Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Garden.

Well then.  Plans are afoot.  The insurance company want us to send in estimates for the replacement of the boundary.

I am thinking removal of Leylandii.  Replacement fencing.  Then inside that we can plant, at our expense,  a more wildlife friendly hedge.  

We have to have a boundary.
There isn't that much traffic.  But what there is is delivery vans, some very large, oil tankers,  farm traffic, horse boxes, cattle transporters and the morning and evening rush hour from Aberdeen taking a short cut down our very narrow, rural lane.  

If there was not a visible boundary they would soon be cutting the corner off.  

We also have grandchildren visit who play on that area of garden.

Here you see the fence.

Leylandii growing up through the fence.

Leylandii now above the fence.

When we moved in 2011.

Just waiting for the next aerial photographer come knocking on the door !

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