Thursday, 16 March 2017

Back off !

Total agony most of the day.  

I phoned the physiotherapy department to see if I could get some advice as to what I should be doing physically, and more importantly what I should not be doing.  All I have been told previously is to keep moving.  Well when moving causes you to scream loudly....... I was advised to ask my gp to refer me as I would get seen a lot sooner than self referral and they would have access to my medical notes which would obviously help them to advise me.  So I contacted the surgery and - well we will see.

Determined to keep moving, particularly walking as it does help, the DP and I went to the beach.

A breezy day.  The beach was deserted of both humans and sea birds.  This could be down to the breeding season looming.  For the birds that is !

Some of the gulls were lurking out at sea.

Once I got moving and the pain did ease I did the .59 of a mile.

This is what I call the Path of Doom.  When I first started walking I used to look up it and think I will never get up there.  Now its a breeze.  Unless there is a strong one.  

Behind me are the sand dunes which is where I turn.  The chariot doesn't do sand.  Then its back to the car.  Using my tablet I measured the distance and that is .59 of a mile.  If I can do more all to the good.  But that has to on a good weather type day and one when I am not in pain.

A fishing boat returning to harbour.  A load of fish on board, you can tell as to how it is 'sitting' on/in the water.  Empty or few fish the bottom bit of the boat would be sat higher.

Late on in the afternoon I received an email from the publishers of the new magazine, Your Fraserburgh, coming out in April.  They are featuring my work and me as an artist.  They want to use one of my pictures on the front cover.

Happy?  I should say so.  A different back - of our Lighthouse through the Keepers Cottage Garden Gate.


Chris Elliot said...

Sorry to hear you are still in such pain. Hope the physio appointment comes through soon and that it helps. I feel terrible complaining about my sore back when I read how you are suffering!

e said...

I'm sorry you are in agony. I hope both the doctor and your physiology can help quickly. Congratulations on your debut in the magazine, Your painting is lovely.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Hope something happens soon, sounds like one step forward and two backwards with your back:( However, on the plus side, your starring role as a cover girl must count for something :) Well done.

Mum said...

Well done you for getting your picture on the front cover. Great stuff.