Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What did I do wrong?

Yesterday I was thinking I am getting better.  No pain, a few niggles here and there.  I am healing.

Today?  Woke up, stood up, agony.  But not in my spine , to the right of the spine, and in the buttock (bum.)  Possibly the compressed vertebrae?  Whatever it hurt.  

Off to the Wednesday Art Group.  The chairs at Dalrymple Hall were not helpful.  May take a cushion next week.

On the 20 cm canvases prepared with a ground to facilitate watercolour on canvas, I started these two and finished them - well almost - this afternoon.

I went on my own in the morning and managed to load up the chariot and unload and load and unload.  Instead of lifting into the boot and lifting out again, which probably started all this destruction of the spine, I do a bit of lifting into the rear of the passenger seat, tip, which means my pink hooter squeals but I dont.  No pain on so doing.  Just if I tried to walk without the chariot....

After lunch off to the Esplanade and a walk hoping the walk would loosen me up.  The DP insisted on coming with me to do the loading/unloading....for which I was truly grateful.

It was a very high tide.

Breezy and cool.

But as always - a surfer.  And today a good one.  Well he only fell off once.

I didnt do the full .59 of a mile which I aim for. But there is always tomorrow.

Then it was back home.  The DP shot off to the Ythan Nature Reserve to see some birds.  

I continued the sorting of the shedudio and not being able to bend just threw things out of a drawer in the direction of this portfolio effort I had found down the side of the drawers.  Never been used.  So theres a plus. No cost.   Though what I do with it now I know not but the stuff that I threw in to it was paintings, sketches, drawings from years back - well since 2011 when I started painting.  I wasnt that bad then, which was nice to see, although there were quite a few went straight into the bin.

Here is the chest of drawers.  With the portfolio carrier thing hanging off a knob.  I now have one empty drawer.  

The chest of drawers I got from freecycle many years ago.  Isnt it beautiful.  But it does take up a lot of space.  Once I investigate the other drawers and hopefully empty them - watch this space - I shall freecycle it as it is taking up wall space which I hope to utilise for hanging/displaying paintings.

As always while waiting for paint to dry, or waiting for the back to stop hurting I bird watch.  


One of the bully boys a Starling.

Ever hopeful - tomorrow I have an appointment with the Physiotherapy department who and I quote "will discuss your symptoms and agree with you the best way to manage your problem."  Sounds interesting.  

They will presumably tell me what I did wrong.


Terra Hangen said...

Wow, your goldfinches have red on them. I think ours out here in California do not have that added splash of color.

e said...

They should have weighed in long before now and may have saved you some pain in doing so earlier, though I probably should not hazard an opinion as I am in the US and keep my physic on speed dial. Best of luck with your appointment.

Sue in Suffolk said...

If only I was in your bit of Scotland instead of Suffolk I would snap up the drawers. Very useful . Lovely high tide photos

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Hope tomorrow proves to be fruitful, back pain is so debilitating. Before you rehome your chest of drawers, can you not use it as part of your display? I've just taken a parcel of watercolour pads and new paint brushes...I feel a little giddy with excitement!