Thursday, 30 March 2017

I can be saved.

Not exactly a morning of pleasure. But progress definitely.  Physiotherapist was lovely.  

Lots of questions.  Lots of me moving to see what I could do and could not (lots of swearing.) (From me not the physio.)

The fracture is no longer a problem but the compressed vertebrae are causing the pain now and the core muscles either side of the spine are poor.  So exercises to do and then back in April.  Core muscles?  No idea what they are, will have to Google it.

Walking was approved of so this afternoon I went on my own and loaded the chariot behind the passenger seat which was given the ok.  No way was I going to miss this glorious weather day.  Even the breeze was warm.

Fraserburgh wall to wall sunshine.


High tide again.  Had to stand well back !

Down the shedudio after the walk and a sketch of a cat I intend to paint.

Poor quality photo as it is just sketched.  He is a rescue cat and looks suspicious, nearly caught him but not quite.

Bird watching.

The Lesser Redpolls have returned.  Thrilled.



Right am now off to do some exercises.  If you listen hard you may hear me swear or scream.

Ah I forget, one of the Physios first questions was "What helps."  My answer, "Red wine"  We got along really well after that.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

When I damaged my knee and needed surgery, I asked for and was then given physio monitored exercises. Once weekly I, plus half dozen other walking wounded, were given various exercises to do, moving round every 5 minutes or so. Did this for 6 weeks. Is there nothing your physio can find/offer to help sort your core strength?

crafty cat corner said...

I think my core has gone, lol. but joking aside I would love to know the exercises that help the core, I ache so much all around the middle and know I need to improve the muscle tone but how?
Love the reedpoles, not sure if we have them down here on the south coast, i don't think I have ever seen one.

Terra Hangen said...

I thought I heard a scream. Time for a glass of red wine and doing your exercises.

Chris Elliot said...

Take it easy, Jill, you don't want a relapse. Love your weather - we have snow here. Bah, humbug!

justjill said...

My exercises are to lie flat on back on bed knees together and bent. Slowly roll knees to one side keeping shoulders still go as far as you can then relax. Repeat 10 times a.m. and p.m. The other is stand with feet shoulder width apart bend sideways at the waist slowly and controled sliding your hand down to your knee. Repeat 10 time both ways. 2, 3 in a day. Dont forget this is tailor made for me and my bum.

e said...

Jill, I've pulled some good core exercises from Youtube that can be done sitting and explained in layman's terms about core strength. You can view this video at my blog. All the best.

Mum said...

Go girl!