Friday, 3 March 2017

North East Scotland Wildlife.

While the DP went off into the wilds of Aberdeenshire for the third attempt at finding this Shrike bird.

Which you can see from the above it was third time lucky.

I remained at home.  Not allowed to drive until I can apply the handbrake without screaming.  I concentrated on finalising the last items for my exhibition. This consisted of varnishing two on canvas.  Cellophane wrapping mounted originals for the browser - 6 I think.  And of course painting another !

I then spent some time on taking photos of the garden birds for another set of paintings.

Collared Doves.

Blue Tit.


And - a bloody rat.

Jessica from you think you have problems!

My friend across the park (field) has offered to bring her two Jack Russells but I worry about Sith cat.  

I had thought about playing my harmonica "All in the April Evening."  Frequently... I am pretty good at that one.  It certainly got rid of starlings in a loft of a house we once lived in.

Someone on the facebook page NE Scotland Wildlife said it didnt look long for this world anyway.

At least it isn't in or near the house.

Sleep well. Ha.


e said...

I'm glad you are able to paint. Feeling any better yet?

rusty duck said...

Apparently wherever you live in the UK you're never more than ten feet from a rat. Only difference is you can see yours..