Saturday, 1 April 2017

All change.

Plans for the garden did not come to fruition.

I spent the morning struggling with new technology.  Our claim for the damaged perimeter of our garden had to be outlined etc on to the computer.

Leylandii hedge with fence inside of.  As was.  x marks the spot where this occurred.

We finally got a quote.  Removal of hedge and fence all down this side.  Replacing with a fence.  We can then plant a hedge on our side which will be more wildlife friendly than Leylandii.  I would have preferred for visual reasons that the whole hedge went and was replaced with fencing.  But doubtful the insurance company would stand for that.

I sailed through the on line form until it came to uploading a 45 second video.  The DP eventually sorted that so we wait and see now.

So we were late going for the walk.

Just look at this !  People in the sea.  It was overcast, warm and no wind - but I was gob smacked to see this.

Particularly on looking up and seeing this lot advancing.  We just got back to the car after me doing the .59 of a mile when the rain came down, heavily.  And continued all afternoon.    

So no gardening.

Ah - we also now need a new patio set.  The DP said he would sort the rat(s).  As it appeared he picked up a stone (one of the ones I had painted, varnished, and tastefully arranged ) and wanged it.  Aiming for the fence he said, to frighten it he said.  It landed on top of the glass topped patio table.......Apparently safety glass does not withstand a 'well aimed' stone.


crafty cat corner said...

They must be tough the people up where you live, I wouldn't even dip a toe in the sea and we are on the south coast.
Do you think that ratty was sitting in the hedge laughing. lol

Chris Elliot said...

Naughty boy! Was he sent to bed with no supper?

e said...

LOL...Sorry about the glass top!

rusty duck said...


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