Thursday, 9 March 2017

At home.

More wind and stronger than yesterday so a home base day.

Sorted the wardrobe and drawers out.  Bulging black bag for the Charity shop.  Clothes that are easy to put on remain.  Any footwear with heels - out.

My exercise today was - carefully - doing the above. 

The afternoon down to the shedudio painting and bird watching.

Sith supervising.

On the drawing board.  Mountain Hare.

A Ram.

Outside the window, a Blue Tit hangs from the fat feeder.  This is chicken wire shaped like a thistle affixed to a cane.  Cool.  Recycled by an artist from near Fraserburgh.

The Rat or rats does not appear every day.  The DP has investigated.  There are no rats under the small shed.  His opinion is that we live in the middle of the country, farmland all around.  There will be rats.  

The above aerial photo was taken in 2011 when we moved here.  Beyond the Summerhouse, my shedudio, is a fence.  This side of the fence we now have a small shed storing tools and compost etc.  The other side is a mass of brambles which fills the corner of the field.  When the rat appears and I bang on the shedudio window it heads for the nearest cover.  The small shed and then out into the field and the brambles.

The yellow squiggle indicates the point of entry of rat(s).  The DP has promised that when there is more than one rat in our garden, or actually living on our property he will do something.  So I have to stop worrying.  RIGHT.

So long as rats are not at home .


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I envy your shedudio, I paint on a desk by a windows in the bedroom, a little restrictive, especially when both cats want to share the sunshine and the dog decides that the only place to sleep is on my feet. Still, they are good company!

e said...

Blogger ate my previous remark...Your summer house looks bright and is obviously enjoyed by the resident feline. Good job on the wardrobe.