Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Wednesday witterings.

My walk this afternoon.  No wind, warm, beautiful.  And I did the .59.

A Lobster Fishing Boat.


In the morning I had been at my Art Group.  I asked our professional painter to give me advice and help on my flower painting.  "It looks dead. Start again."  

Not quite the advice I was looking for!

So I left the Poppy painting and roughed out one back in my comfort zone.  Two friends off for a walk.

The painting done by the DP today.  The new walls now emulsioned.

He is to continue and do the whole of the interior of the shedudio, then I can order the vinyl flooring.  It has all taken a lot longer than I had thought!

We had Sith cat at the vets this morning.  He has sneezed for a long time and we have had him at the vets before about it.  Lately it has increased and he is always miaowing.  We wanted to be sure he wasnt in any pain.  Everything was fine.  But she couldnt hear his lungs as he purrs so loudly..... Anyway he had a jab and is back in two weeks and we have to keep a diary of his sneezing.  I think he has the same thing as me COPD, but he doesnt seem short of breath, but then he doesnt do much which would show that up, sleeps, eats perambulates round the garden, occasionally at great speed, and miaows constantly when awake.  Bit like me.


Tina said...

Wow, you have to be thick skinned to be an artist! Lovely work, I reckon! Great you had a nice walk and I hope Sith improves soon. Xxx

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Meows when awake ... a bit like me .... the mind boggles!
And as for the painting, no, I disagree, there is plenty life in that peony. Rather than delegate it to the reject pile, play with it, doodle on it with a pen - gold or black, splatter colours on it - play. You still may not salvage it however, you may come out at the end with an idea for next time or even be happy with the finished results. It is not for her to say it is dead, only YOU the artist can say when it is not up to YOUR expectations. Right, will get off my soap box now!