Monday, 13 March 2017


I think the fracture in my spine is healing.  I have been able to cut down on the pain pills.  I was on 30mg/500 mg Co-Codamol  2 tablets  4 times a day.  Now on 15mg/500 and am restricting myself to only when it hurts, most days only taking 3 tablets in 24 hours. Pleased about that as I do not like taking drugs which can be addictive.  

Forcing myself to get up and out of the chair, etc.  Loading the washing machine and ditto the tumble dryer just great for squatting exercises.

 I have driven the car.  The only bar to my being back to independence is getting the chariot into the car boot.  I just cannot lift the bloody thing without it hurting and I am so scared of further damage I stop, oh yes, I stop.  So the DP and I are going to try for me to put the chariot into the rear of the car after moving the rear seats.  Tomorrow we do a test run.  If it works we will both be relieved.  

Today we went to the Esplanade and had a lovely walk.  The DP was not too keen on me asking him to pick up all the rubbish up the path of doom and put it in the bag on the chariot.  But that's what I did pre the spine fracture!  Mondays is after the knees up over the weekend and plastic bottles discarded everywhere.

So no wind, quite warm.  Lovely.  But no sea birds.  They were all at sea.

Back home down the shedudio.

So long as I can get down to the shedudio I am healing both mentally and physically!

Oh, must not forget the updates. Rats.  The DP is to remove the wee shed. Within and underneath which the Rats shelter and hide.  There is plenty of food around in the fields similar to what drops out of our bird feeders.  So they may think twice about venturing in to the garden.  Ha ha.  Also he is removing our compost bins as we dont use them properly any more.  Creating another area where nothing can hide, or burrow.

And then there is the boundary.  We have been given a contact by our Insurance Broker who will come along and advise us as to the best way forward.

All part of the healing process.


e said...

Glad to know things are looking up a bit for you. I hope that continues.

Chris Elliot said...

Things seem to be working out in your favour. Hope it continues.

Terra Hangen said...

Thank you and DP for picking up trash before it blows in to the ocean; I do that too. That garbage is so harmful and travels long distances. I am happy you are healing, hurray!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Glad things are easing and well done on the rubbish pick, we do the same. It doesn't take much to throw things into the bin, wish more folk would do it :(