Friday, 31 March 2017

Battling on.

Doing my exercises.  Is it a good sign my back is in agony ?  Hey ho.  

This morning the DP was off on one of his bird watching jaunts.  Apparently they were too far away to identify.  He then asked me when he last had an eye test.....

As the weather was not that good I thought I would go to Tesco and buy a paper and do some walking up and down the aisles.  Some ££ lighter I drove to the beach and did the .59 of a mile in drizzle and fairly warmish wind.

As I had gone before lunch the tide was coming in and there were all the sea birds, masses of them, hence the wobbly video.. It is wobbly as at the end I am trying to locate the stop recording button.....

After lunch down to the shedudio.  More painting.

The suspicious cat.

The cockerel.

Varnishing.  Took me ages to unstick my fingers.

And more sorting.

After seeing how much stuff had come out of 2 drawers, a lot to go to my Art Group for anyone to use, but still lots to keep, I may have to re think recycling the chest of drawers.  Only emptied 2 drawers so far, and one of them has had stuff put back as I know not where else to put it.  I have finally pinned down a joiner to come and discuss insulating and lining the shedudio - perhaps he will have some inspirational ideas.  

The weekend we have planned to sort and tidy the garden.  This will probably be me saying do this and do that as until I work out what to get off the internet to aid my being able to do anything other than use the chariot and hack at something with me new secateurs is just causing me stress.  And despite me being a total control freak I draw the line at ordering the DP around !  As does he.  


Chris Elliot said...

Your video is amazing! I could hear the waves.

e said...

I hope you'll enjoy the weekend...the exercises do help, eventually.

crafty cat corner said...

I'm really loving the grumpy cat, he's lovely.
Insulating the shed should be fine. When we had our allotment we lined the shed with those thick polystyrene panels and then boarded over that, it was cosy, but then we did spend an awful lot of time on that allotment, I still miss it.
Hope the exercises go well, I always seem to hurt more when I exercise and then give up, I'll be interested to see if it helps.