Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Not a good day.

But I did manage a walk.

A busy day at sea.

It was very windy gusting to over 30 mph.  I didnt walk far.  Although some of it was quicker than I wanted.  And not in the direction I had intended!

Outside the kitchen window.  A Tree Sparrow building a nest.  They are a couple.  Last year he/she built the nest and waited and waited.  He was a bit late as everyone had paired up it seemed, but this year he had his priorities right and has a mate close by.

He is ignoring the notice on the telegraph pole !


rusty duck said...

Just as well birds can't read.

Chris Elliot said...

That is so sweet! I hope they hatch their brood safely. I have a pair of sparrows (or their descendants) who, every year, build a nest on my awning. I have given up trying to discourage them as they just keep rebuilding. They make a terrible mess.

e said...

You have such varied avian life around you, always a pleasure to see. Sorry you've had a rough time.