Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Art - not as I know it.

This morning I attended my art group.  Wednesday Art Group.  I havent been for months. One as I was having continual chest infections and the medical advice was to avoid crowded rooms.  Then came the spine fracture.  It has taken me so long to get up in a morning and moving that the session would be over before I got there.  But a special Herculean effort and I made it.

There were 19 of us, 20 including the tutor, Jane McMillan a brilliant artist and who was helping us paint in acrylics.  Most of us paint in water colour so quite a big step out of our comfort zone.

There wasn't much elbow room!

The large framed painting of the mountain we were taken through, each doing our own interpretation !  

This is Jane demonstrating.  She so enjoyed her art it was totally infectious.

My effort wasnt finished as I left before the end of the session.  So I have yet to add the grass at the bottom.

We all enjoyed the session.  

It was good to be back.  Although not many knew of my latest health issues and I had to squeeze past with the chariot to get to the only vacant chair.  So my back was complaining rather a lot. But I managed not to swear although there were a few yelps.....

A lot of what I learned today can be applied to my -still favourite medium - watercolour.

I probably should have gone for a lie down.  But no.

The DP and I went to the beach.  It was not the best of weather.  Raining, although no wind and not too cold.  By this time I was in agony so a short walk and home.

Down to the shedudio and some planning as well as painting.  To apply some of the tactics I learned this morning.  

And now - at last - it is bed time.

Can't wait to get painting tomorrow.

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kjsutcliffe artist said...

Yay for playing out - meeting like minded folk but with new ideas can really spark the enthusiasm again :) I predominately paint in acrylics and treat them both as oils or as water colours - love their versatile nature :)