Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Garden 2

Finding all this ruined and broken boundary quite stressful.  I had other plans for our bit of savings.

Back soon when I am on an even keel again.


Lynn said...

Just an idea.
Make a list of all the options ~ fence with/without hedge, patch old hedge with some new plants etc.
With costings if you feel up to it.
Put list in a drawer and spend a few days doing stuff you like.
It will all sort in the end. xx

rusty duck said...

Don't let it get you down Jill. If it were me I'd just patch the damaged section of hedge. Leylandii grows very fast so it will knit in before you know it. Anything else will take much longer to establish. I know it's not ideal but it's easier and would surely be covered if you are going the insurance route x

justjill said...

Thanks for that Jessica. Its a big gap. Inside the hedge is a fence, a bit more stopability of someone careering into the garden and hitting one of my grandchildren ? I dont know. We are getting a landscape gardener to advise. Our insurance broker has supplied the details. See how that goes,