next Wednesday.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

It will be worth it in the end, your creative juices have not left you, they are just on their sabbatical. Xx bird photos would look amazing on #30dayswild x

Tina said...

I can imagine your calendar being counted down with big crosses! Not long now and it'll be lovely and roomy again! xxx

Sue in Suffolk said...

I like the way you see a Red Poll like an everyday thing, it would be an exciting spot here!
Hope you get sorted as soon as possible

Born and Bred. said...

As I cannot find the Polling Stations Results on the Internet, I was wondering whether DP's presence at the Inverallochy Polling Station made any difference to the overall result.

Família em Casa - Housewife said...

Como tens passado? Espero que bem. Adoro vir e ver essas grandiosidades!

Silmara Freitas

justjill said...

How have you been? I hope well. I love coming and seeing those great things! Silmara Freitas
Translation !