Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Use your eyes - and your feet.

This blog is titled Land of the Big Sky.  I don't actually post that many pics of the sky but am forever looking up at it.  This was taken the other day and I have never seen anything like these clouds before.  Often there is similar but coloured dark grey and indicating rain falling.  Still don't know how these developed or why.

Out at sea there are often some strange objects.  

This is part of an oil rig being towed by the boat to its right.

This is a boat which services buoys and navigation marks.

A wee Lobster Boat returning to harbour.

Another beautiful day in the Broch (Fraserburgh).  

Putting one foot in front of the other.  Each step was not without pain.  But.....

.......I walked the mile.

Being thankful my legs still work!


Lynn said...

Well done, you! You inspire me not to give up. And you were right, my jury service was cancelled 10 days before it was supposed to begin!!

SandyExpat said...

You did well walking the mile. Doesn't look like many people about.

Chris Elliot said...

Thanks for the photos, Jill. I feel I am getting to know your part of the world - one photo at a time.

e said...

Lovely photos and good that you can get about. I roll these days and get stuck at times but it's better than the alternative.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

The first 'milestone' under your belt, well done. Good cloud picture, I dont know which one that is, but husband is a cloud watcher, I'll ask him.