Friday, 17 March 2017

Do not ever lose your sense of humour.

Note to self !

Not everyone appreciates my sense of humour.

I blame my Dad.  Many years ago we were watching a news item on t.v.  It was so windy a man was blown under a bus.  My Dad and I howled with laughter.  My Mother disowned the pair of us.  (The man was unhurt.)

Again no-one was hurt.  But I just found the image hilarious.  As you can see from the rest of the photograph the sea was flat with hardly any swells or surf.  Suddenly there was a wee surge and they both went for it.

I am not sure I was finding lots of things to laugh at today as I had taken two of the co-codamol as I was still in agony.  The pain eased but I let the DP drive the car.....  being a bit high possibly.  I dont know, a 67 year old druggie.  Been a while....I tried pot in my twenties, nah, never again.  But thats what you did in the 60s.    

I discovered a way of getting the chariot into the car by opening the rear door and manipulating the chariot onto the back seat.  Note to self again is to put some blanket onto the back seat to stop it getting covered with sand, mud or worse. (dog poo.)  But this new method could mean a return to my independence......i.e. getting out on my ownsome.

Here is a very large fishing boat.  Being escorted out of the harbour by the Pilot Boat.

Pilot Boat returning to harbour.

I did the .59 of a mile today.  Despite their being no mention of rain on the Met Office forecast and it did rain.  

I also met a dog called Fred.  Who barked non stop.  The man who was with him had stopped to ask me if I was ok as I was taking deep breaths leaning over the railings.  

He then informed me that Fred was not his dog, he was looking after him for two weeks. that he slobbered non stop and barked non stop.  I said  "I expect two weeks is enough then."

If random people share these facts with you when you are halfway up the Path of Doom what are you to do but laugh?!

A Great Black Backed Gull.

And some Skurries - Herring Gulls.  The attitudes of the various sea birds I find amusing.  And why I paint them.

This painting was titled "No Room, no room."

"Oh we - don't - like to be beside the seaside."

So there you go.  If you can't laugh that's the time to give in.  Fortunately I can still laugh. (Even if it did upset my Mother.  And some people with extremely permanently pursed lips, and other parts of the anatomy, I have had the misfortune to be with recently.)

So your sense of humour may not be the same as mine.  But if like me you are battling on then whatever makes you laugh I salute you for laughing.


Toni said...

Love the watercolors!

I definitely will not forgot Scotland but I've heard it's a rare day the wind doesn't knock a man under a bus in that part of the world!

BadPenny said...

I'm afraid we would have laughed at the man blown under the bus too. I have a laugh every day with Nick in the Co-Op or we sing.
Love "No room - no room" xx

e said...

Love your seabirds, and you're right about the sense of humor.

Minigranny said...

Agree with you totally on the laughter front - they say it's the best medicine anyway! So admire your persistence in coping with pain and your beautiful watercolours.

vic said...

I think a good sense of humor as a way to see the absurdities of the world around us is a godsend and essential to good mental and physical health.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

If it makes you laugh, then laugh. There is so much that could be improved with laughter, good of that bloke to check if you were ok, I don't know if I could handle 2 weeks of excessive barking and drooling!